Innovative New Way to Send a Shout Out

App4that Solutions, an App Software company, has recently deployed an innovative way to create, send, and save text based communication with location information provided as a Google map link.

Louisville, KY, March 23, 2013 -- Advancements in social media and texting platforms are replacing the way we communicate with our co-workers, friends, and family. The development of mobile Apps, like Shout Outz, are paving the way for immediate response and location based communications. It is text messaging taken to the next level. Until recent years, texting has been the primary vehicle for mobile non-business forms of communications. Now business and no-businesses alike are embracing the benefits of mobile social medias to communicate more effectively with their connections. Shout Outz demonstrates another layer of the development in how our electronic communication models continue to evolve.

Shout Outz offers users the same sleek user interface as seen on iPhone's iMessage app, but picks up where Apple developers left off. Messages created with Shout Outz can be saved, copied, edited, re-saved, and even stored as history. And the most acclaimed feature; you can send a current place or surrounding place in a text message as a Google map link. The recipient of the message can touch the link and use the Google maps app or website to drive or walk to the sender's location.

With over 91 percent of the US population carrying smart phones and staggering statistics such as, "96 percent of all text messages engage readers within 5 seconds of receipt." Apps like Shout Outz only further exemplify a strong case for the future of e-mail destitute.

Allen Boyd, a General Manager, at Excel Logistic says, "Shout Outz has helped our operation to implement an effective, real-time communication channel into our procedures. A pole taken at excel showed over 75 percent of the workforce in Evansville, IN wanted to receive severe weather updates and general building announcements via text messaging, than through an e-mail."

Like Facebook, Twitter and other social media based Apps, Shout Outz shows how e-mail is slowly being replaces by text centric technologies. To find out more about Shout Outz, you can visit the App4that Solutions website at

About App4that Solutions/Shout Outz:
An application software company, App4that Solutions is devoted to improving the way non-business and businesses communicate using the latest mobile technologies. Shout Outz, a public offering, is also available for businesses as a customizable solution. Branding is available for the product.

Media Contact:
Grant Compton
App4that Solutions
Louisville, KY 40299