KastKing Sharky II Waterproofed Fishing Reel Announced

Patented waterproofing system and upgraded components added to best-seller to create the KastKing® Sharky II Spinning Reel.

Garden City, Long Island, NY (January 11, 2016) -- Today, KastKing®, a division of Eposeidon, Inc., introduces a unique KastKing® Sharky II spinning fishing reel model for 2016. KastKing® Sharky II, the successor of the KastKing® Sharky, underwent 3 years of development and holds 20 design patents. It is built to withstand harsh conditions and submersion for up to three minutes.

KastKing® Sharky II features 10 superior quality shielded stainless steel ball bearings and an instant stop anti-reverse bearing. As an upgrade to KastKing®'s best-selling Sharky spinning reel model, the KastKing® Sharky II received a new-design spool with waterproof carbon fiber drags that is stronger, 10% lighter, and casts 10% farther than its predecessor. KastKing Sharky II has a best-in-class carbon fiber drag system rated up to an exceptional 41.5 lbs. / 19 kg. of maximum drag, and the strength of its brass gears were increased by 30%. KastKing® Sharky II's handle cogs were re-engineered for a more exact fit. Reinforcement was added to the reel body for less torsional flex, yet it remains light weight for its size and features. The Sharky II 4000, which generates 28.5 lbs/ 13 kg of drag, weighs in at 11.1 ounces/ 317 grams while the Sharky II 6000 has 41.5 lbs. / 19 kg. of drag.

"KastKing took the best-selling Sharky spinning reel and made it more spectacular! The new KastKing® Sharky II reel is lighter, stronger, and is now dunk-proof. Sharky II has a patented design waterproofing seal system that repels a three-minute plunge and keeps on fishing," says Eposeidon marketing director, Tom Gahan. "Kayak anglers and saltwater surf fishing fans, whose fishing tackle tends to get soaked, will love the Sharky II spinning reel's features."

"For kayak fishing the probability of dunking your gear is higher than for most other types of fishing," says Team Eposeidon Angler Consultant Shane Coovert in Kingswood, TX who won the Corpus Christi KATS (Kayak Angler Tournament Series) last September. "With the KastKing® Sharkey II being dunk proof for up to three minutes, it gives you plenty of time to retrieve your fishing tackle setup should you lose it."

"The factory successfully tested the Sharky II for immersion up to 5 minutes, but we wish to remain conservative in our claims," added Gahan.

KastKing® Sharky II is saltwater approved and has a one-year warranty. It has an interchangeable right-handed or left-handed interchangeable handle and is available in 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 series sizes. The 6000 is fitted with a T-grip handle. KastKing® Sharky II Spinning Reel MSRPs are: 2000 - $65.98, 3000 - $69.98, 4000 - $71.98, 5000 - $78.98, and 6000 - $94.98. All models have been deeply discounted for the product launch and will continue to sell at discounted prices through http://www.amazon.com/kastking and other select online retailers.

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