BusinessVibes determines Key Stages in Managing a Project or Event

London, UK, February 05, 2012 -- No matter what kind of event you organize, whether it is industry event or charity one, there are some usual things you need to remember to make it successful. Find below some useful guidelines you might follow.

First of all: identify your resources. You need to know how many people you will have to help you organize the whole event and how much many can you spend on it. Another important resource is time you have to deal with everything. Allocate the resources in the way to complete preparation on time and on budget. Check for any additional resources available for you, they may help you act faster and more efficient.

Define exactly what should be done in order to achieve your objective. It will help you organize your job and make sure you don't leave anything and have enough time for all the things you need to do.

Take a look on the list and prioritize your tasks. Define the ones that are dependent on others. Find the most important one and start with them, clarify implications between tasks and put them in correct order.

While choosing location of your event make sure it is accessible to your target group. For international industry event, try to choose country well accessible for foreign visitors. For small events on your university, check availability of some lecture halls. Stay focused on your targeted audience while choosing the place.

Try to link your events to something that is happening around and anyway. If you want to create charity event, try to link it with Christmas to make “Christmas Charity” out of it. Agriculture fairs may be connected with harvest. Don't limit yourself to official holidays. Use your imagination to attract attention. You can focus on some sport events, Pancake Day or whatever is applicable to your event.

Do not forget to advertise your event. Think about the kind of advertisement that will be the best for your targeted group. Consider leaflets, posters, ads in specialized magazines. Be aware of power of the Internet. Go public on social media platforms; try to find participants or sponsors on dedicated networking websites like BusinessVibes. Make sure you include in your adverts all relevant information about the event like title, location, time, organizer and contact. Be creative, catch attention.

When you are done with the planning and objectives refer to them when the project is in progress. Monitoring progress will help you to spot, identify and eliminate problems that surely will appear on your way to success.

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