MadBite™ Fishing Lures From Eposeidon Adds Dynamic Floating Topwater Jerk Bait With Glowing Eyes

A new topwater model fishing lure available in seven colors has been introduced to the lineup of MadBite™ Lures.

Hempstead, NY, USA (May 7, 2014)Eposeidon's Madbite Fishing Lure Division has added a jerk bait lure that is guaranteed to be a hit with anglers. MadBite's ™ WMD140 "HD" Floating Topwater Jerk Bait is a sleek design with a weight-transfer system that allows extra-long casting distance. The WMD's loud internal rattle and side-to-side swimming action accurately mimics a dying or injured baitfish, which draws strikes from predatory fish.

The MadBite's ™ WMD140 "HD" is a floating minnow type 5.5 inch/ 140 mm swimmer weighing in at just under a half-ounce (4/5 ounce/ 24 grams). It floats and dives to a maximum depth of 5-7 feet on the retrieve. Anglers will find this bait useful for catching hard to fool suspended fish.

The WMD has colorful glowing eyes and is available in 7 vibrant colors, Blueback Dot, Green Lion, Shocker, Airbrush, Redhead, Red Tiger, Gold Dot. All are equipped with 2 extra sharp #2 VMC hooks.

The MadBite's ™ WMD140 "HD" retails for $5.98. offers free shipping on orders over $10.00.


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