Eposeidon KastKing™ SR Spinning Reel Enters the Fishing Tackle Marketplace

KastKing™ SR Pro Lite fishing reel with high performance features is targeted at entry-level market.

Hempstead, NY, USA (May 21, 2014) -- Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc. has introduced a new line of fishing reels with the entry level angler in mind, the KastKing™ SR Pro Lite spinning reel series. Priced below $39.00 retail, the KastKing™ SR Pro Lite spinning reels can meet the demands of anglers at any level from beginner to veteran. At any stage of fishing know-how the SR will appeal to those who are budget conscious.

Eposeidon has targeted an audience that is looking for exceptional value in a larger reel that offers quality features in an affordable price range. The KastKing™ SR Pro Lite spinning reels feature a tough, corrosion proof, light weight narrow graphite frame design, nine stainless steel ball bearings with an instant stop one-way anti-reverse, and an ultra-smooth SDS Superior Drag System, which offers incredible stopping power.

The KastKing™ SR Pro Lite spinning reels have durable steel, perfect mesh drive gears and precision machined pinion gears and a CNC machined aluminum interchangeable handle for fish fighting power. Its high strength anodized aluminum spool with a computer designed lip for farther holds more line than competitor's models that sell at retail for a much higher price. KastKing™ SR's nonslip oversized handle drives directly through its main gear.

The KastKing™ SR comes in 4 models; SR2000 with a 5:2.1 gear ratio weighing 9 ounces/ 255 grams and delivering 9 lbs./ 4.1 kg. of drag, SR3000 also with a 5:2.1 ratio at 9.1 ounces/ 258 grams has 15 pounds/ 6.8 kg. of drag, SR4000 9.6 ounces/ 272 grams 4:8.1 gear ratio and 20 pounds/ 9.1 kg. of drag, and SR5000 at 9.8 ounces/ 278 grams also has a 4:8.1 gear ration and 20 pounds / 9.1 kg. of drag. All KastKing™ SR Pro Lite spinning reels come fitted with a two-color anodized aluminum spool and are approved for saltwater use.

For more about KastKing™ SR Pro Lite spinning reels and other Eposeidon products please visit http://www.eposeidon.com.


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