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Lancashire, UK, May 11, 2011 -- When it comes time to redecorate a room, many people are overwhelmed by the endless choices they face. One option for changing the style of a room is to use wall decals. Wall decals are graphics that are printed on self adhesive paper and because of this are more frequently being referred to as wall stickers. They work great if you want to give a room a new look, but don't want to spend days remodelling your room.

Wall Graphics

There are many high quality designs to choose from on our website, with the most popular design categories being alphabet stickers, animal stickers, baby stickers, boys stickers, butterfly stickers, children’s stickers, dinosaur stickers, fairy stickers, space stickers, football stickers, girls stickers, nursery stickers, princess stickers, safari stickers, and flower wall stickers.

Wall decals are a great choice for many reasons. Since they are printed on self-adhesive paper, all you need to do to install the sticker is to peel the graphic off of the backing and place it onto your surface of choice - it really is that simple.

Our stickers work best on clean, dry interior walls, but will also adhere to wood and glass surfaces. At the most, you may need a pencil and a tape measure to make sure the sticker is positioned the way you want and level. Our stickers’ adhesive is usually removable; therefore, it will not leave any residue behind if you decide to change the placement of the graphic.

Wall stickers are a fantastic choice for when decorating for the simple reason they can be designed specifically for the individual in mind. This makes every graphic unique to its owner, and is a perfect way to add character to any room, and with piece of mind that all our decals are waterproof and scratch resistant and can be cleaned very easily with a damp cloth.

Bringing you modern wall graphics at competitive prices which are guaranteed to satisfy every customer.

Our team only chooses only the best products available, products that give you the ‘wow’ factor. Our vinyl designs give the appearance that they have been painted (much like stencilling). Cols Decals UK wall decals are plotted for its outline, thus they neither have a border nor a background colour. Cols Decals UK adhesive wall decals hold on almost all smooth surfaces for example plastered painted walls, doors, glass, furniture and tiles.

They are also suitable for your bathroom and last over 5 years positioned outdoors in all types of weather. For long-lasting delight from your wall decals, we recommend that the surface onto which you want to attach your decal has the following criteria:

Free of dust and grease
Free of silicone and oil-based paints (eg. latex paint)
There is no latex residue.

Also, if the surface has been freshly painted we recommend that you wait at least four weeks for the paint to cure completely before you position your decal!

Otherwise simply receive your wall sticker and apply within minutes. Easy to follow instructions are supplied with all purchases and all our items are shipped in a postal tube for safe handling, and smaller items will be shipped in a card backed envelope. We aim to ship within 3 working days from cleared payment.

So why not order your decals, stickers and wall art from our website. All payments are made through our secure, verified payment gateway.

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