New NanoMarkets Report Projects Smart Windows Market to Exceed $750 million by 2019

According to a new study by the industry analyst firm NanoMarkets - "Smart Windows Markets: 2014-2021" -- revenues from smart windows will reach $766 million by 2019 and then ramp up to $1.1 billion by 2021.

Glen Allen, Virginia (April 8, 2014) -- According to a new study by the industry analyst firm NanoMarkets - "Smart Windows Markets: 2014-2021" -- revenues from smart windows will reach $766 million by 2019 and then ramp up to $1.1 billion by 2021. In addition, the related - but more mature - market for smart automotive mirrors will reach $1.4 billion in 2019.

About the report:

NanoMarkets has been providing coverage of the smart windows market for six years and this report brings together the latest data from NanoMarkets' ongoing forecasts in this sector. The report provides eight-year market forecasts in volume (square meters) and value ($ million) terms for electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, SPD and PDLC windows, along with projections for the smart auto mirror sector.

In these forecasts, breakouts are provided for automotive (cars and trucks), public transport, aerospace, residential construction and commercial construction for each of the key smart windows technologies. We also assess the latest product market strategies of the key suppliers of smart windows. Some of the companies discussed in this report include: 3M, Asahi Glass, BASF, Chromogenics, DuPont, Eastman Chemical/Solutia, GE, Gentex, Guardian Industries, Hitachi, NSG, Pleotint, PPG, Research Frontiers, Sage, Saint-Gobain, Scienstry, Southwall, Solvay, Suntek, SWITCH Materials, Toray, US e-Chromics, and View.

Findings from the report:

The smart windows sector will be dominated by active technologies over the next decade despite their higher cost. This is because of the ability of smart windows technologies to provide instantaneous response to user needs as natural light conditions change. Although passive smart windows technologies will continue to expand throughout the forecasting period covered by the report, NanoMarkets expects that they will never be much more than a niche.

The report also claims that SPD and electrochromic smart windows will find a growing role in the automotive sector. Although primarily found in luxury cars today, NanoMarkets expects these high-tech windows to be much more widely used in the coming decade. They are no longer just a "cool" design feature but can lead to a significant lowering of fuel costs through the reduction in the use of air conditioning. Consequently, NanoMarkets believes that sales of smart windows to the car, truck and public transport sectors will leap from around $23 million today to $185 million by 2019.

Meanwhile, the sales of smart windows for use in buildings will also leap primarily because of regulations in Europe and the US requiring the buildings to be zero net energy compliant towards. NanoMarkets believes that smart windows will turn out to be a critical enabling technology for zero net energy buildings not just because of their ability to reduce cooling bills but also they can be hybridized with photovoltaics layers which will enable them to generate energy, not just conserve it. NanoMarkets believes that as a result smart windows for residential construction will reach $117 million by 2019 and sales to commercial construction were $460 million by 2019.

Electrochromic smart windows (including glass and film) will reach $622 million by 2019 making electrochromics the largest segment of the entire smart windows business. NanoMarkets believes this may have much to do with the fact that this sector can boast significant investment by influential firms such as Corning, GE and Saint-Gobain, and Seagate. Alternatives to the electrochromic materials platform do not have the same level of clout behind them.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in energy and electronics markets created by developments in advanced materials. The firm has published many reports on green building materials including smart coatings, building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and OLED lighting.

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Long Island Authors and Writers Society Holds Book Signing at Book Revue in Huntington

Member authors from Long Island Authors and Writers Society will sign books and greet fans on April 29 at Long Island's iconic bookstore, Book Revue.

Huntington, NY, USA (April 8, 2014) -- Six select members of the Long Island Authors and Writers Society (, including award-winning and bestselling authors, will be on hand April 29 at Long Island, New York's prestigious bookstore, Huntington's Book Revue.

Featured at this seminal event are authors: Mary Beth Czubay (Easy Out On Third) Yvonne Capitelli (Daria Rose and the Day She Chose, I get It! I get It! How John Figures it Out), Rich Harwood (Community of Excellence, The Red Warrior), Valerie Pfundstein (Veterans, Heroes in Our Neighborhood), Melissa Pandolf (The Journey for Mama's Babies), and Nicholas Skula (He Rejoices Over Me). Their books include children's books, novels, non-fiction, inspiration, self-help and other genres. For more information about these authors please visit

"It's a not to be missed book signing event," says LIAWS president, Tom Gahan. "April 29 will be an opportunity to meet a half-dozen Long Island authors at one time in a fun, book-filled atmosphere."

This book signing event, made through a special arrangement with Long Island Authors and Writers Society and Book Revue, takes place Tuesday, April 29 at 7 PM. The Book Revue is located at 313 New York Avenue, Huntington, New York 11743, 631-271-1442. Books by all of the authors will be available for purchase.

"Book Revue is happy to welcome the members of Long Island Authors and Writers Society and to host the book signing event on April 29," says Loren Aliperti, publicist for Book Revue. "We are always eager to support and encourage new and local authors."


The Long Island Authors and Writers Society ( is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to support and promote the craft of writing through supporting one another, mentoring its members, educational programs, in-school programs, book events and events related to writing, and community outreach to residents of Long Island interested in writing. LIAWS nurtures writers and authors at all levels of development in a mutually beneficial environment. LIAWS: provides a trusting atmosphere where authors and writers can come together to meet their individual needs and share information for the good of the whole, supplies strong motivational programs of interest to all writers, offers the opportunity for members to network on different levels according to their needs, provides an environment that promotes authors, and encourages writers to strive to publish their work. All members pledge to support one another and to be involved in supporting the activities of the organization.

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Eposeidon's Madbite Division Introduces New Knotted Vi-Blade Lures

Eposeidon once again adds innovation to an angler's fishing tackle arsenal with the Madbite™ M42 Knotted Vi-Blade Erratic Fluttering Action Metal Blade Bait.

Hempstead, NY, USA (April 8, 2014) -- "There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on" with Eposeidon's ( new Madbite Knotted Vi-Blade lure.

Madbite's revolutionary Madbite M42 Knotted Vi-Blade Erratic Fluttering Action Metal Blade Bait sinks fast with an erratic fluttering action and produces hard pulsating vibrations when pulled through the water. This metal blade bait features 2 "knots" on each side of the bait that cause even more water disturbance when in motion.

"The side-bulges push a lot of water and create intense pressure waves, vortices, and eddy currents that are picked up by the lateral lines of hunting fish. Combined with the vibrating action on retrieve, it's a perfect lure for many conditions. It is a great tool for finding and catching fish when fishing deeper water," says bass-pro Kyle Brewer.

Madbite's Knotted Vi-Blade bait has multiple location options for tying on the line. The closer the knot is tied to the head -- the greater the wobble. When tied on farther back, the wobble tightens.

The Knotted Vi-Blade comes in 2 sizes, 1 ¾ inch/ 45 mm weighing ¼ ounce/ 7 grams fitted with dual #8 VMC treble hooks, and 2 1/8 inch/ 55mm weighing in at ½ ounce/ 15 grams with #6 VMC trebles.

Both sizes of this dynamic vibe bait are available in 3 color patterns, Redhead, Sandstone Red, and Lava Rock Red. All have ultra-sharp, VMC red treble hooks and a dressed tail treble hook. Eposeidon's Madbite Division includes hard baits, soft baits, frog, and metal lures.


Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc. ( headquartered in Hempstead, NY, USA brings a fresh, innovative approach to anglers by offering great products at the best prices.

Eposeidon's goal is to exceed expectations through outstanding customer service and superior product value to their customers. They continually expand their product lines to meet the individual fishing equipment needs of anglers.

Eposeidon provides quality fishing products at affordable prices along with fast, reliable service. The company ships to all US states and territories, and to countries around the world.

For enthusiastic anglers looking for tackle with reliability, endurance and power - is the answer.

Madbite™ and KastKing™ are registered trademarks of Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc.

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The Journey for Mama's Babies, a Non-fiction Book by Melissa R. Pandolf Released Worldwide

Melissa Pandolf, author and mother of four adopted children takes readers through her personal journey of the complex adoption process. The Journey for Mama's babies is a story inspired by the process and unconditional love.

Patchogue, NY, USA (April 8, 2014) -- The Journey for Mama's Babies, enlightening, easy to read, and arrestingly honest, will captivate anyone who has ever navigated the intricacies of the adoption process or who cares about someone who has. Both inspiring and open-eyed, this tender, telling story of a family built across oceans, languages, and every imaginable obstacle will take hold of your heart, and make you hold your loved ones closer still. (

When Melissa Pandolf and her husband, Doug, began the adoption process, the hopeful mother-to-be had her sights set on quickly welcoming two beaming babies to make the Pandolf house a family home. However, after three years, four trips to Russia, one trip to Washington, DC, and two plane crashes that threatened to bring their dream down around them, she came to realize that a bigger destiny awaited them on the other side of the world. As the adoptive parents of four Russian siblings, the young Long Island couple learned the true meaning of family, and what it means to go the extra mile to give your children what they need.

Beginning with the first meeting with an adoption agency, The Journey for Mama's Babies chronicles the Pandolfs' three-year odyssey to bring their babies home. From her naïve initial assumptions about the process to her ultimate hard-won savvy and resolve, Pandolf shares every key aspect of the experience, including the unexpected depression that can be companion to this emotionally wrenching process. With clear-eyed candor, the author recounts the ups and downs, the unexpected twists, and the backward loops that frequently punctuated their mission.

"Finding the time to write about this amazing journey is an accomplishment in and of itself, but being able to produce a book that my children can read and re-read, and digest their journey at their own pace, of how they became "Mama's Babies", is by far the most proudest accomplishment of my life. I love my children fiercely and this book is just one way that I demonstrate my love for them," says the author.

Being able to share the great lengths adoptive parents will go to in order to build their family through adoption, and also give non-adoptive families another angle to view adoption from, has been a blessing in disguise. I find that my readers are thankful for opening their eyes to a world that is full of assumptions."

"Melissa has captured the complexity and the passion of the adoption process in this story. Her honest and ability to share even the most difficult aspects of the adoption process will help other families get through!" says Charlotte Torti MSW, LMSW, Senior Social Worker, Wide Horizons For Children.

The Journey for Mama's Babies, by Melissa R. Pandolf, 194 pages in paperback, ISBN-10: 0615865429, ISBN-13: 978-0615865423, is published by Harpan Publishing (November 26, 2013). It is available through major on-line booksellers and select book stores.

About the Author:
Melissa R. Pandolf is the adoptive mom to four biological Russian siblings, two of whom have special needs. She recently celebrated her twentieth year serving in the United States military, and is currently serving in the Air National Guard. She has an AAS degree in financial management, as well as an associate degree in allied health services, from the Community College of the Air Force. She was born and raised in Huntington, New York and graduated from Walt Whitman High School in 1992. Melissa is a lifetime member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1469 in Huntington, New York. She lives in Patchogue, Long Island, with her husband, four children, and the family dog. Her life, as crazy and hectic as it is, is perfect, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Media Contact:
Melissa Pandolf
(516) 641-0768

T5 Data Centers™ Leases Third Stand-Alone Data Center Within T5@Dallas Wholesale Data Center Campus

Booming North Texas Data Center Demand Leads to Construction of Additional Capacity.

Dallas, TX, USA (April 8, 2014) -- T5 Data Centers™, innovators in providing state-of-the-art, customizable and highly reliable computing support environments for any enterprise, today announced that three of the four independent data centers housed in its T5@Dallas facility have already been leased, indicating the high demand for reliable, robust data centers in the Dallas market. To meet data center demand, T5 has commenced interior build-out of the 70,000 square-foot Texas4 facility within the T5@Dallas wholesale data center campus. Demand also will drive further expansion with future phases.

What makes the T5@Dallas campus unique is its "data center-in-a-data center" design. The T5@Dallas facility currently houses four independent data centers named Texas1, Texas2, Texas3, and Texas4, with plans for additional expansion. There is no shared infrastructure between the four data centers, so T5 clients have complete control of their data environment, including redundant, dedicated primary utility feeds, and dedicated electrical and mechanical plants for each data center.

Texas4 is housed inside the T5@Dallas wholesale data center facility, a purpose-built, 315,000 square-foot building on a 20-acre site located in Legacy Business Park in Plano, Texas. Texas4 is the remaining data center, available soon with 40,000 square feet of raised floor space and 4.5 MW of critical power available, expandable to 6.0 MW. The entire T5@Dallas facility is LEED-Silver Certified and built to withstand winds up to 221 miles per hour. It has dual primary power feeds connected to two separate substations, and is concurrently maintainable (mechanically and electrically) and fault tolerant (electrically).

"Today's high density data center users are searching for robust and secure environments within purpose built facilities. Our T5@Dallas data center is a "battleship" of a facility and given our Plano Legacy location, we believe we have the best data center facility in the best location for business in Texas", said Martin Peck, General Manager of T5@Dallas.

T5@Dallas is one of seven T5 Data Center locations situated at strategic locations across the United States. Each data center is purpose-built and customers have total control of their dedicated data hall. The T5 Critical Facility Operations Team provides support from design and construction through commissioning, and beyond. The objective is to give the customer absolute control over Total Cost of Occupancy.

About T5 Data Centers
T5 Data Centers (T5) is a leading national data center owner and operator, committed to delivering customizable, scalable data centers that provide an "always on" computing environment to power mission critical business applications. T5 Data Centers provides enterprise and wholesale colocation data center services to organizations across North America using proven, best-in-class technology and techniques to design and develop facilities that deliver the lowest possible total cost of operations for its clients. T5 currently has business-critical data center facilities in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Charlotte with new projects announced in Portland, New York, and Colorado. All of T5's data center projects are purpose-built facilities featuring robust design, redundant and reliable power and telecommunications and have 24-hour staff to support mission-critical computing applications.

For more information, visit

Aaron Wangenheim
T5 Data Centers
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