Nine Year Old Illustrator and Author Mother Launch Kickstarter Campaign for YA Fantasy Fiction Book

Sydney Shiu a nine year old illustrator and her mother Tricia Steward Shiu have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the publishing of their new book "Iron Shinto."

Los Angeles, CA, USA (October 31, 2013) -- Sydney Shiu a nine year old illustrator and her mother Tricia Steward Shiu have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the publishing of their new book "Iron Shinto."

Kickstarter is the world's largest crowd-funding platform. The company's mission is to help bring creative projects to life and "Iron Shinto" is now one of them. The worldwide campaign will cover editing, publishing and publicity for "Iron Shinto," as well as the audio books for all three books in the Moa series. "Sydney does an incredible job in the project video of explaining her role in this breakout series, "Moa," "Statue of Ku," and "Iron Shinto," says Tricia. "We would love the support of Young Adult Fantasy Fictions readers and others who just love books," adds Shiu.

Donations begin at $1.00 and top off at $1,200. "We also have some incredible rewards for donating: an exclusive ritual for Kickstarter donors, an hour long book talk, signed paperbacks, MP3s, eBooks and much more!" says Shiu. Find out more at: Kickstarter or

Iron Shinto, now in manuscript form has already garnered a FIVE STAR review by an Amazon Hall of Fame (Top 50) Reviewer Grady Harp who writes:

'What exactly is real? Your thoughts make whatever you perceive to be real. Beyond that, what exists?' Tricia Stewart Shiu has stepped into territory that few contemporary writers of novels have journeyed - concepts of many permutations of the spirit world as experienced and acted out by contemporary characters. Reading Shiu's book IRON SHINTO (the third volume of her series of books entitled The Moa Books) is not only immensely entertaining as a story, but also illuminating as to the concepts of the levels of existence that bond the corporeal world with the spirit world.

Each chapter opens with a ritual that the reader can actually follow and perform, moments of enlightenment that heighten the meaning of the novel but also serve to open the reader's mind to the seemingly endless possibilities of realms of existence - call it reincarnation or alternative levels of being or whatever connects the reader with a willingness to think along different lines. Though Shiu writes her books for a Teen or Young Adult audience, her commitment to expand the mind is so well centered that her audience could comfortably and satisfyingly include adult readers, especially those curious about universal levels of being.
--Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

Iron Shinto is the third book in the Moa series by Tricia Stewart Shiu. All three chronicle a fanciful flight through time and space in a multi-dimensional universe of interplanetary spirits.

The author, in addition to being an award-winning playwright, is also a metaphysical adept who actually met Moa, the ancient Hawaiian spirit at the heart of the series. "When I was five," Ms. Shiu explained, "I was visited by a vision. I'll never forget it, I was running down the stairs and the entity, a girl with dark hair, stopped me in my tracks. The spirit said that I would go through a deeply challenging time in my life, but would resurface, later in life, with unimaginable joy and fulfillment. That vision stayed with me."

Many years later, taking a nap during a visit to her husband's family home in Honolulu, that dark-haired girl came back. "In my mind's eye, I saw a beautiful young woman with dark hair, who said her name was Moaahuulikkiaaakea'o Haanaapeekuluueehuehakipuunahe'e-Moa for short."

Ms. Shiu's experience with this benevolent spirit launched her into a personal journey of spiritual exploration which included studies in mediumship, pagan and Huna rituals as well as an energy healing technique called "Crystalline Consciousness Technique." She also studied a variety of shamanic clearing methods and healing rituals.

The result of the author's unique background is that each chapter of the book begins with a meditative ritual that pertains to that chapter. Some of the rituals, oils or meditations are even mentioned in the plot of the book. All of these rituals are easily done by the reader and have remarkably soothing and healing properties.

The author sums it all up this way; "Whatever your belief or understanding of the metaphysical world, I believe that if one person is transformed through learning, then we are all transformed. I truly believe the Moa I met came through in this work and, just as I connected with her as I wrote, those who read the book will experience her as well."

Iron Shinto (ISBN: 978-0-9840020-8-5, 2013 Human Being Publishing, 208 Pages, Available on Amazon in Paperback, $12.95 and for $6.99 on Kindle 978-0-9840020-6-1 or on the author's website Find out more about the Kickstarter campaign for Iron Shinto at: Kickstarter or

About Tricia Stewart Shiu
Tricia Stewart Shiu is an award-winning screenwriter, author and playwright, but her passion lies in creating mystical stories. Her latest series, The Moa Books, which includes "Moa," "The Statue of Ku" and "The Iron Shinto," were, by far, her favorite to write.

Media Contact: For a review copy of Iron Shinto, or to schedule an interview with Tricia Stewart Shiu, please contact Scott Lorenz, President of Westwind Communications Book Marketing, 734-667-2090 or scottlorenz [at] westwindcos [dot] com or

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