As Time Goes By a Novel by Dr. Benedict A. Baglio Released Worldwide In eBook Form

Baglio releases his fifth book, a historically accurate fiction book -- As Time Goes By.

Patchogue, NY (April 25, 2013) -- Initially stunned and confused by his meeting with his World War II hero John Waldron, modern day Navy pilot Steven Amato is left endorsed and enriched by the experience.

As Time Goes By written by Dr. Benedict Baglio ( encourages the imagination to reconsider the reality that described America during the dark days of World War II. It asks the reader to define selflessness and service in terms that were applicable then, and now. It begs the questions -- What has changed? What has remained constant? Are we as good as the people of that generation, or are we better because of them? Dr. Benedict Baglio did exhaustive research while writing As Time Goes By making the characters and the dilemmas that are cast upon them rich and full of life, then and now.

As Time Goes By is a story of heroes, both past and present. They are connected by their love of the United States Navy and the country it protects and defends. John C. Waldron lost his life in a valiant but doomed attack on the Japanese fleet at Midway. So unselfishly brave were his actions that Winston Churchill wept upon hearing his story and the torpedo squadron of aircraft he led. So gallant were their deeds that the commanding Admiral of the Japanese Fleet Chuichi Nagumo prayed for their souls as Waldron and his command fell in fire and blood to the full might of the his Imperial Fleet.

Steven Amato is a modern day Navy pilot who grew up with Waldron's legend practically embedded in his DNA. Amato has a severe crisis of faith when he is ordered to avoid engagement when Libyan aircraft butcher a dear friend as they fly combat air patrol over the Mediterranean Sea in the early 1980s. Amato is about to quit the Navy, until a Hamilton Chronometer, found tucked under the front seat of a 1939 Ford Convertible, intervenes. He bought the Ford from the failing father of one of the men Waldron led to his death at Midway. The watch provides an unexplained portal for Amato to examine Waldron's character, leadership and the facts surrounding his demise, up close and personal.

"This novel will be enjoyed by the serious World War II historian, as well as those who consider the what-if's of history as nutritional food for thought. If you fancy teleology in your reading, this might well be a book that should sit on your shelf or in your electronic reader," says author Ben Baglio.

As Time Goes By is historically accurate. Baglio performed painstaking research to detail the land as it was then and is now. He envelopes the reader with his love of the historical period that sets the stage for the book. His characters are animated by rich descriptions of place and time in the past and present. Readers have enjoyed the plot twists and turns that Baglio uses to spin his tale.

As Time Goes By in ebook form ISBN 9781622870431, was published by First Edition Design Publishing. It is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold.

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