PB Millionaire Says His New Show Will Be No Jersey Shore

Will Be "Good Entertainment Without Any Snookis".

San Diego, CA, July 08, 2011 -- In about six months from now, San Diegans will finally get to see the first episode of what producer Jim Lawlor promises to be “good entertainment without any Snookis.” After three years of filming, “The PB Reality Show,” (http://www.pbreality.com) in which Lawlor is also the star, will be released with much fanfare. Even though the show has not aired yet, Lawlor is already recognized everywhere he goes in and around Pacific Beach. All the while Lawlor has been filming, he has also been strategically marketing the show through his website and Facebook page so that the buildup of fans has steadily climbed in anticipation to the show’s release.

By showing teaser clips on Youtube, Lawlor has already built a fan base that could be considered the envy of Hollywood. His latest video release: “The PB Millionaire Present PB” has already gone viral and is expected to reach 10,000 views within the first several weeks. In this video, Lawlor showcases his favorite hangout spots in Pacific Beach. But what has most fans abuzz is the dance scene finale in which he is seen moving to the tune of Rick Astley. (see video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7o67dqoD_8)

Lawlor's laid-back, easy-going style, along with his self-effacing humor, is magnetic to his fans. Comments on the show’s Facebook Fan page like: “You are an amazing person!” - Alice says. “Vote JIM FOR PB PREZ!!! - Marissa commented. “Way to go Jim!!!” - wrote Dick. “Man if I ever see you around? PB I am going to give you the firmest handshake of MY life!” - someone commented on his video.

One reason for Lawlor's appeal is that he was once so broke he slept in his car and is now a self-made millionaire living in a castle. Viewers can relate to his struggle and are inspired by his success. “The PB Reality Show’s” motto reads: “It’s about celebrating life” - and Lawlor shows the world how it’s done with his legendary parties and lavish lifestyle. He also is a philanthropist who gives back to the community with his main focus on helping the homeless here in San Diego.

Part 2 of "The PB Millionaire Presents PB" will be released in just a few weeks. It will highlight more of Lawlor's favorite spots and will also include some of "The PB Reality Show's" models. The show itself is scheduled to release early next year and Lawlor guarantees that unlike "Jersey Shore," it "will make San Diego proud."

Liza Faith
PB Reality Show
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FRA Welcomes Investment in New Alberta Forestry Product

Forestry Research Associates welcomes the Canadian government initiative to invest in an innovative material made from a range of forestry products in the Alberta region of the country.

Seattle, USA, July 08, 2011 -- The Canadian government is investing generously in the production of an exciting new green material that is made from a range of forestry products in the Alberta region of the country.

Forestry Research Associates (FRA), a research and advisory consultancy, supports the move to pilot a scheme to explore the potential applications of nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC). The product is made from wood and straw pulp, which will be processed at a CA$5.5 million plant in Alberta. The plant is being funded by both the federal and provincial government under the Western Economic Partnership Agreement (WEPA).

The plant will produce and test some 100 kgs of the material each week. The product can be tested for uses within the automobile industry, plastics, paints and building materials, energy extraction and healthcare. “This new product is extremely exciting, not least for the potential it could bring for jobs and opportunities in Alberta,” explained Peter Collins, an analyst at FRA. “If the material proves to be useful and more needs to be produced, greater investment in Alberta forestry is likely to follow,” he added.

Greg Weadick, the Minister of Alberta Advanced Education and Technology also has high hopes for the new material. “This has the potential to be one of the technologies that, literally, changes the world,” he stated.

His enthusiasm also transferred to what the discovery could do for the forestry industry in Canada in general. His positivity was echoed by Mike Lake, the Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont. He stated, “Our Government’s investment will help advance a new forestry product with the potential to diversify the industry.

With numerous sectors in Alberta that could benefit from NCC applications, this initiative will help increase our competitiveness and create jobs in our communities.”

FRA welcomed the news that a new, strong and environmentally sound product had been discovered as a by-product of the forestry industry. The organization hopes that the pilot scheme will discover a great many uses for the material, which could help to further diversify forestry investors’ portfolios.

Peter Collins
Forestry Research Associates
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Biotage Raises the Bar in Microwave Synthesis

Biotage announced a new microwave synthesizer with state of the art user interface and industry leading operating range.

Uppsala, Sweden, July 08, 2010 -- Biotage® (STO: BIOT), a leading supplier of tools and technology for analytical, medicinal, and peptide chemistry, announced a new microwave synthesizer with state of the art user interface and industry leading operating range.

The Biotage Initiator+ sets a new standard by delivering new opportunities for chemistry professionals needing to enable difficult reactions or to improve yields on critical reaction steps. The new system which boasts very simple and intuitive software, an integrated computer control system and the largest touch screen interface available, allows the user to drive reactions to as high as 300 C and up to 30 bar pressure.

The new Initiator+ also offers an option for the use of a fiber optic temperature measurement device for in-situ reaction monitoring. The expanded pressure range of up to 30 bars, allows for increased flexibility in the choice of solvents. Low boiling point solvents can now be utilized at higher temperatures and reactions performed at maximum speed to achieve best possible yield with higher pressure.

The Initiator+ was developed as an upgradeable platform with automation options readily available. Connect the SP Wave peptide synthesis module and the Robot Eight kit to perform microwave assisted peptide synthesis with vortex mixing. All Initiator+ users will benefit from a versatile instrument which can perform both traditional Organic Synthesis but also enable new discoveries in Peptide and Peptidomimetics research.

Biotage is acknowledged as a leader in microwave synthesis thanks in part to the top selling Initiator synthesizer. The new Initiator+ is a major engineering achievement of function and capabilities for global professionals”. says Toshiyuki Yachi, Vice President of Marketing. “Our goal was to collaborate with professionals to deliver a new platform of outstanding performance, flexibility and value. With the Initiator+, we have achieved this goal and believe we will set a new standard for microwave synthesis platforms.”

For more information on the Biotage Initiator+ synthesizer, please email product_info@biotage.com or visit http://www.biotage.com.

Rob Thompson
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Charlotte, NC 28269
Tel: 704 654 4900

Rosendin Electric Extends Commitment to Green Practices With Deployment of Electrical Fleet of Forklifts

As part of its commitment to promote ecological responsibility, this week the contractor deployed a fleet of all-electric forklifts in its Bay Area warehouses.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (July 08, 2011) -- Rosendin Electric, the nation’s largest private electrical contractor and a 100% employee-owned company, has always been an advocate of LEED sustainable construction and green building practices. As part of its commitment to promote ecological responsibility, this week the contractor deployed a fleet of all-electric forklifts in its Bay Area warehouses.

Rosendin Electric has just replaced its fleet of propane-powered forklifts for its supply yard in both its San Jose headquarters and in San Francisco. The switchover will both reduce pollutants from the propane emissions and will save energy by using smart-chargers to recharge the forklifts during off-peak hours. An added advantage to the migration is better safety in the warehouse. The forklift controls are completely programmable, including limiting the maximum speed, making them safer to operate.

The biggest savings we are going to see from this conversion is from our carbon footprint,” said Victor Mumford, Fleet Manager for Rosendin Electric. “The longer we use them, the more energy efficient they become because we can charge them when the electricity rates are low and they generate increased savings over time. They aren't suited for use on the job sites, but they certainly fit our needs in the yard.”

Mumford estimates that converting to electrical forklifts will save thousands of dollars in operating costs, as well as almost 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide and 18,000 pounds of carbon monoxide. The life of the electric forklifts is estimated to be 15 years or more, which is comparable to diesel or propane forklifts. Based on current use patterns, Mumford estimates the forklifts can be charged once a week which should extend their usefulness and realize further savings in cost and energy.

This move is the latest in Rosendin Electric’s efforts to “green” its operating fleet. In 2006, the company provided its safety personnel with Ford Escape hybrids, saving an estimated 54 metric tons of carbon per year. In 2008, Rosendin Electric Superintendents were moved from gas-powered pickup trucks to Escape hybrids saving an addition 126 metric tons per year. In 2010, the General Superintendents were given hybrid pickup trucks, saving 28 metric tons of carbon pollutants per year.

We promote green building practices and work with our clients to help them create energy-efficient buildings that deliver savings in energy consumption and operating costs,” said Tom Sorley, CEO of Rosendin Electric. “As part of our commitment to green construction practices, it’s our duty to use every strategy we can to eliminate pollutants and minimize our carbon footprint. Migrating to a greener fleet of forklifts and field vehicles is just one small step we can make to demonstrate our commitment to green construction."

About Rosendin Electric
Rosendin Electric, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is a 100% employee-owned electrical engineering, power and communications provider and is the largest privately held electrical contractor in the United States. With over 2,000 employees and experience nationwide, Rosendin Electric has built upon a 90-year reputation for quality design and installations. For additional information, visit http://www.rosendin.com.


Shelly Goulart
Marketing Manager
Rosendin Electric
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Kimberly-Clark Forestry Commitment Should Encourage Others, Says FRA

Forestry Research Associated has welcomed an announcement that personal hygiene products giant Kimberly-Clarke has expanded its membership of the World Wildlife Fund’s Global Forest & Trade Network.

Bainbridge Island, WA, USA, July 08, 2011 -- Forestry Research Associated (FRA) has welcomed an announcement that personal hygiene products giant Kimberly-Clarke has expanded its membership of the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN).

We are delighted to hear that Kimberly-Clark is increasing its commitment to using sustainable and ethically sourced wood fibre in its popular products,” stated Peter Collins, an analysis partner at FRA, which is a research and advisory consultancy.

WWF started the Network in a bid to help conserve the most threatened and valuable forests in the world by stopping illegal logging altogether. The scheme has been successful in that it has attracted support from a wide range of major manufacturers who are all now committed to using only sustainable sources of timber and timber products. The announcement with Kimberly-Clark, one of the largest global brands when it comes to products like tissue and personal care items, was made at the GFTN’s 20 Anniversary event held at the Forest Stewardship Council’s annual General Assembly in Malaysia.

FRA welcomed the move as a major statement of intent from a large player in the paper products industry. “We believe that if more businesses of the size of Kimberly-Clark make such brave statements about the sourcing of their wood fibre, then any business should be in a position to follow suit,” added FRA’s Peter Collins.

Richly forested nations like Indonesia, Brazil and Costa Rica are all making moves to try to wipe out illegal logging and to safeguard the future of their forestry industries for generations to come. Projects such as those run by firms like Greenwood Management in Brazil and Emerald Knight in Costa Rica, are helping to drive foreign investment into these countries in the form of funding for sustainable plantations of non-native timbers, which can be managed and exported abroad instead of timber from native forests.

WWF’s Managing Director for Forests, Kerry Cesareo, said, “Given its breadth of product offerings and market influence, we commend Kimberly-Clark’s leadership in pushing the pulp and paper industry toward more responsible sourcing practices.” She continued, “Our collaboration will improve forest management, reduce impacts from production, and help protect the forests and habitats at the core of our mission.”

Peter Collins
Forestry Research Associates
620 Vineyard Lane
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Tel: (206) 316 8394