The New P90X Program Promises Results In Just 90 Days

Los Angeles, CA - April 10, 2010 -- P90X is an at-home workout program that is designed to completely revolutionize your body in just 90 days. The program focuses on burning excess fat, as well as building lean muscle that will completely reshape the body. P90X requires little equipment to get these results, but it takes quite a bit of commitment to take the 90 day challenge and actually complete the entire program.

The brainchild behind P90X is trainer Tony Horton, who created this program as a guaranteed way to get results in the shortest amount of time. P90X is a complete workout program made up of 12 intense workout routines detailed over the course of 12 DVD’s. P90X is designed as a complete, proportional, full-body exercise program that builds muscle fast and decreases body fat.

The real key to the success of P90X is both the intensity of the program as well as what is known as “muscle confusion”. This is basically a process of switching up the exercises to avoid exercise plateaus as well as boredom from doing the same exercises over and over again. This type of exercising is a great way to stay motivated as you continually see your body change for the better. If for some reason, you do not receive the results that you were expecting, the company even offers a full 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

Along with the complete 90 day workout schedule, the program also includes a comprehensive P90X nutrition plan to accompany the workouts. Nutrition is equally important to exercise when it comes to changing your body shape. This nutrition plan is designed to adapt to the program as you progress through your workouts. The complete nutrition guide has three distinct phases that will show you exactly what to eat to receive maximum results. For more information on the P90X nutrition plan, please visit

Many customers have reported that the P90X program is intense and difficult, especially in the beginning. This program takes a high level of commitment and is not meant for the casual exerciser. 90 days is really a short amount of time to get the body of your dreams, but it will take much commitment, lots of sweat and maybe even a few tears to make it to the end. Customers who completed it say that this was the best decision that they ever made because P90X completely changed their life for the better.

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