Kindle Opens Up New Opportunities As Author Launches Comic Stag Weekend Novel

Whaley Bridge author Michael Madden has taken advantage of the revolution in publishing to launch his debut novel "Stags!".

Derbyshire, UK, March 08, 2011 -- Stags! on Kindle

In the past self-publishing usually involved a huge outlay up front. Now, however, if an author is prepared to do their own editing, they can quickly and easily make their book available on Kindle for free.

I submitted my manuscript on Saturday, and by Sunday it was available for sale. And with Kindle, there is no need for formatting or typesetting, so it really is a simple process,” said author Madden.

Drinking, football, women. A hilarious window into the world of blokes being blokes” is the strapline of the book, and it is a challenging genre as the author explained.

Many literary agents and publishers are of the opinion that there is no market for this kind of male orientated comic fiction, and that is why there are no books in this area. This is almost a self fulfilling prophesy, but with Kindle I can get the book out there to test the market myself, and it has cost me nothing,” said Madden.

Stags! centres around a group of lads who meet regularly to discuss women, football, and anything else that springs to mind, over a beer. With Soccer Saturday playing in the background, and opinions on City and United being shared, it is a scene that plays out regularly in many Manchester pubs.

They are a group of fictional characters, but they will be familiar to anyone who has spent any time in a local pub. From best man Pete, to the rather unpredictable and somewhat dangerous Bird, they will all be recognisable,” explained Madden.

The book is based on an illicit stag weekend in Amsterdam, complicated by the need for a fake passport for the groom. There is the drama as the truth is revealed, and a blow by blow account of drinking, drugs and prostitution in Amsterdam’s red light district.

The book will also be available in paperback in April 2011, and readers can view the first six chapters at Stags!

The author can be contacted at Michael Madden.

Michael Madden
Tel: 00441663732625

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