Skybox Datacenters and T5 Facilities Management Partner to Bring Top Tier Data Center Operations to Skybox Houston One

Skybox Datacenters Teams with T5 Facilities Management to Launch Turnkey Data Center Services to Companies in the Houston Energy Corridor.

Houston, TX, USA (September 9, 2014) -- Skybox Datacenters™, a Dallas-based data center developer, today announced it has formed a strategic partnership with T5 Facilities Management (T5FM). Through this strategic partnership, Skybox will offer move-in ready wholesale data centers in mid-market locations operated by the same team that operates T5 Data Centers'™ national portfolio of wholesale data centers. Construction on the first data center initiative, Skybox Houston One, is expected to be completed in November and it will be commissioned in January 2015.

Skybox Datacenters recently broke ground on its Skybox Houston One facility, an 86,960-square-foot purpose-built data center with four independent data halls; the first wholesale data center to serve the Houston Energy Corridor. The new Skybox Houston One facility offers dedicated data halls at 1.2 to 2.4 MW each with lower overall total cost of operations than retail data centers. Additionally, Skybox uniquely offers tenants the ability to procure and negotiate their own power contracts directly with the provider of their choice. Under the partnership agreement, Skybox will serve as landlord and T5FM will provide facilities support and operations management for Skybox Houston One.

"Skybox and T5 have very similar philosophies as to how to best serve data center customers, and through this partnership we can bring T5's facilities management expertise to new customers in mid-market regions," said Mike Casey, COO of T5. "The expertise and protocols that existing T5 customers rely on will adapt quite well to Skybox's clientele."

T5FM offers comprehensive on-site data center management; the same comprehensive facilities management that T5 uses in its data centers in Atlanta, Colorado, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, North Carolina, and Portland. T5FM will apply the same kind of best practices used in all of T5's data centers, including policies and procedures to mitigate risk and eliminate operational concerns with an emphasis on safety, training, and communications.

"The strategic partnership between Skybox Datacenters and T5FM will bring the best data center management expertise available to our customers," said Rob Morris, Managing Partner, Skybox Datacenters. "This partnership allows us to focus on our core development business while knowing that the T5FM team will keep operations running smoothly. It's a great marriage."

Using this wholesale data center business model, Skybox will lease self-contained data center halls to customers, each with its own dedicated mechanical and electrical infrastructure, so customers retain total operational control. An on-site T5FM team will provide infrastructure support. Skybox Houston One is specifically designed to cater to the needs of oil and gas, healthcare, and other large corporations in the region to meet their business-critical, high-performance, ultra low latency computing needs.

About Skybox Datacenters

Skybox Datacenters builds and owns world-class data center facilities for enterprise grade users with ultra-low latency connectivity and mission critical resiliency as a core focus of our platform. Each Skybox facility is uniquely crafted to its particular market and the demands of its users. Skybox focuses on purpose-built facilities in the wholesale segment of the market and is capable of speculative and build-to-suit projects. Skybox Datacenters is a joint venture between Rugen Street Capital and Bandera Ventures.

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About T5 Data Centers

T5 Data Centers (T5) is a leading national data center owner and operator, committed to delivering customizable, scalable data centers that provide an "always on" computing environment to power mission critical business applications. T5 Data Centers provides enterprise and wholesale colocation data center services to organizations across North America using proven, best-in-class technology and techniques to design and develop facilities that deliver the lowest possible total cost of operations for its customers. T5 currently has business-critical data center facilities in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Charlotte with new projects announced in Portland, New York, and Colorado. All of T5's data center projects are purpose-built facilities featuring robust design, redundant and reliable power and telecommunications and have 24-hour staff to support mission-critical computing applications.

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The Think Pink Challenge; Reel Men Fish Pink

Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc. kicks off a campaign to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

Hempstead, Long Island, NY (September 9, 2014) -- Eposeidon, Inc.'s KastKing Division, the makers of high quality affordable braided fishing line, has announced a campaign to promote awareness and raise funds for breast cancer research and early detection.

KastKing will donate all net profits from every sale of their KastKing Pink Braided Fishing Line in all sizes through their website during the month of October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink is the official color for breast cancer awareness.

KastKing's will track all purchases of their KastKing Pink Braided Fishing Line through their website At the end of October the amount will be donated to fund breast cancer research. The company offers free shipping on orders over $20.

KastKing's program will be promoted through Social Media with a Think Pink Challenge. The campaign slogan is -- "The Think Pink Challenge; Reel Men Fish Pink." Members of Team Eposeidon, the company's angler support staff, which has male and female members, will publicly challenge at least 3 other anglers to "Spool it with Pink" and encourage them to challenge others either through Youtube or Facebook posts, or both. Eposeidon's Think Pink Challenge will begin ramping up in September, begin October 1st and run through October 31. Eposeidon wants to encourage men to support the women in their lives with early detection through mammograms and doctor's visits.

According to, "Mammograms don't prevent breast cancer, but they can save lives by finding breast cancer as early as possible. For example, mammograms have been shown to lower the risk of dying from breast cancer by 35% in women over the age of 50."

"Many lives and families have been touched by breast cancer," says Tom Gahan, Marketing Director at Eposeidon. "This is our chance to reach out to the angling community, which mostly consists of men, to make a difference. The campaign encourages male anglers to 'man up' and load their fishing reels with pink fishing line for a great cause. We're hoping women persuade their guys to 'Fish Pink' and in turn, men will support and encourage other women in their lives to have a mammogram and look after their health and inspire their male friends to also spool up with pink line."

Pink fishing line has a practical feature. It becomes "invisible" at relatively shallow depths as pink is in the red spectrum, which is the first color to disappear in the water column. KastKing braided lines are offered in 10 lb. through 150 lb. test.

"October, breast cancer awareness month, also marks the beginning of the traditional holiday shopping season, says Eposeidon's CEO Tate Cui. "Some may wish to purchase pink line as a gift during October and carry the awareness forward to next season. Next spring it may generate some conversations about how people can help with breast cancer, encourage their family members to be tested, or increase their awareness or donate. We hope to reach thousands of anglers. We are proud to support breast cancer research."

Media Contact:
Tom Gahan
Director of Marketing
Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc.
Direct Line: 631-369-0063
Main Office: 1-855-830-7430