Training for Releases New e-Book that Reveals the Secrets to Fast Tracking Your Business

Most people fail in business because they lack general business management skills. The e-Book, How to Jumpstart Your Business, helps business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to bridge their entrepreneurial skills gap.

Sarasota, Florida, USA - December 10, 2011 -- Training for (TFE), the online business skills training and business mentoring website, unveils today a new e-Book that Reveals the Secrets to Fast Tracking Your Business. The e-book entitled, How to Jumpstart Your Business, is a resource book that teaches entrepreneurs the lessons learned by many of their predecessors. It should become the entrepreneur’s business desk reference book. Jumpstart draws on the practical working experiences of many successful business leaders, and is truly a collaboration of knowledge and the wisdom of the contributing authors.

How to Jumpstart Your Business is intended for the entrepreneur who is launching a new business, for the entrepreneur who is purchasing a business, the entrepreneur who needs to revamp an existing business, or who simply wants to learn the basic lessons that lead to success. Every entrepreneur has questions. The right answers can provide the guidance you need to take the leap of faith to launch, purchase, or revitalize a business while minimizing risk.

Whether it’s starting a new venture or simply maintaining the same level of energy and enthusiasm you had the day you founded the company, owning and managing a business can be an arduous task. How to Jumpstart Your Business was written to help business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, fast track their companies. Every business is unique. Every business has its own story. But there are universal principles, challenges, and roadblocks that affect virtually every business. And, there are certain “best practices” that produce positive results. ” says author Terry H. Hill.

The information in How to Jumpstart Your Business is organized into nine chapters that cover basic topics of primary concern of any business owner. Each chapter starts with a case study that explores a common business problem experienced by entrepreneurs. The case study is followed by several frequently-asked questions and answers on the relevant topic. Finally, the questions and answers are followed by the resolution of the problem outlined in the case study at the beginning of the chapter.

This format makes the book a very effective resource. It makes for quick reading and is an excellent business tool. If you're having issues with planning-whether it’s drafting a business plan, an action plan or a marketing plan-you can go right to the planning section, and scan down through the material until you find the needed information. If you want to understand more about reading financial statements, you can review the chapter on “Finance and Accounting,” If you're looking for marketing strategies and tactics, you can jump right to the chapter entitled, “Marketing Your Business.”

How to Jumpstart Your Business is available PDF, ePub, mobi formats… The e-Book can be ordered and immediately downloaded at

About Author

Terry H. Hill is the Co-Founder and Chief Business Mentor of Training for As a seasoned mentor/consultant, Terry provides in-depth instruction and expert guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. He is also the author of soon to be released e-book, How to Boost Your Productivity to New Heights, a practical guide that defines the strategies to do more, more effectively, and with greater confidence. In addition, Terry regularly writes about a variety of business topics and his writings appear in the Training for weekly Business Insights and Tech for Business Blogs as well as numerous other business publications.

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