Business Controls Announces New Client: ARC Thrift Stores

(Greenwood Village, Colorado) January 20, 2011 – Business Controls, Inc. (BCI), the country’s leading incident reporting and investigations firm, announced their newest client this week, ARC Thrift Stores, who provide funding and programming for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. BCI will provide their award-winning case management and reporting solution, MySafeWorkplace®.

“It was great to find a provider of risk management services right in our backyard,” said CEO Lloyd Lewis of Arc Thrift Stores. “Not only will our employees benefit from the hotline services that Business Controls provides, but I know that if we need immediate assistance, Steve (Foster) and his team will be there right away.”

MySafeWorkplace® is a web-based case management and anonymous reporting solution designed to help organizations discover workplace misconduct. Once an issue has been discovered, organizations can use this tool to complete a thorough and effective investigation of the matter, tracking and cataloging every activity. Upon successful completion of the investigation, organizations can view analytical reports designed to provide trending data and historical information that can ultimately drive positive change throughout a company.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with such an amazing organization as Arc Thrift Stores, a fellow Colorado company,” said Steven Foster, President of BCI. “Working to help protect non-profit organizations whose mission is to help others is one of the foundations of our business.”

About Business Controls, Inc.
Business Controls, Inc. is the country’s leading incident reporting and risk mitigation firm. Its services include incident reporting, corporate investigations, litigation support, and training. Business Controls serves over a million client employees in over 22,000 client locations in 130 countries via its award-winning and patent-pending anonymous reporting systems. Business Controls puts clients in a position to stay compliant with numerous governmental regulations and business ethics best practices, manage employee related issues, and limit their exposure to litigation. For more information, call 800-650-7005 or visit

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Glenmore Healthcare Offers 10 Healthy Eating Tips for 2011

One of the perennially popular New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight, and the experts at Glenmore Healthcare, Calgary's premiere provider of hCG medically supervised weight loss programs, offers dieters 10 tips for healthy eating in the New Year.

Calgary, Alberta, January 20, 2010 -- To help patients maintain their weight loss, the physicians at Glenmore Healthcare, offering Calgary's most successful hCG for Weight Loss program (, want to ensure their patients do not re-gain the weight they just lost. Many patients lose anywhere between 20-30lbs in just a month, so it is important that once they complete the program they maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Below are some tips which Glenmore Healthcare offers their patients entering the maintenance and beyond phases of their weight loss journey, so they can lock-in their substantial weight loss:

- Don't eat family style, you're much more likely to eat more than you would if you placed the correct portion size on a plate.
- Healthy restaurant menus may not be so healthy. You're likely to underestimate a meal’s calorie total by more than a third, according to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research.
- Alcohol makes you hungry (limit it to one or two glasses per meal)
- Restaurant portions are way too big, your choices are: (1) eat an appetizer, or (2) split an entre (either with another diner, or bring the other half home for another meal).
- Beware of office goodies. The office can be a source of 10-20lbs of fat per year. Skip the cakes, donuts, candies, and chocolates.
- Portion out your snacks. If you are going to have chips, read the bag and fill a bowl with a serving, then put the big bag away so you can't see it.
- Hungry an hour after a meal? Have a glass of water, or go for a brisk walk.
- Display fruits, not sweets. Get rid of the glass covered sweets display, and replace it with a fruit bowl.
- Researchers discovered that people who watched TV while they ate consumed nearly 300 more calories than those who dined without an eye on the tube.
- Slow down while you eat. If you consciously stop to take a breath between bites, you can cut your food (and calorie) intake by 10 percent, according to researchers at the University of Rhode Island. It takes 20 minutes for the news that you have had enough to eat to travel from your gut to your brain. Another tip, try talking more between bites.  

For more "Tips for Weight Maintenance", go to

For more information on hCG and weight loss, please contact Jeff Russell, Director, Glenmore Healthcare at 403-313-8328, email, or visit

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Glenmore Healthcare is Calgary’s premiere provider of hCG medically supervised weight loss programs, aesthetic medicine (Botox, Dermal Fillers, Latisse), health and wellness services to individuals in the Calgary area.  For more information on Glenmore Healthcare's hCG program and aesthetic medicine and botox services, please contact Jeff Russell, Director, Glenmore Healthcare at 403-313-8323 or or:

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Opposites Attract: Light Meets Might in Antler Luggage’s New Duolite Hybrid Bag-6.4 lb-28” Wheeled Upright

Yin and Yang. Day and Night. Soft and Hard. Heavy and Light. Opposites don't merely attract. When they get together, the whole often exceeds the sum of their parts.

Take Duolite, the new hybrid collection from Antler Luggage. The 91 year old British company—the #1 brand in its homeland—has combined the best qualities of soft and hard luggage to create a feather-light bag that’s also tough as nails.

How feather-light? Try 4.6 lbs. for a 22" carry-on. 5.5 lbs. for a 26" upright. And 6.4 lbs. for a 28" wheeled upright (less than half the weight of the average 14 lb. bag). That means you can pack far more stuff without paying excess baggage fees. That alone should endear these to fee-weary travelers.

Still, “it’s not enough simply to be lightweight,” notes Andrew Hamilton, Antler’s President of North American operations. “It’s meaningless if the bags can't hold up to rough handling on the tarmac.”

Hence Duolite’s futuristic design, carefully calibrated for maximum strength. The bag features a lightweight nylon front, hard, rugged ABS rear framing, and a foam-padded back for weightless stability. Subjected to rigorous testing, it boasts a fail-rate of 0.01%.

Weight vs. strength is a paradox that Antler engineers have been addressing for decades, part of their mission to redefine the meaning of lightweight luggage. It’s no coincidence that, in the UK, luggage weighs about one-third less than in US markets.

In addition to sleek, hybrid construction, Duolite bags feature corner-mounted racing wheels, expanding gussets, time-saving TSA combination locks, and affordable price tags

22" Carry-on Upright (4.6 lbs.) – $159 retail

26" Medium Upright (5.5 lbs.) – $179 retail

28" Large Upright (6.5 lbs.) – $199 retail

Antler Luggage, long the market leader in England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, entered the U.S. market last year and is quickly winning over American consumers with its quality, lightweight, affordable bags. Antler Luggage can be found in specialty stores nationwide and online at /

For more information, contact Lekas & Levine PR, 847-327-9530 or

NanoMarkets Announces Release of a New Study on Transparent Conductor Sales to the Photovoltaics Industry

January 20, 2011, Glen Allen, Virginia -- Consumption of transparent conductors by the photovoltaics (PV) industry is expected to reach $548 million by 2017, according to a new study by industry analyst firm NanoMarkets. The report, “Transparent Conductors in Photovoltaics: Market Opportunities 2011” states that photovoltaics is so far the only application for transparent conductors that has made a wholesale shift away from ITO thus creating a substantial opportunity for suppliers of other transparent conductive oxides. Additional details about report can be found at

From the report:

- Because of the cost sensitivity of PV, non-ITO transparent oxides have already achieved a victory over ITO in this sector and suppliers of transparent conducting oxides -- mainly zinc oxide and tin oxide -- can expect to ride the PV wave to reach $268 million in sales by 2017, compared with just $51 million this year.

- Starting in 2013, NanoMarkets expects nanomaterials to begin to impact the PV transparent conductor market. NanoMarkets believes that such materials will be of particular interest to new entrants into the PV business, who will have not built a substantial sputtering infrastructure. Such businesses can get immediate cost benefits from the R2R processes associated with nanomaterial deposition, both in terms of lower capital expenses and in terms of energy savings. In value terms, nanomaterials will account for 23 percent of the PV transparent conductor market by 2017.

- Although many kinds of nanomaterials will find markets in this space, NanoMarkets expects that nanosilver-containing films will be the first to take off in the PV space given the relative stability of the technology. The high price of silver will not constrain the volume of these films because the silver itself makes up only a very small portion of their value.

About the report:

This report analyzes and quantifies the markets for transparent conductors in PV using CdTe, thin-film silicon, CIGS, organic PV, and DSC absorber technologies. The transparent conducting materials covered comprise ITO, other transparent conductors, conducting polymers, nanosilver and composite films and carbon nanotube films. The report also includes an eight-year forecast of transparent conductor markets for PV applications, broken out by type of conductor and type of PV. It also examines the strategies that ITO firms will employ as they put up a fight to retain a share for as long as they can and what the implications of those strategies will be for all concerned. The report is targeted towards suppliers and developers of transparent conductors of all types, as well as for executives in thin-film and organic-based PV firms.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in energy and electronics markets created by developments in advanced materials. The firm has published numerous reports related to PV, printed electronics and conductive coatings. See for a full listing of the firm’s reports and related articles.

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