New Book Release - Major Wager: The Pure Round of Golf Jack Challenged Tiger To, by Colin Koenig

Author Colin Koenig announces the release of his second book, "Major Wager: The Pure Round of Golf Jack Challenged Tiger To" is now available through

Bridgeport, CT, USA -- It's 1997 and golf legend Jack Nicklaus watched the riveting new star, Tiger Woods, destroy the competition at the Masters. When Woods declares his goal is to beat Nicklaus' 18 major golf titles, that gets Nicklaus wondering. Does the kid have what it takes?

What if Jack Nicklaus challenged Tiger Woods to a totally private round of golf? Just the two of them?

Following this exciting premise, author Colin Koenig crafted together a fictional match between golf's greats that carries an 18-hole round of golf through an entire book. Major Wager (The Pure Round of Golf Jack challenged Tiger To) is that tale, and is now available through (

Nicklaus wants to play the round at Augusta National, home of The Masters. But can he arrange it? What about keeping a low profile? Would they not use their caddies, and even carry their own golf clubs? And not tell their families? It would be just them----two men meeting to play a round of golf...but it turns into so much more.

With witty dialogue and vivid imagery, Koenig creates a round of golf that will never be forgotten. Taking into account the age difference and the character of each man, he brings their personalities to life on the course. With human touches: "Tiger took off his cap, which was drenched with sweat. He wanted a new one," and inside glimpses into their minds: "(Jack) was beginning to feel a bit nervous about what he was going to propose to Tiger, and the fear of rejection was something Jack Nicklaus was unaccustomed to." The book reads like a Sports Illustrated story.

The story answers questions every golf enthusiast has probably asked:
What would happen if the two pros golfed one-on-one?
What would they talk about?
What's going on inside their heads as they play?
Stripped of their entourage and away from the public intrusion of the cameras, can these legends of golf play a round like two normal guys?

A long-time sports enthusiast, Koenig reveals what he thinks the answers to those questions are in a fast-paced narrative that will keep readers turning pages. It's definitely a match that would have made history, had anyone known about it. One reviewer, Grady Harp, a Top 100 Amazon Reviewer, said this about the book. "Colin supplies a jet-propelled adventure on a golf course that reads so well that it vies with any mystery or thriller on the shelf."

Major Wager: The Pure Round of Golf Jack Challenged Tiger To (ISBN 978-1518748561, 2015, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Paperback $9.75, 140 pages. Kindle $6.50. Available on Amazon.)

About Colin Koenig
Colin Koenig was born in Bridgeport, CT. He later spent time in Pennsylvania training Standardbred race horses. Koenig drives a delivery truck which allowed him to conjure up dialogue every time he passed a golf course. This is his second book.

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