Announces Government Jobs Are Quite Enticing For Physicians

With more and more graduates flooding into the market annually, physician job seekers might want to consider government jobs for benefits that come along.

Amarillo, Texas, December 20, 2010 -- The opportunities that arise when searching for a physician job lie in many settings. Depending on the physician job type, different aspects should be given consideration including the environment and the professional atmosphere.

In the current market, many new physicians venturing into the market will take the government as the first stop in the search for a job. One merit with this is that there are numerous openings available in different government institutions and they normally come with stiff competition. Positions are plenty in the military, veteran affairs, and medical institutions countrywide and also world wide.

Working as a government physician provides the chance to co-relate with individuals in a professional and academic level. In today’s circumstances, Government jobs are characterized by top research facilities that will bring an exciting experience.

Another issue that makes government jobs so attractive is the financial side of things. They come with competitive salaries that are backed up by comprehensive benefit packages. Similar financial benefits include paid time off, heath benefits, sick leave, life insurance, plus being a member of the Federal retirement system for employees. Additional funding includes child care and tuition dispensations and small bonus structures.

Physician jobs offered by the government are more practical than theoretic, as they involve more practice than paperwork. The search for a job should start from specific government agencies. This way most of them will provide the most basic information for specific job types. Also government websites have lists of opportunities for jobs. With numerous opportunities, it is obvious that many new physicians will be looking up to the government as a first choice for job opportunities early in their careers.

Ronny Abraham M.D.
Physician Employment Opportunities
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Slightly Curved Cube - The elite graphic design agency gives other businesses the edge

With over 20 years experience in providing SME, Blue Chip Companies, Non-Profit Organisations, PLC's and individuals a helping hand to promote their products and services, SCC have assisted in 'making business better'.

Lancashire, UK, December 20, 2010
-- Slightly Curved Cube offers a fresh perspective to your marketing from the initial creative-concepts all the way through to final delivery, while still taking into consideration both sides of any project - the creative and business side, so you can always rest-assure we create bespoke marketing material for you directly, on-time, first time, every-time with just one service level: premium.

The way we see it is, “Good marketing is about something much more important than looking cool, or a pretty face; it's about making the phone ring".

Whatever size your business is, there’s one thing you must not forget - you need to create brand awareness to be able to sell your product or service, whatever it may be in print and online.

Slightly Curved Cube design exciting, professional and bespoke solutions utilising graphic design and marketing specifically for your needs. Specialising in the design, creation and delivery of graphic design and marketing in an exciting way, a way that requires knowledge, a diverse range of services and professionalism. Using Slightly Curved Cube’s attributes you can always be sure that together we will develop high quality, successful and budget friendly solutions whether it's a website design, graphic design, advertising campaigns or one of our other services which are bespoke to your individual requirements.

Working with companies of all sizes in both the private and public sector, ranging from small to medium sized businesses (SME) to national organisations and charities, our elite team are experts at producing high quality, bespoke ideas and solutions to market your product or service. We work with any size business in the public and private sector, worldwide corporations, large UK companies, SMEs and new ‘start ups’ from our North West Head office based in Chorley, and our European Branch in Poland, with clients in Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, London, all over the UK and overseas.


Design for Print

The Company Brochure
The Company Brochure is a fantastic and powerful piece of marketing collateral. The more lush your literature is, the better chance of winning contracts you never thought possible. Whether it's a simple 8 or 64 pages, contact us today and we'll give you a brochure to wow your customers, and show your prowess.

Logo Design & Branding
Logo Design & Branding is one of our best selling services. The wrong logo and unprofessional branding turns potential clients away. The first impression any potential customer will have of your brand is through the image it projects. Therefore, we'll create a brand that is solid, looks trustworthy and exudes professionalism

Advertising is not as easy as some of you may be lead to believe, lots of businesses spend way too much on advertising they haven't even tested. SCC always test new advertising methods to find a medium that suits your budget. Our belief is to test small, then analyse the data that comes back. Only certain types of advertising only work for certain business-types at certain times. We tailor our advertising to get you the maximum ROI.

Exhibition Stand Design
Exhibition Stand Design from Slightly Curved Cube will have your attendees totally amazed. Whether it's a couple of roller-banner graphics and a few posters, to a 30 meter back-wall centre-piece, SCC will make sure your stand is the talk of the exhibition - for the right reasons!

Flyers are a perfect compliment to your exhibition graphics and stand. Letting your potential customers take home a snippet of what you do, with a call-to-action that will be making the phone ring; again, and again, and again! Other print based services include:

Web Design, Web Development & CMS

Web Design
Because everyone these days requires on-line presence. We live in an ‘internet age’ and, for a business not to be on-line, seems criminal. SCC offer anything from a simple brochure style website to a fully Content Management Systems and/or E-Commerce site. Built using CSS and complying to W3C as standard - get noticed, get business and get ahead!

Web Development
SCC offers clients quick and high-quality conversion service of client’s design into Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and its extensions. The service also allows you to have clean table-less web pages that are optimised for search engines. SCC guarantee that each XHTML CSS conversion will be identical to the original PSD and you can immediately upload it without making any changes or corrections.

PSD - XHTML Conversion & Content Management System
We are dedicated to providing you with highest quality services at the most affordable prices. From experience handling vast number of PSD to XHTML conversions on monthly basis, we have a highly streamlined process to ensure fast turnaround. Treating every project with equal care and attention, irrespective of the size of order, you can guarantee your web-page will be a carbon-copy of the PSD because we have prowess and consistently to amaze our clients as we are the team that offers some of the best markup around. We work on PSD to XHTML conversions for individual designers and also for design agencies. So remember, if you need PSD to XHTML turned around PDQ, just contact us.

The CMS (CMSMS) we implement is the best on the market and what we use for our site. SCC offers clients quick and high-quality conversion service of client’s design into Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and its extensions. The service also allows you to have clean table-less web pages that are optimised for search engines. SCC guarantee that each XHTML/CSS conversion will be identical to the original PSD and that it can immediately be uploaded without making any changes or corrections.

• Complete separation of content and presentation
• Valid CSS and XHTML to W3C requirements
• 100% hand coded XHTML/CSS web pages
• XHTML is coded with comments
• CSS is coded with comments
• Search engines friendly with SEO semantic coding
• Faster download with high-speed optimisation
• Cross-browser compatible - site tested on all modern browsers
• CMSMS Integration (add as many pages as you wish).

Our team is capable of handling all types of conversion requirements and (with their experience) can convert any design in PSD or image to valid XHTML or HTML. We can handle big PSD to HTML conversion projects / orders and yet maintain highest quality. We provide PSD to XHTML conversions from freelancers to large companies.

You can see examples of what we do at:

Wayne Hodkinson
Owner & Principle Designer
Slightly Curved Cube
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