Federal Candidates Weigh In Against Immigration Reform Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

Washington, DC, USA (January 14, 2014) -- Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC): Press@alipac.us / (866) 703-0864

An unprecedented number of federal candidates are responding to Americans for Legal Immigration PAC's (ALIPAC) federal candidate survey this year indicating they support the adequate enforcement of America's existing immigration and border laws instead of any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

"We already have 20 candidates weighing in against immigration reform amnesty for undocumented immigrants," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "It is clear that many Republican primary candidates are addressing the public's desire for Congress to support existing laws instead of conceding our laws, Constitution, and borders to lawlessness brought on by illegal immigration."

ALIPAC was founded on September 11 of 2004, making 2014 the national organization's sixth election cycle. ALIPAC is America's best known political action committee addressing the topics of illegal immigration, immigration laws, and border security.

ALIPAC's more than 50 thousand e-mail list subscribers and more than 200,000 social media subscribers are being asked to circulate the group's 2014 candidate survey to candidates running for US Congress and Senate in each state. This survey asks only one question of concern. (click here for survey copy)

The first surveys received for 2014 can be found online (Click Here). Early responses included candidates running against illegal alien amnesty supporters like Representatives John Boehner, Renee Ellmers, Greg Walden, and Ami Bera, as well as Amnesty supporting Senators like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell!

"We are now calling for candidates to run against every immigration reform amnesty supporting incumbent in America!" said William Gheen. "The real truth is that the vast majority of America's voters in 2014 want enforcement of our immigration laws, not some path to citizenship and voting rights for 20 million illegals that will devastate our borders forevermore!"

ALIPAC is currently endorsing more than 130 members of Congress who are standing up against the Obama, Boehner, and Rubio backed immigration reform amnesty. (click here for current endorsements)

ALIPAC is also asking all American voters, conservatives groups, and Tea Party groups to target all Democrats and the 35 Republican members of Congress that support immigration reform amnesty for removal from office in the 2014 elections!

For more information about ALIPAC's efforts to throw immigration reform amnesty supporters out of office in 2014 or to schedule interviews, please visit http://www.alipac.us.