Glenmore Healthcare Carries the Unique Sunforgettable Sunscreen Brush

Glenmore Healthcare features the leading physician-directed skin care products from PCA Skin and Colorscience, including Colorscience's revolutionary sunscreen, the Sunforgettable Brush.

Calgary, Alberta, July 12, 2011 -- Glenmore Healthcare is the premier aesthetic medicine and hCG for weight loss clinic in Calgary. Glenmore Healthcare features the leading physician-directed skin care products from PCA Skin and Colorscience, including Colorscience's revolutionary sunscreen, the Sunforgettable Brush.

The dark days of winter are gone, and many Canadians are emerging from their homes, schools and offices to enjoy the sunny days ahead. However, if staying in the shade is not in your plans this summer, then understanding the risks and protections associated with exposure to the sun is imperative. To help you and your family this summer, Glenmore Healthcare ( carries one of the most unique sunscreen products available in Canada: The Sunforgettable Brush.

The Colorscience Sunforgettable Brush comes in a convenient powder brush canister for easy application, making it easy to keep in a purse or a beach tote. Furthermore, Colorescience lines are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation due to their broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Scottsdale dermatologist and instructor at the IAPAM's ( Aesthetic Medicine Symposium ( in Scottsdale, Arizona, recommends effective and easy to apply sun protection. "Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) is responsible for up to 90% of all skin cancers and is the most preventable risk factor for this potentially deadly disease. However, recent science has absolutely given physicians and the public more opportunities for increased sun protection," heralds Linder.

Here are some tips and debunked myths to protect you from "the dark side of the sun."

MYTH: Sun protection only has to be utilized when spending long periods in the sun

Dr. Linder comments that, "daily application of broad-spectrum sunscreen is "central" to the prevention of skin cancer. "Although, UVB rays do peak during the hours of 10:00am to 4:00pm, UVA rays remain constant throughout the day and are able to penetrate windows, clouds and clothing. In addition UV radiation is emitted from fluorescent and halogen bulbs found in most offices and homes. It is for this reason that everyone must wear sunscreen everyday regardless of time spent outdoors."

TIP: Understanding the Acronyms - SPF, UVA and UVB

Dr. Linder walks us through the confusing world of sun-protection acronyms:

"Consumers are often not aware that the sun protection factor (SPF) label only indicates the amount of ultraviolet B short-wave ray (UVB) protection provided by a product. Certain ingredients must be utilized in order to receive ultraviolet A long-wave ray (UVA) protection as well. In order for a product to provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, avobenzone, mexoryl (ecamsule), titanium dioxide or zinc oxide must be included. A combination of UVA and UVB sunscreen ingredients and antioxidants will provide adequate protection, but only if applied correctly. At least one ounce (a shot glass full) of sunscreen is needed per application in order to get the full amount of protection a product is capable of providing.

Extremely high ratings of SPF can also be deceiving as SPF protection does not increase proportionally with an increased SPF number (e.g. An SPF 15 sunscreen protects the skin from 93% of UVB radiation, an SPF 30 sunscreen provides 97% protection, and an SPF 65 provides approximately 98% protection.) There are no sun protection products that block out 100% of UV rays. Unfortunately, higher SPF products are frequently less cosmetically elegant and could decrease use by consumers.

Finally, all sunscreens break down over time regardless of water resistance, SPF rating or ingredients used, and sunscreen products must be reapplied every two hours and following swimming and/or vigorous activity."

MYTH: Overcast days or occasional exposure to the sun means less risk

Jennifer Linder cautions that, "one huge mistake people make is that they think that because it is overcast or cool outside, the sun is not as strong. UV rays are capable of penetrating through clouds and remain constant year-round, regardless of how bright it is or the temperature. Another dangerous misconception is that because some people only get sun once or twice a year while on vacation, they are not at high skin cancer risk. Studies actually indicate the opposite to be true, and show that intense sun exposure received during vacations may be more dangerous than constant, daily exposure received by those with outdoor professions. In fact, one blistering sunburn or five non-blistering sunburns throughout life more than doubles one's risk of developing melanoma, making vacations one of the most crucial times to seek sun protection."

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AAA claims pension clients keen to invest in alternatives

Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA), said that figures showing an increase in pension fund exposure to alternatives is the result of more investor willingness.

Boston, MA, USA, July 12, 2011 -- Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA), a research and advocacy organization focusing on alternative investments, said that figures showing an increase in pension fund exposure to alternatives is the result of more investor willingness.

Pension fund clients are increasingly open to alternative investments,” stated AAA’s analysis partner, Anthony Johnson. He added, “Pension clients realise now more than ever the need for diversification within a portfolio - with many actively encouraging alternative investments as a less-risky and potentially more lucrative option to equities.”

The new Towers Watson Global Pension Asset Study showed that the share of pension funds now invested in alternatives has increased to 19 per cent as of 2010, up from an average of just seven per cent in 2000.

Meanwhile, the amount of assets under management increased by an average of 16 per cent for the top 100 pension fund managers who responded to Tower Watson’s Global Alternatives Survey, according to a report in the Financial Times.

Towers Watson’s head of investment research, Craig Baker, told the FT that there is a growing trend among pension fund managers towards alternatives over equities. The main reason is simply because more diversified pension plans saw lower losses than those with a higher exposure to equities during the financial crisis.

Both Towers Watson and AAA claim that making considerable gains through investing in alternatives is more straightforward and easier to achieve these days. Mr Johnson stated, “There are an increasing number of options open to those wishing to put their money in alternative assets, with many of the most exciting opportunities coming out of emerging economies such as Brazil. Greenwood Management, for example, is a business that offers people the chance to invest as little as EUR 10,000 in managed forestry projects that help to reduce the dependency on illegally logged timber while providing an investment product that offers investors a large amount of flexibility.”

AAA claims that forestry investments are unique as the asset will continue to grow until the investor decides that it is the right time to sell. “If timber is fetching poor prices when trees reach maturity, investors can simply wait until the market improves before they sell their assets - and they will, of course, continue to grow in the meantime,” added Mr Johnson.

About Alternative Asset Analysis:
The remit of Alternative Asset Analysis is to analyse and provide news on the global performance of a wide range of alternative asset classes including, but not restricted to, commodities, real estate, forestry, foreign exchange, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital.

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
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Market Rates Insight Releases New Survey for Interest on Commercial Demand Deposit Accounts, Returning After 80 Years of Prohibition

Repeal of Reg Q on July 21 will increase competition for Demand Deposit Accounts and will require a new type of competitive intelligence on account structure and pricing.

SAN ANSELMO, Calif. (July 12, 2011) -- A new survey from Market Rates Insight (MRI, will help banks transition to offering interest rates on, banks will be allowed to offer interest on commercial DDAs for the first time since Section 19(i) of the Federal Reserve Act (Reg Q) was implemented during the 1930s in an attempt to reduce competition for bank deposits.

Our Strategic Review and Analysis of the repeal of Reg Q points to two major implications” said Dan Geller, Ph.D. Executive Vice President at Market Rates Insight. “The first is an internal shift of balances from other commercial liquid accounts and short-tem CD to DDA and the second is an increase in the intensity of competition for commercial DDAs.”

The new DDA survey from Market Rates Insight has been designed to provide bank and credit union executives with critical competitive information on the structure and pricing of commercial DDA accounts. The newly-designed survey is unique because it covers three different structural variations in which DDAs can be offered to commercial customers - interest only, Earning Credit Rate (ECR) only, or a combination of ECR and interest (hybrid).

Banks are developing interest-bearing DDAs that will meet the needs of commercial customers. Commercial accounts are very profitable, and institutions need as much market intelligence as possible to ensure that they optimize the profitability of these accounts and maintain a competitive edge. Incorporating MRI’s new DDA survey will allow institutions to make better-informed product and pricing decisions.

Commercial Demand Deposit Accounts are payable on demand, or on less than seven days’ notice. They generally have no maturity period, they could not be interest-bearing and could not require the account holder to give notice of intent to withdraw funds. If they do require notice of intent to withdraw funds, the notice period must be less than seven days and the requirement must be stated in the deposit contract. Much of this is changing as of July 21.

About Market Rates Insight
Market Rates Insight (MRI, has been providing competitive pricing information and analysis to financial institutions for 26 years. MRI’s competitive data is complete, detailed and timely enabling the highest level of pricing precision and ensuring greater pricing optimization for improved profitability. In addition to competitive pricing data, MRI also conducts pricing analyses and tracks industry indices. MRI’s indices are published weekly in the National Pricing Indicator report, the industry standard for deposit pricing for executives at banks and credit unions.

Dan Geller Ph.D.
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Biotage Introduces New Microwave Peptide Synthesizer Delivering

Biotage introduced an innovative, new instrument for peptide professionals at the 2011 American Peptide Symposium in San Diego, California USA.

Uppsala, Sweden, July 12, 2011 -- Biotage® (STO: BIOT), a leading supplier of tools and technology for analytical, medicinal, and peptide chemistry, introduced an innovative, new instrument for peptide professionals at the 2011 American Peptide Symposium in San Diego, California USA.

The Biotage Initiator+ SP Wave is a versatile synthesis solution as it can be used as a standalone peptide synthesizer or easily converted to a high specification MAOS system. It is the ideal development tool for chemists synthesizing peptides, peptidomimetics and small molecules using single or multi-step procedures.

The Initiator+ SP Wave is perfectly suited for the small scale synthesis of peptides and peptidomimetics including PNA using microwave irradiation, from a scale as low as 5 ┬Ámol. The semi-automated operation can reduce the consumption and waste of expensive reagents which occur in other systems due to priming or use of large dead volumes.

The Initiator+ SP Wave is a semi-automated, programmable synthesis system. It includes a large 10” touch screen, intuitive software, pre- or self-defined methods, inert gas capability, vortex and magnetic stirring.

As the global leader in the development of technology for peptide synthesis, Biotage continues to develop tools for professionals demanding excellent purity, reliability and high yield.” says Toshiyuki Yachi, Vice President of Marketing. “With the recent introduction of the Initiator Peptide Workstation and Syro Wave, Biotage now offers a manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic peptide synthesis solution including resins and HPLC columns. Biotage is clearly the dedicated leader in providing solutions for peptide professionals.”

Biotage is the only manufacturer of traditional, room temperature peptide synthesizers as well as microwave peptide synthesizers in both entry-level and high throughput configurations. For more information on the Biotage Initiator+ SP Wave system, please email or visit

Rob Thompson
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Cross-Post Classified Networks Partners with

Niche Diversity Job Board Search Engine joins the Cross-Post Diversity Network for newspapers and their advertisers.

Petaluma, CA, July 12, 2011 -- Cross-Post LLC and Cross-Post Classified Networks announced today a partnership with based out of Atlanta. The niche diversity job board & search engine will join the Cross-Post Diversity Network as a value added resource for newspapers and their advertisers. Cross-Post provides classified networks in areas like Diversity, Energy, Healthcare, Nursing, Veterans, Call Center/Customer Service and Green Employers. The company has a joint venture partnership with which powers their College Network. joins other niche job board powerhouses like,,,,, Diversityworking.CA, and in the Diversity classified network. Cross-Post manages these relationships on behalf of dozens of newspapers in North America who then offer the networks to their employer/advertisers. Cross-Post leadership invented this product niche for newspapers in 2002 and is the largest provider of such network services in the industry.

"Diversity hiring is no different than any other kind of hiring. Top people want top jobs, regardless of their cultural, ethnic or religious background or gender." said Jay Tokarz, VP of operations for "By partnering with Cross-Post as a diversity job listing destination we continue to provide the very best employment opportunities for our diverse and blended society." is unique in that it works one on one with partners and clients to develop, maintain and execute diversity hiring initiatives.

Other Cross-Post partners include,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Cross-Post works with major newspapers like the Las Vegas Review Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, TulsaWorld, The Oklahoman, Riverside Press Enterprise, Chicago Daily Herald, Dallas Morning News, Post Media (Canada), Charleston Post-Courier, Chattanooga Times Free Press and many others.

"We are excited to welcome as a network partner. This value added benefit for our newspaper clients and their advertisers continues our goal to create the most powerful classified employment advertising networks in the newspaper industry." noted Carl Braun, Cross-Post CEO. Despite a lingering recession, newspapers continue to provide a tremendous recruitment advertising value in both print and online." he added.

Carl Braun
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HawksHead TPMS introduced its MOTO-TRACK system

HawksHead TPMS has recently introduced its MOTO-TRACK system which is a handle bar mount motorcycle tire pressure monitoring system.

Vancouver, Canada, July 12, 2011 -- HawksHead TPMS has recently introduced its MOTO-TRACK system which is a handle bar mount motorcycle tire pressure monitoring system. This system mounts right in front of the rider on the handlebars, not in his pocket like other key chain type systems. High visual impact alarm LEDs notify the rider of any problems in real time so immediate action can be taken to remedy the situation.

The MOTO-TRACK system measures both tire pressures and tire temperatures and has alarms that can be set by the operator for different front and rear tire settings if needed.

One of the MOTO-TRACK features is that the sensors only weigh around 10 grams and their batteries can be easily replaced so there is no need to throw the sensors away and buy new ones when the battery dies like with other systems. The sensors mount directly on the tire valves not like internal sensors that have high installation costs where the tires have to be removed for installation and sensor replacement. With internal sensors you end up losing the system when you trade your bike in. With the MOTO-TRACK you just mount your system on your new machine. Installation takes less than 10 minutes and is very easy. The monitor is powered by a single AAA battery, there is no need for difficult hard wired monitor power supplies. Comes with free sensor locks and everything you need to monitor your motorcycle tires for pressure and temperature. A selection of handlebar adapters to allow installation on many size handlebars are included.

Its a well known fact that properly inflated tires can increase gas mileage and improve tire life. For more information please visit

Julian Grace
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