Annual Community Unity Day Expo Will Feature Pyrimed Flu & Wellness Services, Poise to Merit the Public on the Significance of Preventive Health Care

The Expo will feature advocacy groups such as Juvenile Diabetes, Pyrimed Flu & Wellness Services, Cancer Society, US Arm Forces and many more.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 23, 2010 -- As the economy edge towards recovery, people are looking for avenues to get out and enjoy fun fill family day. Genesis will host its 1st Annual Community Unity Day Expo on Sat Nov 27th 2010 from 2-7pm. The Expo will be held in Florida’s West Palm Beach Gaines Park and is designed to bring all unique culture within the area together for a day of family oriented activities. The Expo will feature advocacy groups such as Juvenile Diabetes, Cancer Society, US Arm Forces and many more. Companies are excited about the upcoming program which will feature various health awareness providers notably Pyrimed Flu & Wellness Services a regional health organization.

This is where the individuals can gather specific information about their own health concerns, book appointments or consultations, visit the wide range of vendors that will offer free samples and information about specific products available that may help families to achieve their health and wellness goals. The fundamental intent of Pyrimed’s health benefit program is to pitch the merit of preventative health care. The goal here is to assist institutions such as corporate companies, schools, and churches provide the platform for people to live healthier lives by providing immunization and health screening services. The public is invited to attend and for more detail please contact Pyrimed Flu & Wellness. About the Organization; a national health care provider that offer services ranging from on-site flu shots, Biometric Screenings including Full Lipid profile, BMI screenings and more. As the cost of health insurance spiral organization are eagerly glaring to incorporate employee Health Risk Assessment programs to stabilize cost. Additional benefits include increase employee morals and motivation while providing informed personal health mindfulness. Participants hope you will visit the expo for much more information and fun for your family.

Rudie Johnson
Pyrimed Flu & Wellness
Fort Lauderdale, FL