Glenmore Healthcare Offers 10 Tips for Healthy Eating in 2011

One of the perennially popular New Year’s Resolutions is to loose weight, and the experts at Glenmore Healthcare, Calgary's premiere provider of hCG medically supervised weight loss programs, aesthetic medicine (Botox, Dermal Fillers, Latisse), offers dieters 10 Tips for healthy eating in the New Year.

Calgary, Alberta, January 14, 2010 -- To help patients maintain their weight loss, the physicians at Glenmore Healthcare ( offer the city's most successful hCG for Weight Loss program ( hCG has been used as a weight loss aid for over 50 years, and is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in the US and Canada. Now, under the supervision of a physician at Glenmore Healthcare, patients can engage in this safe, effective weight loss program in Calgary.

Glenmore Healthcare's exclusive hCG Weight Loss Program is a proven medical solution for optimal weight loss and weight management.  Based upon the successful protocol originally developed in 1954 by Dr. Simeons, and detailed in his manuscript, Pounds and Inches, the Glenmore Healthcare's hCG medically supervised weight loss program is built around a low calorie diet coupled with the administration of naturally occurring hormone, hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Glenmore Healthcare follows the IAPAM's (International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine) hCG Weight Loss Protocol, which has been administered to over 4,000 patients around the world with consistent weight loss results. The IAPAM's hCG Weight Loss Program is the only endorsed hCG weight loss protocol available to physicians.

After a successful weight loss, the experts at Glenmore Healthcare are committed to offering their patients enduring weight management strategies. Therefore, once a client has reached their goal weight, the protocol at Glenmore Healthcare includes a complete weight maintenance program, incorporating these tips to help patients maintain their new weight:

-Don't eat family style, you're much more likely to eat more than you would if you placed the correct portion size on a plate.
-Healthy restaurant menus may not be so healthy. You're likely to underestimate a meal’s calorie total by more than a third, according to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research.
-Alcohol makes you hungry (limit it to one or two glasses per meal)
-Restaurant portions are way too big, your choices are: (1) eat an appetizer, or (2) split an entre (either with another diner, or bring the other half home for another meal).
-Beware of office goodies. The office can be a source of 10-20lbs of fat per year. Skip the cakes, donuts, candies, and chocolates.
-Portion out your snacks. If you are going to have chips, read the bag and fill a bowl with a serving, then put the big bag away so you can't see it.
-Hungry an hour after a meal? Have a glass of water, or go for a brisk walk.
-Display fruits, not sweets. Get rid of the glass covered sweets display, and replace it with a fruit bowl.
-Researchers discovered that people who watched TV while they ate consumed nearly 300 more calories than those who dined without an eye on the tube.
-Slow down while you eat. If you consciously stop to take a breath between bites, you can cut your food (and calorie) intake by 10 percent, according to researchers at the University of Rhode Island. It takes 20 minutes for the news that you have had enough to eat to travel from your gut to your brain. Another tip, try talking more between bites.

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