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The global B2B network website BusinessVibes will give you some ideas, tips, and tricks for your own marketing video.

London, UK, June 19, 2012 -- Are you looking for an innovative way to present the face of your business to the world? Or do you want to catch the eye of visitors to your homepage? Want to harness the publicity power of viral videos? The use of video as a medium as a medium can give a huge boost to your publicity scheme. Creating them can be super easy; there’s no need to be intimidated by the process. An effective marketing video can be created by people of any skill level. The global B2B network website BusinessVibes will give you some ideas, tips, and tricks for your own marketing video.

Video Type 1: “This is who we are”: This kind of video would be located on your landing page, your “About Us” page, or linked from your main menu. This sort of video requires a production quality that is somewhat higher than others; you're going to want people to come away from watching this video with the impression that your company is serious and means business. Grainy iPhone video simply won't do. You could hire a videographer (the most effective option), or, with the correct equipment, you could make it yourself. It would require a high-quality camera (preferably HD), editing software like iMovie, Premiere, or Final Cut Pro, and most importantly, a good script. A “this is who we are” video should initially tell viewers exactly what it is you do, it shouldn't be too abstract or creative. You should present the face of your company that you want to show to the public. Include shots of one of your representatives helping a client, a friendly work environment/employee, or your services. Testimonials from previous customers are also rather effective, especially if you are in the service industry.

Video Type 2: “Attention grabber”: If you want to really grasp the attention of visitors to your page, this is the type of video you want. Special attention must be paid to make sure that these videos don't resemble grating banner ads that serve only to annoy visitors to a website. What they should do is provide the viewer with a short and succinct message. This could be the most appealing information about your company’s services and products. If you have a sale or special deal, or a product that is superior to competitors, then this is the place to show it. It’s also an opportunity to use a fictional vignette- something short that will entertain and catch the eye of your potential clients. Video graphics are also ideal for this type of video. Something simple, brief, and colourful will grab the attention of people on your site. These videos could just start automatically on your homepage (though this might be annoying to visitors, be cautious), or for wider exposure, you can put them on YouTube as well. It’s always a good idea to upload to YouTube, because extra publicity never hurts. Just be sure to include HTML links! This could get a lot of new traffic to your website.

Video Type 3: Viral Videos: This type of promotional videos requires the most creativity of all. A viral video is a video designed to be shared on social media across the internet. They usually depict something original and humorous, or an unusual spectacle. The primary strategy is to produce something entertaining enough to get people to share it with their friends on social media. There is a wide range of ways to do this. It could be through hiring actors and making something fictional and humorous. This is a risky route; production costs would be high, and it would be harder to garner initial exposure. Another strategy is through staging a flash mob. These are groups of people that assemble suddenly in a public area, and perform a synchronized action that draws attention from onlookers. Not only would you have your own cameraperson there to capture the spectacle, but onlookers tend to take video of the flash mob on their phone, and upload it to YouTube and other video sharing sites. A few flash mobs have even achieved exposure on television news. For an example, click here to watch a publicity flash mob organized by TMobile in London.

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