Junie Moon's Surviving The Predators Among Us: Recognizing The Psychopath - Released Worldwide In eBook and Print Book Formats

Surviving The Predators Among Us: Recognizing The Psychopath by Junie Moon points out the steps to identifying the hidden traits and patterns of the psychopath. It is a follow up book to her first successful nonfiction release -- A Sociopath Beside Me.

Sarasota, FL, USA (December 9, 2012) -- Written for unsuspecting victims who live in the shadows of the psychopath, Surviving The Predators Among Us: Recognizing The Psychopath gives the reader the tools they need to survive the psychopaths who they are forced to co-exist with. This nonfiction book educates and supplies the skills required to identify the psychopath's hallmark traits and behaviors. If you have already been a victim of a human predator, you will receive information on how to both heal and recover.

"Surviving The Predators Among Us: Recognizing The Psychopath was created as a survival guide to assist others in being able to recognize the human predators who walk among us," author Junie Moon, said. "For if we can't identify them for who and what they are, then we are doomed to become their next unsuspecting victim."

"Have you ever looked for something that didn't want to be found? Chances are that in your lifetime you will encounter a human predator, a psychopath, on more than one occasion. There are people who walk among us who's deeds are obvious to be driven by evil intent, the dark souls of society; those who are operating without a conscience. The only means of escaping these predators unscathed is to be able to recognize them for who and what they are. To become armed with the knowledge of what these human predators look like through their traits. They are secretive and their agendas are fantasized about in secret. This book will tell you everything that these human predators don't want you to know."

Mike Autry, Dallas, TX said about Surviving The Predators Among Us: Recognizing The Psychopath, "Written from a unique perspective; a victim turned survivor who has taken her experiences and shared with us how to recognize the predators among us so that we can avoid them and how to heal if we were ever a victim of one of these predators."

Using an alias to protect her identity, Junie Moon wrote her personal account of being a victim of a sociopath, A Sociopath Beside Me. It was published and released by First Edition Design Publishing http://www.firsteditiondesignpublishing.com in 2012. "This book was an eye opener!" said a reviewer of Junie Moon's first book. "I thought I knew what a Sociopath was, I was only half right. I feel that now I have the knowledge I need to protect myself and loved ones against such people."

Junie Moon is now hosting a website, The Healing Vine http://www.dearjunie.com to help others. She encourages the public to visit http://www.dearjunie.com - a safe place to discuss psychopaths, ask questions and receive professional answers about psychopaths, victimization, healing, and recovery.

Junie Moon's Surviving The Predators Among Us: Recognizing The Psychopath was published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide. It is available in eBook form and as a 138 page softcover print book ISBN 978-1622872220. It is available on-line wherever books are sold.

About the author:

Junie Moon writes under an assumed name. She has been a professional Registered Nurse for 35 years, a psychiatric nurse for 16 years, a counselor and a Life Coach. After studying the subject of psychopathology for 7 years she has written two books on the topic.

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