Zevrix Announces Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Compatibility of Its Products

Zevrix Solutions announces that all its products are now compatible with the 2014 release of Adobe Creative Cloud. Zevrix products include popular solutions for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, such as Output Factory, LinkOptimizer and InPreflight. The Zevrix products allow users to automate printing, exporting and file delivery from InDesign; save disk space and production time through image optimization and automated file packaging; and eliminate errors with thorough preflighting.

Toronto (ON), Canada (September 29, 2014) -- Zevrix Solutions announced today the compatibility of all its products with the 2014 release of Adobe Creative Cloud. Zevrix products include several popular plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, which help professionals automate their everyday tasks, produce error-free documents, save disk space and cut production costs.

"Zevrix software its the best kept secret out there for the Graphic Design industry," says Darren Rath of eponymous design studio in Melbourne, Australia. "It rocks. Your updates continue to impress and improve at a scary rate. I thank you and my printers thank you, as every piece of artwork that flies out of here requires no intervention by the prepress departments."

The following products are now compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud 2014:

LinkOptimizer is a workflow automation solution for InDesign that reduces the size of InDesign links, performs essential image adjustments and converts file formats. LinkOptimizer lets users save disk space, cut down on processing time and decrease production costs. A similar application, ArtOptimizer, is available for Adobe Illustrator.

Output Factory automates printing and exporting from InDesign. It offers batch printing, layer versioning, single page export, preflighting, variable file names, output history and more. Output Factory supports printing as well as exporting to PDF, PostScript, EPS, Flash and other formats.

Output Factory Server automates InDesign output tasks by processing files from watched hot folders. The software offloads output to a central system leaving operator workstations free from the printing process.

InPreflight is an all-in-one solution to check InDesign documents and prepare them for final output. In addition to advanced preflighting, the software can automatically package multiple documents into one folder, helping users save disk space and production time.

Pricing and Availability
All Zevrix products run on Mac OS X 10.5-10.9 and work with Adobe CS3-CC 2014. The products can be purchased from the Zevrix website as well as from authorized resellers. Trial versions are also available for download. The update to CC 2014 compatible versions is free to licensed users.

About Zevrix Solutions
Located in Toronto, Canada, Zevrix Solutions provides productivity solutions for Adobe Creative Suite software, graphic file diagnostics, and Microsoft Office on Mac OS. Zevrix Solutions makes it easier for professionals to achieve more while doing less by automating their everyday tasks, producing error-free documents, saving disk space and cutting down on production costs.

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