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Find out below some clues helping you to base your strategy on few, most important points that will help you make it successful.

London, UK, January 29, 2012 -- B2C companies are investing more and more money in hiring specialists in the subject area of social media to create successful marketing strategy based on those tools. It was extremely important for B2C companies due to huge amount of individual users joining the websites, being at one time potential clients. Increasing number of users lead B2C companies to the point when they started to set up accounts on social media. In answer for that B2B companies have no other way than join them as quickly as possible. Today 74% of businesses say social media is the leading emerging channel for lead generation, they admit that and thy create accounts, but nearly 68% of marketing executives in that companies report that they feel “unprepared” for the challenges of social media marketing. Find out below some clues helping you to base your strategy on few, most important points that will help you make it successful.

First of all - Stay calm and don't hurry up. You will need to spend long hours with your colleagues from other departments and listen to their insights concerning customers and product. The strategy creation process also entailed the creation of guidelines for tone of voice and brand reputation management, which both build coherence across diverse entities and help you work out how to address negative issues and any potential crisis.

Discover habits of social media audience. Analyse wisely who and where your audience is. What kind of platform are they the most active on? Learn how your customers are buying products, what are their manners to do the market research. Focus on media-savvy customers; be ready for appearance of those, who didn't really use them from the beginning.

Remember that all social media accounts cannot be owned by only one department within the company. It will definitely be monitored by communication or marketing department, but do not be afraid to give employees of other departments some autonomy in contributing to your company social media world development.

Stay flexible, but do not exceed some limits. It is obvious that nowadays more and more social media based portals will appear and you need to be ready to become active on those new ones, but in the meantime - remember that every time you set up a new account you start everything from scratch. When you already know where your target audience is in majority, stick to that website, develop you strategy and gain connections - for sure it will pay back.

Keep strategy on your desk and in your mind but remember to stay reactive as well. Having well organized strategy help you to deal with the huge number of platforms and time-consuming actions, but don't get lost in your well planned professional life. Secret lies in checking whether things you are doing give you results you expected. Being aware of that check the influence of everything you do on audience you wanted to attract. Do not be scared to change the strategy if needed.

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