Nulights Announces Five Things That Should Not Be Forgotten for Parties

NuLights sharing some of the top party tips for 2016 with their release of a new DMX stage lighting product on Amazon.

Queenstown, New Zealand (February 4, 2016) -- While many of us are still recovering from the New Year break, you might be thinking that your family get-togethers, parties and New Year's celebrations were not all they were cracked up to be. Although being around family and friends should inspire celebration - maybe this year seemed dull. If so, don't fret, as the team over at NuLights have some party tips for 2016, along with the release of their new LED Disco Ball.

1) Get on your guest's calendar early and send out reminders - As much as we'd love to think we are flexible, the truth is that most people are busy and overwhelmed by their calendar. The best way to handle the busy friends and relatives is to schedule the party early and remind people often about the event.

2) Keep your powder dry - Although it's important to invite people by telling them about how amazing your next party is going to be, you'll want to refrain from bursting out with all the details all at once. To keep interest high, you'll want to drip out information and keep a few extra surprises for much closer to the event.

3) Match the drinks with your food - This may seem straightforward (it is!), but it is still overlooked by most hosts. Do some research and learn the correct combination of wine and drinks for the food you plan to serve. Your guests will enjoy their meals more and at the very least you'll be impressive with your new found knowledge.

4) Be the one to introduce - When you invite people that haven't met before, be sure to be the one to help break the ice. This takes the responsibility off your guests and allows you to create a more social and welcoming environment.

5) Add excitement with lighting - You've got the right food, drinks and music. Now the one thing missing that will really spark up the excitement is some appropriate lighting. This will help set the mood, and if done correctly, will make your parties the envy of all your friends. If it's a party setting, then take a look at the new 5 color, LED Disco Ball by NuLights available from Amazon, on sale for $28.97, down from $59.99 here.

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George Gray

Prescription for Dull Presentations Available in Newly Launched Book

Expert presenter, Jason Kabera, is equipping professionals to boost the quality of their presentations through his new book, The Presentation Doctor. A 2014 Prezi survey revealed that 70% of Americans agree that presentation skills are critical for career success. Still, 75% of the respondents indicated that their presentations skills could be improved. The Presentation Doctor is a dynamic resource that teaches people how to advance their career by making brilliant presentations. According to the author, there are 7 common mistakes that presenters make.

Nairobi, Kenya (February 04, 2016) -- Professionals who want to inject some life in their lacklustre presentations, now have a new resource to help them following the launch of the new book, The Presentation Doctor.

Written by Jason Kabera, The Presentation Doctor is a dynamic resource that teaches people how to advance their career by making brilliant presentations. According to the author, there are 7 common mistakes that presenters make. But he takes a unique approach to addressing these problems by attributing psuedo-medical terms to them.

A brief description of the symptoms provided for problems such as Slides Dependency Syndrome (SDS), Presentation Connectile Dysfunction (PCD) and Bloated Data Disease (BDD). The causes of these 'ailments' are also discussed and prescriptions are provided to effectively treat them.

When asked about the inspiration behind the book, Jason, said: "I make hundreds of presentation every year, and sit through many more. I have seen presenter after presenter fall into these traps. I started teaching a course on "Presentation Skills" to help with this problem."

"I searched for a resource that would help. There are many great books out there on presentation skills. But they tend to have a narrow focus. Some focus solely on the mechanics of presentations (how to use presentation software, public speaking etc). Others focus on the science of communication, such as how to be persuasive, psychology and so on."

The Presentation Doctor is a short and engaging read that attempts to build a bridge by combining the soft skills of communication -persuasion, and the hard skills -design, software and delivery.

One reader said: "Very well put together book about presenting professionally. I loved the tips on PowerPoint especially since that is what I use the most. A lot of the advice goes against what I had learned like using bullet points for example. I was taught to use them, and this book teaches to avoid them -using spacing instead. It looks so much better without bullet points. Solid advice- most of which I have put into place on my next talk. Very excited. My presentation as a whole has gone way up after the advice in this book. Highly recommended."

The Presentation Doctor is available in Kindle format at a retail price of $2.99. For further details, click here.

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Jason Kabera

Cross-Post LLC Partners with NewsCheckMedia LLC

Company will power for the publishing, digital and broadcast media news sites.

Petaluma, CA, USA (February 4, 2016) -- Cross-Post LLC, the leader in niche recruitment network advertising and job center platforms for the newspaper and publishing industry, announced today a new partnership with NewsCheckMedia LLC, which publishes and The company will power the job board that will focus on career opportunities for the industry.

"We are very pleased to have been selected as the platform provider for this excellent news site. and are incredible resources for news and information in the publishing and broadcast media industries. will be the "go to" career opportunity resource for people looking for a new job with media companies." Noted Carl Braun, CEO of Cross-Post LLC.

Kathy Haley, Publisher of NewsCheckMedia agrees. "One of the biggest challenges our audiences face is placing the right talent into a changing mix of jobs in senior management, revenue generation, content creation and technology. will deliver the same quality leads and prospects as TVNewsCheck and NetNewsCheck classifieds have always done, but on an advanced, unified platform designed to streamline the process of posting jobs and simplify the task of looking for a new job. will feature career news and information and products that enable employers to recruit and consider women, minorities, veterans and IT professionals. The job board is free to candidates and offers posting and advertising opportunities for employers at very reasonable rates.

"Targeted recruitment is the key to success in today's market," Braun said. "Niche recruitment websites like provide valuable tools for employers and candidates alike to excel."

The Cross-Post Technology utilizes the "tracklet" tool that enables the candidates to search for jobs and fill out applications quickly and completely. It is mobile enabled and can operate fully on any size screen or mobile/desktop device.

About Cross-Post LLC
For over eleven years, Cross-Post LLC has been the industry leader in niche recruitment network upsells for newspapers and publishers serving over 200 clients like the Washington Post, Seattle Times, The Oklahoman and the Houston Chronicle Its technology recruitment classifieds platform utilizes award winning technology and niche networks in fourteen different categories like Diversity, Healthcare, Trucking and Social Media employ the largest job board providers in each category.

Carl Braun, CEO
Cross-Post LLC

About NewsCheckMedia LLC
NewsCheckMedia publishes, the leading source of business news for the broadcast television industry, and, a leading source of business news for media executives, managers and professionals competing on the front lines of digital disruption.

Kathy Haley, Publisher
NewsCheckMedia LLC

Creative BioMart Launched Thousands of Assay Kits

Creative BioMart, launched a full list of assay kits to the life science community, aiming to provide its customers with the most comprehensive list of products at reasonable prices.

Shirley, NY, USA (February 4, 2016) -- Creative BioMart, a world leader in the manufacturing of research-use protein products and custom protein services, launched a full list of assay kits to the life science community, aiming to provide its customers with the most comprehensive list of products at reasonable prices.

An assay is an investigative procedure in laboratory medicine, pharmacology, environmental biology, as well as molecular biology for qualitatively assessing the presence or amount of a target entity. Assay kits, used in life science research, drug discovery & development, and environmental monitoring, have a wide range of applications such as studying disease pathways, screening for potential drug candidates and evaluating biopharmaceutical production processes.

According to the official speaker in Creative BioMart, this new release of assay kits including over 1600 products such as U2OS C3AR1 Bioassay Kit, eXpress C5AR1 Activated GPCR Internalization Assay, CHO-K1 CCR4 Bioassay Kit, etc.

"By supplying the assay kits to biologists, we hope to further support the scientific research." commented Linna Green, chief marketing staff in Creative BioMart. "Moreover, this release is just a beginning, we will launch more novel assay kits product in the near future. Customers can get the detailed information on our official website. Hope this launch can help promote our customers' research and save time for them."

For more detailed information about Creative BioMart's newly released assay kits, please visit or contact 1-631-559-9269.

About Creative BioMart
Creative BioMart provides quality recombinant proteins, diagnostic antibodies and antigens, diagnostic enzymes and pharmaceutical enzymes to the research community of biology, clinical research, molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceutical drug development. We are offering more than 1,000 recombinant proteins, peptides and antibodies. All the products are rigorously tested to meet the most demanding research needs. At the same time, lowest prices in the industry are always guaranteed.

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Address: 45-16 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA
Tel: 1-631-559-9269