New Approaches in HIV Cure Research: functional or sterilizing?

Following the last edition of the "International Workshop on HIV Persistence, Reservoirs and Eradication Strategies" held earlier this month, scientists envision the practical ways of implementing the first eradication trials in the clinic.

Tucker, GA, December 30, 2011 -- The failure of antiretroviral therapy (ART) to eradicate HIV infection lies in the fact that HIV remains quiescent in latent reservoirs. Latently infected resting CD4+ cells carry transcriptionally silent HIV-1 and represent the predominant viral reservoir in patients on suppressive ART. Other cells may also act as reservoirs such as macrophages, dendritic cells and astrocytes.

HIV is a retrovirus that integrates into the host genome and as such, on cell division will be automatically present in both daughter cells. The mechanisms involved in the maintenance of HIV reservoirs are progressively deciphered.

An HIV cure could be envisaged as either sterilizing, equivalent to HIV eradication, or functional, equivalent to HIV remission.

The concept of a functional cure implies to deplete virus reservoirs to such an extent that a “controller” status is achieved. In this way, HIV is maintained at low levels for long periods of time in the absence of ART, equivalent to that observed in known HIV “Elite controllers”.

Approaches to deplete HIV reservoirs include “purging” these reservoirs by selective activation of latently infected cells (such as memory cells) in the presence of ART such that released virus may not infect and replicate in neighboring cells. Agents include histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors, cytokines, as IL-15, and bryostatin, a protein kinase C activator.

In order to demonstrate a sustained virological response (functional cure), ART will ultimately need to be stopped in order to show that virus levels remain undetectable.

The current skepticism regarding treatment interruption means that inclusion criteria for patients in such studies will take in to consideration both pre ART and nadir CD4+ T-cell counts.

It is likely that a cocktail of potent anti-latency compounds will be needed in concert with intensified ART regimen to reach an HIV cure. This implies assessing the ratio between benefit and risk and clearly informing patients about ethical issues.

The next edition of the “International Workshop on HIV Persistence, Reservoirs and Eradication Strategies” will take place in Miami, Florida, 3-6 December 2013. Meanwhile, the scientists that met together at the last meeting will keep regular ties in order to implement the first proof-of-concept trials of HIV functional cure.

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Pinnacle Foods-Owned Farmer's Garden™ by Vlasic® and National Gardening Association Congratulate 2011 “Farm to School Project” Grant Winners

Grant Helps 35 Urban Schools Nationwide Build and Maintain Gardens.

MOUNTAIN LAKES, NJ (December 30, 2011) -- Thirty-five schools is urban cities throughout the country were selected from thousands of gardening programs nationwide by the National Gardening Association (NGA) ( to receive a 2011 “Farm to School Project” grant from Farmer’s Garden™ by Vlasic® (, a Pinnacle Foods Group LLC brand.

The grant was allocated among the following winning schools, each of which received a $1,100 Farmer’s Garden™ by Vlasic® Farm to School Project kit stocked full of indoor and outdoor gardening supplies, including a tiered light garden for starting seeds, seed starting kit, plant beds, tool kits, composter, kids gloves, nutrition books and more:

University Place Elementary (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Imagine Schools at Avondale (Avondale, AZ)
Melrose Elementary (Los Angeles, CA)
Pacific Beach Middle School (San Diego, CA)
St. James School (San Francisco, CA)
Denver Green School (Denver, CO)
PAL @ Stanton Elementary (Washington, DC)
Richmond Heights Middle (Miami, FL)
David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center (North Miami, FL)
Roscoe Academy (Chicago, IL)
Topeka Public School (Topeka, KS)
RSD School District-Dr. Charles Drew School (New Orleans, LA)
Maria L. Baldwin School (Cambridge, MA)
Campus Learning Center (Lawrence, MA)
Dearborn Middle School (Roxbury, MA)
Baltimore Montessori Public Charter (Baltimore, MD)
Lyseth Elementary Garden Club (Portland , ME)
Genesee Intermediate School (Flint, MI)
Garlough Environmental Magnet (West St Paul, MN)
University City Children's Center (St. Louis, MO)
Brier Creek Elementary School (Raleigh, NC)
Duncan Elementary (Omaha, NE)
Chaplain Charles J. Watters School (Jersey City, NJ)
Salazar Elementary School (Santa Fe, NM)
Bertha Ronzone Elementary (Las Vegas, NV)
Duncan Elementary (Reno, NV)
MS442 (Brooklyn, NY)
P373R The Robert Randall School (Staten Island, NY)
Dater Montessori School (Cincinnati, OH)
Belmont Academy Charter (Philadelphia, PA)
Meeting Street Academy (Charleston, SC)
Dr. William H. Brewster Elementary (Memphis, TN)
Park Place Elementary (Houston, TX)
Champlain Elementary School (Burlington, VT)
Glendale Elementary (Madison, WI)

The gardens give children the opportunity to learn about fresh fruits and vegetables through a mentored, hands-on learning environment. The students will be able to see the gardening process from start to finish, and taste the fruits of their labor.

Each school program was selected because of its continued commitment to actively and creatively engaging youth in the gardening process,” said National Gardening Association President Michael Metallo. The NGA promotes home, school and community gardening as a means to renew and sustain the essential connections between people, plants and the environment. “The National Gardening Association proudly supports this important children’s garden for their respective communities.”

The partnership with NGA, a nonprofit leader in plant-based education for more than 35 years, underscores Farmer’s Garden™ by Vlasic’s® commitment to honest ingredients, and support of the farm to table lifestyle. The “Farm to School Project” also helps engage children's imaginations, spark their creative forces, and teach them how to keep a healthy and balanced diet.

Children at these schools will now have an opportunity to experience fruits and vegetables through hands-on learning through their very own ‘edible classroom’,” said Vlasic Marketing Director, Greg Greene. “Farmer’s Garden™ by Vlasic® is proud to be able to recognize the teachers’ dedication and efforts in showing kids the importance of produce in their lives.”

To learn more about Farmer’s Garden™ by Vlasic®, visit To learn more about the NGA's school gardening initiatives, visit

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