Author Deborah Franklin Book "Adjectives" is Changing Lives

Author Deborah Franklin wrote her first book "Adjectives," in efforts to truly help other women pay attention to what they call themselves and answer to. Franklin's book has created a circle of release for women worldwide no matter religion, race, or preference the book meets the needs of the heart.

Baltimore, MD, USA -- "Adjectives" is a book designed to help one heal from the inside out. Explaining how to regain or develop these principals in their life: The books helps its readers to take a practical look at complex situation and using everyday solutions to get to the desired outcome.This book can be used by an individual or a group. It was intended for women of all ages, but men can benefit as well.

Franklin's book "Adjectives," has a way of helping its reader look in the mirror and accept who they are as a person. "The moment of truth and trust comes when you can start loving you from the inside out," said Deborah Franklin.

Deborah Franklin is now looking at new ventures as a cast member of The Tea a talk show reviewing books written by African American authors. The cast members will be discussing pop culture, politics and how to better the lives of women. Executive producer of the show Max Rodriquez is also the producer of "The Harlem Book Festival" and annual event held in NYC.

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FED Publishing Releases New Book, "The Sword of Ardil: The War of the Furies Book Two" by Matt Thomas

The Sword of Ardil: The War of the Furies Book Two, by Matt Thomas, is a gripping epic of a world in turmoil and the reluctant hero who can save it.

San Francisco, CA, USA -- Matt Thomas's The Sword of Ardil: The War of the Furies Book 2 continues the saga of Luc Viamar-Ellandor, a hero who hides what he is and what he may yet become.

With the Furies rising and the Earthbound in full possession of the Ancaidan capital, the nation of Penthar and all of existence is at risk. Luc must weigh the price of revealing the nature of his existence in order to recover the Sword of Ardil and defeat his father's most heinous foe. To do so he will have to rally the nation and convince the world it need not fear him.

Knowledge that to the far east in the Mountains of Memory a rising darkness is stirring leaves Luc with little choice. He must announce his ancestry and hidden identity in the hopes he will be able to muster the armies of Penthar and unite the west against the gathering menace. With his memories clouded and images of a ruined city and conflict predating the rise of men pursuing him, Luc must learn to control newfound abilities knowing even a victory to the south might not see them survive the rise of the Unmaker.

Author Matt Thomas was born in 1976 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a degree in English. He is an avid reader and writer and is actively involved in the completion of the War of the Furies. He currently resides in Northern California. Out in print by Thomas in 2015 - The Tides of Infinity: The War of the Furies Book One.

Genre - Fantasy, War of the Furies, Adventure, Romance, Magic, Sorcery, Mythology, Fiction

The ebook version of The Sword of Ardil: The War of the Furies Book 2 ISBN 9781506901589, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 410 page print book version, ISBN 9781506901572, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

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