Scout Monitoring Introduces Scout APM, First SaaS Application Monitoring Solution to Isolate Issues That Affect Revenue

New Hosted APM Platform Pinpoints Web Application Bottlenecks in Real Time to Address Needs of Today's Business-Critical Cloud Environments.

Las Vegas, NV, USA (October 6, 2015) -- At the AWS re:Invent conference this week, Scout Monitoring, creators of reliable server and application monitoring solutions created by developers for developers, unveiled its latest hosted application monitoring solution, Scout APM. Unlike other application performance management (APM) products, Scout APM is the only one that automatically prioritizes performance problems based on their impact on business-critical Web applications.

Application development and management has become more complex with virtualization and cloud computing. Release cycles are shorter so more programmers are using agile development strategies, and production environments have become more dynamic with more frequent software releases. Unfortunately, most APM solutions can't keep pace with today's accelerated software development cycles. Scout APM addresses those issues by delivering context-driven analysis that exposes Web application bottlenecks in a software-as-a-service solution.

Scout APM is the first APM platform to offer context-driven performance analysis, highlighting bottlenecks that have an immediate impact on revenue first, so you can correct the software code before it has a dramatic effect on the bottom line. Scout APM is also the only platform that features automatic developer attribution, not only exposing the specific code responsible for performance problems, but also identifying which developer on the team is best suited to resolve the problem.

Scout APM isolates code problems quickly, shortening time to resolution with features such as:

Exposing poor application performance in real time;
Identifying who experienced the problem, how frequently, and in what segment of the application source code;
Isolating the exact line of code creating the performance issue;
Notifying the developer who last worked with the code; and
Determining if the performance failure is an isolated issue or part of a larger problem.

"Developers have been asking us for a hosted APM solution that offers the same reliability and ease of use as our SaaS server monitoring product," said Andre Lewis, CTO and co-founder of Scout. "With Scout APM, we have created a robust application performance management tool that isolates problems quickly and efficiently. And since it's delivered as a hosted solution, it's easy to implement without budget approval from senior management. It's ideal for business-critical applications on any scale."

Other hosted APM products are priced by the server, which can become exceedingly expensive with virtualization and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Scout APM is licensed at $10 per monitored process per month. A small-scale deployment could cost less than $100 per month, and a typical deployment costs less than $1,000 per month. Pricing was deliberately structured so developers and department managers could quickly add Scout APM to troubleshoot development issues without having to seek budget approval from senior management.

Scout APM is available now. For more information about Scout APM and Scout Server, visit

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