Millions of Anthony Weiners

San Rafael, CA - June 17, 2011 -- Contact: Tom Andrews, 415/479-3800

"America has become a nation of Anthony Weiners," says Rich Gosse, the world’s foremost authority on dating. “Tens of millions of Americans are having virtual sex on the internet. Anthony Weiner has exposed America’s greatest secret-the decline of real relationships with real people. A major percentage of Americans are settling for a cheap imitation of loving relationships.

"While the world rejoices at the collapse of dictatorships in the Arab world, in large part due to Facebook and Twitter," says Mr. Gosse, "little is written about the price that we pay in our own country the decline and fall of face-to-face intimacy."

"As the only person who has produced thousands of singles events worldwide, on six continents," says Mr. Gosse, "I have a unique perspective. I have observed that fewer people are attending singles parties over recent years, while not coincidentally Facebook has expanded to 600 million members. If the current trend continues, some day there may be more virtual sexual relationships than real relationships in America.

"For 33 years, I have fought an uphill battle against SHYNESS, the enemy of intimate relationships," says Mr. Gosse, "through my classes at 61 colleges and my books on dating. That battle is now almost unwinnable, due to the wild popularity of social networking. Past generations of shy Americans were FORCED to leave the safety and comfort of their homes and relate to people face-to-face, in order to earn a living, pay their bills, do their banking, or find a romantic partner. Today all can be done online.

"The greatest tragedy," says Mr. Gosse, "is that Anthony Weiner, the poster boy of sick sexual relationships, actually has a wife who loves him and is about to have a child. He has many personal friends. Millions of Americans are far worse off than Representative Weiner. They have almost no personal contact with other human beings. They have hundreds of “friends” on Facebook, but zero intimate relationships."

Rich Gosse is the Chairman of The Society of Single Professionals, the world’s largest non-profit singles organization. He is the author of eight books on dating, including Singles Guide to America, The Cougar Imperative: Why MidLife Women MUST Date Younger Men, and A Good Man is EASY to Find. ("This is a great book!" Oprah Winfrey). His expert advice has been featured by ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, Fox, MSNBC, Oprah, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Business Week, Entrepreneur, The Atlantic, Playboy, Playgirl, The Australian, The New Zealand Herald, The London Sunday Times, etc. His websites include,,,, and Mr. Gosse is available to the news media for interviews by calling 415/479-3800 or emailing

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Mike Bell Featured in the Light Space & Time Artist Showcase

Jupiter, Florida, June 17, 2011 -- Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to have Mike Bell from the UK featured in this month’s artist showcase. After a 30 year career teaching and lecturing about Art and Design, Mike took an early retirement in order to concentrate on his painting. Mike’s art is inspired by 30 years of living and working on the Northumberland coast of England and now, most recently in the Wilds of Redesdale near the border of Scotland. Mike has always been fascinated by the patterns of sand on the beach. Random piles of seaweed or driftwood, in Mike’s mind, is order and chaos together and soon becomes an inspiration for his next landscape painting.

The images that he creates uses a wide variety of materials such as sand, soil, coal dust, and driftwood are often embedded in his paint surfaces.” Mike goes on further and states “I want my paintings to be as natural as possible and rarely do I use a brush but I will use a finger, a knife, a trowel, sand ,plaster, spray paints and lots of builders materials to create impasto paint surfaces.”

Mike has experimented with Holographic Foils in his paintings in order to simulate the wonderful lighting of Northumberland area. Since moving to Redesdale he has been inspired and has become aware of the interaction of man and nature, especially in the area’s wild crags, quarries, moorland and forest to create a wonderful tapestry at different times of year.

Mike states that “rock strata, strange cloud formations, moody sunsets, reflections in rivers and lakes all have me rushing for camera or sketchbook.” The “Land of Far Horizons”, Northumberland has light which enhances the tactile quality of the Landscape no matter what the season. His hope is that his work stimulates a wide range of perception and feelings for this "Land of Far Horizons".

Mike Bell’s website with his wonderful nature inspired art can be seen here

About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery offers monthly art competitions and monthly art exhibitions for new and emerging artists. Light Space & Time’s intention is to showcase this incredible talent in a series of monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions by marketing and displaying the exceptional abilities of these artists.

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AAA endorses rise of impact investment education

Impact investment advocacy organization, Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA), has said that the increasing number of business degree and Masters courses that are focusing on impact investing is a welcome sign of the growing importance and unquestionable credibility of the sector.

Boston, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2011 -- Impact investment advocacy organization, Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA), has said that the increasing number of business degree and Masters courses that are focusing on impact investing is a welcome sign of the growing importance and unquestionable credibility of the sector.

AAA analyst, Anthony Johnson, said that prestigious, internationally renowned business schools – including Wharton and Stanford – are now running MBA programs that allow their students to focus on socially responsible forms of investment, such as sustainable timber projects. These courses, he said, will create an ever-improving field of expertise in the sector.

His words echoed those of the chief executive of the San Francisco-based impact investment group, Investors' Circle, Suzanne Biegel, who said that the programs were gaining importance across the globe. "Social entrepreneurship programs have exploded in business schools across the US and Europe," she said.

Cornell University's Graduate School of Management and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University also host specific programs, with the latter going one step further this year, hosting the first International Impact Investing Challenge.

The challenge put forward more than $40,000 in prizes for students who could produce innovative impact investment vehicles, which were then pitched to institutional investors, including endowments, pension funds, and family foundations.

Johnson said that the rise of these courses in the business schools of the world was an important foreshadowing of the types of investments that are set to drive the global financial industry in the future.

"Impact investment assets are currently estimated to be valued at $50 billion, with industry studies predicting them to explode to $500 billion by the year 2025, suggesting that the students currently focusing their MBAs on them are doing so with highly justifiable reason," said Johnson.

"Impact and alternative investments open up a whole new social perspective on learning about finance, based around the fact that where there is human need there is opportunity. The changes that this has on supply and demand throughout supply chain are numerous an they also add a social benefit layer that did not previously exist in the financial markets."

Many of the programs are focusing on the modes of business and the basic needs of the countries where many impact investments occur – practices and needs that most investors will be unfamiliar with. Impact investment is predicted to show its strongest growth in China, India, and in African nations, where the markets are dealing with population migration, resource scarcity and growth demands, as well as infrastructure-related issues. All of these problems present ample opportunity for investment projects, so it is only appropriate that the students of today spend their education learning about them.

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
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RF Engines Releases ChannelCore FlexTM, the World's Most Flexible Ultra-Wideband Channelizer Solution

High-performance, feature rich Channelizer addresses demands of next generation Electronic Surveillance, Satcoms and Wireless Base Station applications.

Newport, Isle of Wight, UK - 17th June 2011 -- The ultimate radio receiver is capable of detecting and processing signals across all of the radio spectrum, all of the time. RF Engines Limited (RFEL) has taken a large step towards this goal with the introduction of an innovative and highly flexible, ultra-wideband, Channelizer IP core – the ChannelCore Flex™.

ChannelCore Flex is a major breakthrough as it provides the customer with the ability to extract from a very wide input signal any number of channels simultaneously in real time. These can be any combination of different bandwidths and sampling rates with any overlap and centre frequencies. Furthermore, each channel can be individually defined and changed as required so that the system designer can tailor a solution that precisely meets the needs of the application on a single FPGA.

RFEL anticipates that the ChannelCore Flex will find widespread application in areas including Electronic Surveillance, satellite communications and future Base Station architectures, where simultaneous monitoring, detection and demodulation of a mixture of disparate communication channels, such as WiMax and GSM, using a single architecture are a definitive requirement.

ChannelCore Flex delivers advanced features that are the culmination of over ten years of design and implementation experience and delivers the ability to do things that previously could not be done or required huge resources,” explained John Summers, RFEL’s CEO. “The pedigree of RFEL in the area of channelization means that there is a very low technical risk when embarking on a new design, so customers can be confident of being ‘up and running’ very quickly.”

Channelization is a relatively straight forward signal-processing task. For example, a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) can efficiently process a wideband signal into over 1000 channels. However, this can only be done with limitations:

- The channels all have equal bandwidths, which is inflexible and problematic when processing different types of transmissions concurrently.
- The bandwidth of individual channels is inversely proportional to the number of channels supported.
- The centre frequencies of the channels are uniformly spaced and are not independently controllable.
- There is limited control of the frequency response of the individual channels, leading to compromised stop-band and pass-band performance.
- It cannot be readily interfaced to existing hardware due to differing sampling rates and data formats.

More advanced signal processing techniques, such as Weighted Over-Lap and Add (WOLA) pre-processing and hierarchical channelization using a Pipelined Frequency Transform (PFT), can overcome many of these limitations. RFEL has adopted these highly significant enhancements, along with other proprietary techniques, to create an ultra-wideband Channelizer that offers unrivalled performance and flexibility, enabling it to be tailored to bespoke applications while remaining very hardware efficient.

ChannelCore Flex is capable of being configured to support many thousands of channels, spanning an input bandwidth exceeding 1 GHz. Importantly, these channels can have individual bandwidths that can vary by several orders of magnitude, be overlapped to accommodate broadband transmissions, and have centre frequencies and sample rates that can be independently tuneable to sub-Hertz resolution (=1Hz). The end result is a Channelizer architecture that can be configured to support concurrent monitoring of multiple channels, with bandwidths ranging from as large as hundreds of Megahertz, to as narrow as a few Hertz, delivering an overall aggregate channelized sample rate that can exceed 1Gs/s.

Unfortunately, there is no optimal, ‘one size fits all,’ Channelizer architecture, as each application places very different demands on the implementation. RFEL has resolved this problem by producing an IP core that is compile and run-time programmable from a simple set of parameters derived from the user’s technical specification. The end result is a high-performance and optimized IP core that has precisely the required level of flexibility demanded by the application, while minimising hardware cost and delivering a fast time-to-market.

Price & Availability
ChannelCore Flex is available for licensing now for implementation in a wide range of Xilinx or Altera FPGA devices. Supplied as a netlist, the IP is very compact so that low cost, medium sized FPGAs could be used. For example, a solution for a 200MHz input with 500 channels ranging from 5kHz to 5MHz would fit on a $100 device. Prices are dependent on each implementation’s specific set of requirements, but typically fall in the range of $10K - $40K.

RF Engines Ltd
RF Engines Limited (RFEL) is a leading UK-based electronic systems design company, providing high specification signal processing solutions for FPGAs, as well as supplying digital receiver and complete product solutions for the homeland security, defence, communications and instrumentation markets. Applications include communications base stations, satellite communications systems, test and measurement instrumentation, and bespoke wideband receivers/transceivers.

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