On-Air Personality Ray Shasho Releases Memoir, Count the Gs, in eBook Format

Check the Gs distributed to over 3,500 internet sites.

Bradenton, FL, USA - July 29, 2011 -- Author Ray Shasho’s memoir, Check the Gs, the true story of an eclectic American family and their wacky family business is now available in eBooks.

At an age when most kids are just getting rid of the training wheels on their bicycle, Ray Shasho entered into a crazy world of secret lingo and bullying sales tactics at the Chin Lung Art Gallery, his father’s retail store on the corner of Thirteenth and F Street in Washington, DC. Check the Gs is the true story of how this bizarre family business changed his world forever.

Raised by a Cuban Catholic mother and Syrian Jewish father, Shasho made his first sale at the age of six and never looked back. Life in the family business, and in the Shasho family, was never boring. From FBI interrogations to angry mobs, each new day at the Chin Lung Art Gallery brought with it new adventures.

Check the Gs tells a story for everyone who is proud of their family and heritage but not afraid to laugh at its many eccentricities, and for anyone who has ever worked in retail and experienced its humorous situations and misadventures.

Someone always wanted to rain on my parade because their life sucked.” says author Ray Shasho. “I attended the school of hard knocks and learned to check the Gs,” After deejaying at several popular radio stations Ray Shasho worked for four of the largest financial institutions in the world during a thirteen-year banking career. The avid writer currently lives in Bradenton, Florida, and pens a classic rock music column for Examiner.com. Ray especially enjoys in-depth interviews with notable rock celebrities. His articles are featured on recording artist’s websites worldwide. His website is http://www.rayshasho.com.

I found Check the Gs to be pure entertainment, fantastic fun and a catalyst to igniting so many memories of my own life, as I too am within a few years of Ray. So to all, I say if you have a bit of grey hair (or no hair), buy this book! It’s a great gift for your “over-the-hill” friends, or for their kids, if they are the history buffs of younger generations trying to figure out why we are the way we are.”-- Pacific Book Review

Normalcy is a myth and anyone who tells you differently isn't very normal. Check the Gs is a memoir from Ray Shasho who tells of his own offbeat upbringing working in the family business art gallery, from a young age. Of Cuban and Syrian descent, he tells a very American story of coming from everything, seeing everything, walking the line of the law and much more. A fun and fast paced memoir, Check the Gs is a worthwhile addition to many a memoir collection.”--Midwest Book Review

Check the Gs in eBook format, ISBN 978-1-4502-9859-9, was published on July 14, 2011 by First Edition Design eBook Publishing http://www.firsteditiondesignebooks.com based in Sarasota, Florida USA. It is available at Amazon’s Kindle store, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Book Nook, Kobo, Sony, Diesel and Google’s eBookstore, which supports numerous eReader devices. In addition to those outlets, Check the G’s was distributed in eBook format worldwide to over 3,500 other sources including libraries, schools and online booksellers.

Printed editions of the 288 page book, published by iUniverse.com on March 17, 2011, are available at (paperback ISBN 978-1-4502-9860-5, hardcover ISBN 978-14502-9858-2) Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, borders.com, iuniverse.com and ebooks.com.

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AAA back research showing wealthy investors prefer emerging markets

Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA) has welcomed new research suggesting that wealth managers are increasingly willing to invest their client’s fortunes in alternative assets and emerging markets. AAA says that this mirrors their own findings into the investing patterns of wealth managers.

Boston, MA, USA, July 29, 2011 -- Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA) has welcomed new research suggesting that wealth managers are increasingly willing to invest their client’s fortunes in alternative assets and emerging markets and says that this closely matches AAA's own findings.

The research, by consultancy Scorpio Partnership, found that 84 per cent of the investment professionals that they questioned said they expect investment in the Asia Pacific region to pay off in the coming 12 months. A third said they hoped to increase investment in Latin America in the coming year, and the same percentage consider the Middle East and North Africa to be good bets for wealthy investors.

AAA is an alternative investment advocacy organization and its analyst partner, Anthony Johnson, has over ten years experience as a fund manager in the UK and the US. He stated, “These latest results show that assets and regions that were once deemed risky as increasingly being seen as good prospects for wealthy investors who want to diversify the risk in their portfolios.”

Some 31 per cent of those questioned in the survey said that they intend to invest in more alternative assets, such as hedge funds. The survey covered an impressive 22 international wealth management firms, responsible for managing around 33 per cent of all private client assets through wealth management firms globally.

Catherine Tillotson, the managing partner at Scorpio Partnership, explained that increasing volatility in the cash and equities markets is driving people towards alternatives. She said that in light of these fears: “It is … not surprising that we are seeing an increasing allocation to alternative investments, particularly hedge funds, as inflationary concerns hit the bond and cash markets.”

AAA encourages investment in emerging economies and alternative assets, such as the sustainable forestry project being run in Brazil by firms like Greenwood Management. “This type of funds is perfect for both high-net-work individuals and people who only want to invest EUR 10,000 or so,” explained Mr Johnson.

He added, “Alternative assets investment projects in emerging markets are a lucrative and often ethical choice these days. AAA is particularly keen to encourage impact investing as a profitable and socially-conscious option for wealthy investors who want to give something back."

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320