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BusinessVibes assist organizers promote their events, help companies announce their participation as well as enable companies, professionals and the public view upcoming events.

London, UK, November 2, 2012 -- Trade fairs are synonymous with the terms trade shows, exhibitions and expositions. A trade fair is an event organized to enable companies within a particular industry to display and promote their latest products and services, understand their respective competitions better and assess current market trends and opportunities. While most trade fairs are exclusive to trade professionals and members of the press, there are some which are open to the consumers too. Some trade fairs even attempt to allocate certain days to professionals and specific days to the public. For instance, the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is trade-only for its first three days and open to the general public on its final two days.

Trade fairs are common within and among all industries and they attract vendors from around the world. In the United States alone, approximately 2500 trade shows are conducted annually. Several online directories like global B2B networking platform - BusinessVibes assist organizers promote their events, help companies announce their participation as well as enable companies, professionals and the public view upcoming events.


The location of the trade fair is important as it has to be easily accessible by various means of transportation. There should also be sufficient parking spaces in the building or within the vicinity. Furthermore, the place should be sufficiently large to accommodate all the exhibitors and expected number of attendees. Meanwhile, it should also not be too big otherwise a hall that is scarce may cause exhibitors and attendees to perceive the event as unsuccessful. BusinessVibes has written an article that lists the top places in the world for organizing a variety of corporate events including trade shows.

Dates & Times to Avoid

Avoid organizing your event during any major holidays. Doing so may drastically reduce the number of expected attendees. In addition, take note of other corporate events such as conventions, conferences and trade shows being held at the same location on your chosen date. Avoid reserving a venue in close proximity to them unless you intend to leverage traffic from them.

Trade Show Set Up

A successful trade show should have a common theme throughout to ensure consistency. A theme also enables you to easily decide your targeted group(s) of exhibitors and attendees. Transforming a hall or convention centre into an attractive trade show event requires carpeting, lighting, audio and visual equipment, furnishings and fixtures, computers and sales processing solutions. Contractors specialised in tradeshow construction need to be hired to install and dismantle all the necessary decorations and equipment before and after the event.


Promotion is important with any event. Without it, no one will know about it, leading to a definite failure. Employ various types of media such as flyers, brochures, radio, television, Internet and social media to publicize your event. BusinessVibes also offers event promotion solutions for free. With BusinessVibes, companies and event organizers are able to create an event page, have a free website exclusively for the event and an event write-up that will be published on BusinessVibes' blog. In addition, BusinessVibes is able to feature your company logo and event on its homepage and conduct email blasts for any ticket promotions, deals or discounts that you offer to exhibitors and/or attendees for your event. To date, BusinessVibes has featured over 10,000 events. Furthermore, with 1.2 million professionals from more than 75 different industries in over 170 countries in its database, promoting with BusinessVibes will enable your event to gain extensive publicity.


Receiving endorsements will provide you with greater publicity too, especially from trade associations and chambers of commerce that have hundreds or even thousands of companies as members. As a member of BusinessVibes, you will be able to connect with thousands of trade associations and chambers of commerce in various industries from around the world. After conducting each tradeshow, attempt to retrieve testimonials from satisfied participants and visitors. Positive feedback from a tradeshow will encourage an even greater number of exhibitors to participate in your even and more visitors will also attend your event.

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