Rifle Barrel System From Force Production Revolutionizes Industry

The Honeycomb Lightening System Reduces Weight and Improves Performance For 10-22 Firearms.

Liberty Hill, TX, January 23, 2012 -- Force Production Inc. announced today the introduction a their new custom barrel line for 10-22 rifle barrels. The Honeycombed Lightening System removes weight from the barrel and improves performance.

Starting with a German Made Lothar Walther barrel, Force Production utilizes sophisticated CNC milling machines to carefully remove material without jeopardizing the strength and integrity of the barrel. A hexagonal honeycomb pattern is cut into the barrel removing as much as a pound or more of material providing for a strong and attractive barrel system.

"The barrel of a rifle is often the heaviest component and the weight wears the shooter down in the field. We have engineered a system that reduces weight, eliminates shooter fatigue and improves overall performance." noted Force Production CEO Charles Watson. "The fact that it also looks very cool adds to the appeal." he added.

The barrel system is currently available in several different patterns and can come in black oxide bluing as well. They are chambered for the 10-22 rifle.

Force Production specializes in custom products that make existing rifles perform better. Their Remington 700 sniper chassis platform is much sought after by experienced shooters. Both the Honeycomb Lightening System and the Demon Force Sniper Platform are available on the company's website at http://www.ForceProduction.com.

Media Contact:
Rena Rawlings
Force Production, Inc.
208 Hillcrest Lane
Liberty Hill, Texas 78642