New Diet Book describes Why Carbohydrates make us Fat

New York, NY, USA - August 09, 2011 -- All carbohydrates, complex or simple are converted to blood sugar. The greater the amount consumed, the higher blood sugar will be raised. Refined carbohydrates like sugar or white bread are converted and absorbed more quickly. Complex carbohydrates like grains are converted more slowly but still end up elevating blood sugar to high levels.

Refined carbohydrate products and grains are very low in moisture content and therefore are a concentrated source. “It really doesn't take much concentrated carbohydrate to elevate blood sugar high enough to trigger an insulin release (a much smaller amount than most people imagine),” explains Tom Griesel, co-author of the new book, Turbocharged (BSH, 2011).

When sugar is consumed along with fat, which is a common refined food combo, it becomes a slow release situation in which insulin remains elevated over an extended period of time, which stresses cell receptors and eventually leads to insulin resistance over time. “It should be noted that sugar/fat combinations are not found in any natural food source and our bodies are not adapted to handle them,” says Tom.

For hundreds of thousands of years during our evolution, humans did not have any source of concentrated carbohydrates (except perhaps the rare honey find) until the advent of agriculture and grain cultivation. “Our bodies have not adapted to this change so it doesn't take much to overload our system with too much blood sugar. Grains and grain products also are very low in nutrients compared to fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds, eggs or animal protein so other than supplying calories, they are not an optimal food choice” adds Griesel. Read more on the TurboCharged blog.

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