University of California San Diego Enters Into Licensing and Intellectual Property Agreement with Global Cancer Technology, Inc.

License agreement reached with UCSD office of innovation and commercialization for patent and intellectual property for linking a drug to a nanocrystal scintillator activated radiosurgically.

San Diego, CA, USA -- Global Cancer Technology, Inc. announced today that the company has signed a Licensing Agreement with the University of California San Diego to bring to market a drug delivery platform that links a nanocrystal to a prodrug that can be activated using radiosurgery.

"This represents the first ever effort to utilize radiosurgery to activate a prodrug linked to a nanocrystal scintillator" said Mr. John Clark, Chairman and CEO of Global Cancer Technology, Inc. "The process allows a drug to be delivered to a tumor site and radiosurgically activated releasing 100% of the drug's energy directly at the tumor site". Mr. Clark went on to say that "aside from its use in fighting cancer, this delivery platform when activated by exceedingly low, regionally focused doses of radiation can provide tremendous benefits in infectious disease drug treatments in terms of selectivity, dosing, and tolerability".

Drs. Milan Makale, Wolf Wrasidlo and Santosh Kesari, principal inventors of the patented process jointly commented, "The University is very pleased to be moving this transformative technology forward and working with Global Cancer Technology, Inc. in the commercialization process". They added "UC San Diego is excited about the prospect of advancing cancer and infectious disease drug delivery improvements for patients and the medical community".

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