Looking for Romance in Philadelphia? Couples Yoga or Romantic Couples Retreats

On your next anniversary, her birthday, Valentine’s Day or just a special Saturday night, give a gift that will make a difference in your relationship: a couple's night at a yoga studio.

Philadelphia, PA, December 23, 2010 -- Some yoga studios have special workshops for couples which include soft lights, music and sensual massage. No prior yoga experience is usually required. Try a date-night class, and you both will probably enjoy it so much you will want to sign up for a series of couple's classes or a yoga retreat in the countryside.

Benefits of Couples Yoga

Partner or couple's yoga where two people work together in various yoga postures, is not a new concept, but it is a growing trend of the past few years. The majority of yoga students in the U.S. are women. Couple's yoga is the perfect invitation for men to enjoy the amazing benefits of Hatha Yoga on the body as well as on the relationship. Men find that couple's yoga gives them an opportunity to be sensitive without embarrassment. Men will also find that the combination of muscle-toning and stretching has a terrific effect on their sex life.

As a couple practices yoga together, they will at times alternate assisting each other and supporting the other's yoga postures and vice versa. At other times they will work together with equal input to juxtapose or mirror poses that feel uplifting and bonding as well are often aesthetically wondrous.

Yoga postures can be enjoyably developed and extended using the support and guidance of a partner. Doing yoga with a partner's support can be especially helpful when there are restrictions because of injury or individual capability.  The contact and assistance of a partner can enhance and develop the posture within individual ability. There is also the advantage of promoting an atmosphere of greater relaxation because you are practicing it with a person you trust and are confident about.

The benefits of couples yoga are that they can help you reconnect or find a new level of intimacy. They are revitalizing way to spend time with your beloved. The result can be a deeper connection with the building of more trust. As each participant learns to let go and trust, the couple begins to explore spiritual levels of the practice together. They build on the energy of each other and create a better understanding of their relationship as well as the practice of yoga.

It removes distractions that keep a couple from focusing on each other. According to Jasmine Kaloudis, Holistic Lifestyle Expert in Philadelphia, "At times the poses are strengthening and other times deeply serene and restorative.  You might have a range of emotions from silliness, fear to profound peace."

The work that couples do is often transformative since working together through movement can reveal levels of trust, support and encouragement.  It can reveal interpersonal dynamics about the couples that lead to inner growth and intimacy. Learning how to become really attune to your inner world while simultaneously being totally present to your partner is not a gift we often receive.  The new energy that comes from both the poses and from the breathing exercises can be effectively used in the bedroom. It eliminates problems that can get in the way of sex like tight hips, back pain or anxiety.

Some couples feel that after practicing yoga together they have more of an ability to communicate clearly and with more sensitivity with each other. Others say it has sparked a new romance in their relationship to get that 5th date feeling back.  Some participants say it can lead to new levels of openness in the bedroom.  It can only help matters along to do your yoga by candlelight and soft music.   If you know a couple that is stressed out with no time to focus on each other and that would like to spice things up in a healthy and holistic way, you can gift them a workshop or retreat as well.  Celebrate your relationship as you do your poses together.


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