IAPAM's Physician hCG Training is Consistent with Dr. Oz's Recommendations

The IAPAM has trained over 650 physicians on how to safely offer hCG for weight loss, and well over 20,000 patients have successfully lost weight using the IAPAM's Exclusive hCG Protocol. The core principles of the IAPAM's hCG Training are consistent with those outlined by Dr. Oz in his March 14, 2012 segment on hCG for weight loss: it is imperative for patients to undertake an hCG program under the care of a trained physician, and never use hCG (homeopathic hCG) that is sold without a prescription.

Las Vegas, Nevada - March 17, 2012 -- In his March 14, 2012 segment on hCG for weight loss (http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/does-hcg-diet-work-pt-1), Dr. Oz announced that he had "new data" on the successful use of hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) for weight loss. In a pilot study conducted by a leading medical weight management physician, Dr. Oz reported that patients following a strict, medically supervised hCG Protocol, were not hungry and lost weight, and ultimately lost more "fat vs. muscle," than patients on only a very low calorie diet.

During the segment, Dr. Oz had several key messages regarding the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical grade hCG in a physician-supervised weight loss program. These key messages are consistent with the principals taught in the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine's Physician hCG Training (http://www.hcgtraining.com):

1. Consistent with the FDA's position, homeopathic hCG (hCG drops, etc.) DO NOT WORK. Only pharmaceutical hCG, prescribed by a physician as part of a proven hCG Protocol, is effective in fat and weight loss.
2. Unlike weight loss from a restrictive diet alone, where up to 1/3 of a patient's weight loss is muscle loss, patients on an hCG Protocol lose fat from their stomachs, buttocks, etc. and "leave the muscle alone."
3. Dr. Oz recommends that any patient on diet under 1200 calories, should be under the direct care of a physician.

The IAPAM's hCG Protocol is based upon the successful protocol originally developed in 1954 by Dr. Simeons, and detailed in his report, Pounds and Inches, and is built around a low calorie diet coupled with the administration of the pharmaceutical grade of the naturally occurring hormone, hCG. The IAPAM's hCG Protocol has been administered to over 20,000 patients around the world with consistent weight loss results.

To date, all of the IAPAM's 2010, 2011 and 2012 Physician hCG Medical Weight Management seminars have sold out, so to register for the next hCG Training session in Scottsdale, Arizona, please go to http://www.hcgtraining.com, or contact the IAPAM at info@theiapam.com or 1-800-219-5108 ext 708.

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The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine is a voluntary association of physicians and supporters, which sets standards for the aesthetic medical profession. The goal of the association is to offer education, ethical standards, credentialing, and member benefits. IAPAM membership is open to all licensed medical doctors (MDs), dentists (DDSs/DMDs) doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs), physicians assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs). Information about the association can be accessed through IAPAM’s website at http://www.IAPAM.com or by contacting:

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Gill Cox Now Light Space & Time Art Gallery's Featured Artist

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that artist Gill Cox is now the gallery's featured artist.

Jupiter, Florida - March 17, 2012 -- Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that artist Gill Cox is now the gallery's featured artist and he will be showcased on their website for the next 30 days.

Gillian Cox is an artist who lives and creates in the beautiful coastal village of Hope Cove, in the South Hams of Devon, UK. Spanning a period of 50 years in the pursuit of art, she has gained a reputation as a specialist in color and light, covering a wide range of subject matter.

Gill is a self-taught artist who is now able to concentrate purely on her God given talent for her own pleasure, in celebration of regaining her sight after the danger of becoming blind several years ago. She is comfortable working in any painting medium and her thirst for enjoying a new challenge lends spirit and adventure to each new work that she creates. Gill professes that maintaining the challenge, is the key to building spontaneity, rhythm and flow in order to provide a sense of movement and the necessary atmosphere, to involve each viewer of her work. Energy and purpose, give her work depth and meaning which compliments her whole attitude to what she creatively delivers.

Gill states about her art and her life, “It seems I have been painting for most of my life. I have also, for many years, taught others to discover the delights of both Watercolor and Oil painting. Now I am the resident tutor for the summer workshops of Sejours Artistiques in the Charente Maritime region of France, whose chosen charities I support by giving my tuition free.”

Gill’s art has been exhibited in various venues spread across Devon, including locally at The Mayne Gallery, Kingsbridge and The Royal William Yard, Plymouth. Also her work has found homes in Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and further afield in France, Canada and the USA. A limited selection of her extensive portfolio can be seen on her website http://www.gillcoxart.co.uk


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Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly art competitions and monthly art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is Light Space & Time’s intention to showcase this incredible talent in a series of monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions by marketing and displaying the exceptional abilities of these worldwide artists.

The art gallery website can be viewed here: http://www.lightspacetime.com

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DeYoe Wealth Management Designated 2012 Premier Advisor by the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP)

DeYoe Wealth Management announced today that the firm has been recognized as NABCAP Premier Advisors.

BERKELEY, Calif. - March 17, 2012 -- DeYoe Wealth Management announced today that the firm has been recognized as NABCAP Premier Advisors, an exclusive group of financial advisors who represent the best in quality wealth management in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The designation is awarded annually by the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP), a nationally-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, established to serve the needs of the investing public by helping identify top wealth managers. The selection process is based on a proprietary system whose ultimate goal is to provide investors and advisors a trusted standard of excellence to help guide them within the financial services industry.

The evaluation process assesses 20 categories of practice management, which include areas such as customer service, risk/investment planning philosophy, credentials, team dynamics and fee/cost structure among other areas.

It’s challenging finding trustworthy, savvy financial advisors, and having validation from an independent nonprofit group such as NABCAP goes a long way to demonstrating to clients and others that our practice is one of the best in the Bay Area,” said Jonathan DeYoe, founder and principal of DeYoe Wealth Management. “We have been helping our clients pursue their personal financial goals using a holistic wealth management strategy, and it’s great to have a respected organization like NABCAP validate our commitment and approach.”

The NABCAP Premier Advisors list was announced in the San Francisco Business Times on March 16.

About DeYoe Wealth Management
Based in Berkeley, California, DeYoe Wealth Management is passionate about helping clients pursue financial independence on their terms. The firm offers access to comprehensive financial services, including customized asset management, holistic financial planning, and insurance solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients and their families. Our objective is to help our clients maximize their Happiness Dividend, working towards financial peace of mind while realizing their dreams. DeYoe Wealth Management uses a six-step process to make sure our clients’ investment strategies keep pace with their changing lifestyle, planning for current needs and future goals. For more information, visit http://www.deyoewealthmanagement.com

The National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) is a nonprofit organization created to establish mutually understood standards and practices among both investors and advisory practices. Their primary mission is to educate and inform the investing general public with reliable, unaffiliated, unbiased and completely objective educational resources and information. NABCAP Premier Advisors lists are a powerful reference for investors to identify the top wealth managers in their local market. Visit http://www.nabcap.org for more information.


Jonathan K. DeYoe, AIF® & CPWA® is a registered principal with and securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC. Securities and investment advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a registered Broker/Dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC and a Registered Investment Advisor.

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