HawksHead Systems Inc offers Horse Trailer TPMS Tire Monitoring System

Vancouver, Canada - April 13, 2011 -- HawksHead Systems Inc offers (TPMS) Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems to help Horse Trailer owners protect their valuable cargo.


Many horse trailers from single horse to multi horse units have been involved in accidents due to trailer tire problems, ranging from slow deflation to complete blow outs. Trailer owners should always do a visual check of their tires before every trip, however once moving along the highway the driver has no idea of the current pressures and temperatures of trailer tires and quite often is not aware when one deflates.

By installing a wireless TPMS system on their vehicle the driver can monitor all of their tire pressures and temperatures real time from the drivers seat. Should any tire change from the parameters the driver has entered into the system, a visible and audible alarm along with the problem tires location notifies the driver to pull over as quickly as possible to investigate further.

These TPMS systems are also capable of monitoring the tow vehicle as well and can offer a big advantage to owners of vehicles with dual wheels which are quite often difficult to access.

Saving money is also a big feature of these systems, as we all know the ever increasing prices of fuel and the cost of tires can be vastly reduced by maintaining your truck and trailer tires at the correct operating pressure.

Having a TPMS system when driving at night can be a big advantage as trailer wheels cannot be seen with driving mirrors.

These new systems use sensors with replaceable batteries and are quickly installed on trailers and tow vehicles simply by screwing the sensors on the tire valve.

For more information on Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems to suit horse trailers visit the HawksHead Site at http://www.TireMonitoringSystem.com

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