Lumber 'Treasure Hunts' illustrate Demand for Timber, claims FRA

FRA has claimed that the modern-day timber scavengers and 'treasure-hunters' prove that timber is growing in demand and value.

Seattle, United States, July 25, 2012 -- Forestry Research Associates has claimed that the modern-day timber scavengers and 'treasure-hunters' prove that timber is growing in demand and value.

Reports into the increase in people searching for lost tropical rainforest timbers that fell to river and sea beds years ago, has prompted experts to use this as evidence of the ongoing demand for timber. A recent report in the Bangkok Post about the activity shows that there is a growing number of timber 'treasure-hunters' who search for long-lost logs of timbers no longer widely available due to logging restrictions.

Peter Collins of FRA, the research and analysis consultancy, said, “Many of these so-called treasure hunters are in operation in South-East Asia where a large number of exotic hardwood logs were lost during the period when logging of rainforests was more common and legal, back in the 1980s and 1990s."

The article in the Bangkok Post described how the exotic lumber is in demand in Asia in particular, where it is used for the construction of everything from bar tops to pianos.

The populations of many Asian countries are growing increasingly wealthy and want fine things made of beautiful timbers. However, the logging of many of these timbers is now illegal and the only way to get hold of them is to rescue logs that have been sitting on river beds for several years,” explained Mr Collins. He added, "The alternative, of course, is to source timber from sustainable plantations, such as those run by firms like Greenwood Management in Brazil and Canada.”

FRA supports sustainable timber plantations that allow investors to buy up sections of timberland while receiving returns from when the timber is harvested, processed and sold on. Timber demand in general is high at the moment, particularly in China, India and Japan, which is making timberland investment even more attractive.

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Bringing Street Art into the Home - The Urban Wallpaper Collection at Urbane Living

The designer Urban wallpaper collection has now launched at Urbane Living.

London, UK, July 25, 2012 -- The Urban designer wallpaper collection Urban Wallpaper, recently launched at Urbane Living, allows design-lovers to admire some urban art in the comfort of their own homes.

The collection features portraits, graffiti-style prints, illustrative designs and comic-esque images from top artists and designers such as Javi Gutiérrez, David Fernández, Txema Algualcil, Mariscal, La Casita de Wendy and Txell Miras.

Hand-painted and drawn designs add an authentic artistic flair and there’s a choice of bold shades such as deep reds and greens or more subtle colour palettes to fit with any décor. The papers are easy to maintain too, making them a much more realistic option for any home - just wipe with a damp cloth.

The range will appeal to eco-conscious design fans - each wallpaper in the Urban collection is printed on highly sustainable paper using special inks which allow the paper to be recycled when it is removed from the walls.

Adam Robertson, co-founder of Urbane Living, commented: "We're proud to be offering wallpaper from such highly respected artists and designers. This collection taps into the interest in artists such as Banksy and successfully transfers urban art to the wallpaper world and the home."

He added: "These eye-catching designs will prove a talking point in any modern home or business property and are perfect for a feature wall in any room."

Roll size: Width 0.53m x Length 10m

Price: Starts from £52.00 including VAT

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