Immuno Biotech to present third paper on GcMAF at Immunotherapy and Immunomonitoring Conference

GcMAF helps body destroy cancer cells.

St Peter Port, Guernsey (March 4, 2013) -- Immuno Biotech Ltd has been invited to present its latest research paper on GcMAF at the 3rd Immunotherapy and Immunomonitoring Conference on April 22-25, 2013 in Krakow, Poland. Entitled "The effects of Vitamin D-binding protein-derived macrophage activating factor (GcMAF) on human breast cancer and neuroblastoma cells," it is about examining how GcMAF destroys breast and brain cancer cells by use of microscope photography and the fixing and staining of microscope slides. GcMAF is a key part of the human body's immune system and the body's own production is often reduced or prevented by diseases and cancer.

"This is the third scientific paper that we have presented in two months," said David Noakes, the CEO of Immuno Biotech. "We are actively adding to the growing body of scientific papers being generated by leading scientists around the world who are investigating how GcMAF can help the body naturally fight off diseases and cancer. Currently there are over 59 research papers on GcMAF by 142 eminent scientists. This growing interest in GcMAF by the scientific community resulted in this invitation to present our latest scientific paper at this prestigious conference. Having positive peer reviews at these international conferences on the effects of GcMAF is stimulating more scientists to start looking at how GcMAF can help in their research into diseases and cancer."

In the past two months, Immuno Biotech has presented at the International Cancer Conference in Dubai and, as a result, was asked to supply GcMAF for testing by the University of Sharjah on its library of 2,000 cancer cell lines. The same paper was also presented at the Immunology Conference in San Diego and was so well received that a number of scientists said that they would be now be re-directing their work. And at the International Dubai Autism Conference, their paper on GcMAF and autism, and the trial on 1,500 children with 15% of children making full recoveries, and 85% improving, resulted in Immuno Biotech being asked to supply GcMAF for similar large scale trials in Dubai.

"We are investing heavily in state-of-the-art research equipment and intend to produce several more papers by the end of the year," added David Noakes (left). "For example, our new high powered microscopes have been able to video GcMAF being used to destroy cancer cells by activating the macrophages, which are the body's own natural way of fighting invaders and cancer. We are the first to have videoed this and it really impresses the audiences at the conferences to see GcMAF actually in action." Video at

Immuno Biotech is organising the World's first GcMAF Immunology Conference that will be held at the Holiday Inn Frankfurt, Germany on 19th, 20th and 21st of April. Registration is open now for doctors and research scientists at and, from March 20th, registration opens for members of the public and patients wishing to learn more about GcMAF.

The quality of Immuno Biotech's GcMAF has made it the World's leading supplier and the provider of choice for scientists with the company being cited in over eight research papers to date. Many of the independent research papers on GcMAF are listed on its website

GcMAF is continually produced by healthy humans and is a vital part of the body's immune system. It directs the immune system to destroy foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, as well as the body's own cells when they turn cancerous. However, many diseases attempt to prevent production of the body's own GcMAF and, if successful, that prevents the immune system from fighting them resulting in the diseases growing unchecked and becoming chronic.

Immuno Biotech extracts GcMAF molecules from healthy human blood. A weekly injection of a tiny clear drop restores the level of GcMAF to normal - effectively a millionth of a conventional transfusion. This enables the body's own natural defence mechanisms to fight the infection with the only occasional side effects being mild, cold-like symptoms as the immune system starts to function normally. It is extremely safe as it is a naturally occurring blood product. Noticeable improvements usually happen within three weeks and the time it takes for the body to fight the infection and return to being able to produce normal levels of its own GcMAF depends on the severity of the infection or cancer. An eight week course costs €660 including shipping so a typical 24 week course costs under €2000 - a fraction of the cost of chemotherapy, and, according to the research papers, more effective at fighting cancer. Immuno Biotech has supplied 4,000 patients through 300 doctors in 30 nations.

Immuno Biotech Contact: Beate Keisa, Immuno Biotech Ltd., Ph: 0044 7781 411737, Website: and click "contact" at the top to email.

Private Tourism Sector and the Tourism Department in Vietnam are busy developing holidays for Germans

Vietnam busy developing touring holidays for German tourists.

Hanoi, Vietnam, March 3, 2013 -- The tourism department said that it is developing programmes and packages to attract more tourists into the nation.

However, there would be a special emphasis on attracting German tourists because Vietnam has been a favourite destination for travellers from Germany and german speaking countries.

The nation now has high class hotels and resorts, beaches and ethnic cuisine, which has been a hit with tourists worldwide.

Tourism statistics show that the nation receives 110,000 German tourists yearly. Further, it is also seen that the number of tourists is increasing at an average of 20 per cent annually. There are direct flights between Germany and Vietnam.

Pham Ha, Founder and CEO of Luxury Travel Ltd. (, and one of active members VNAT said that Germans are, of late, becoming increasingly interested in Vietnamese food and culture, noting that Germans are looking for authentic experiences in Vietnam and a deeper understanding of the country's culture, food, history and everyday life.

Vietnam is not a mass-market tourist destination, with most travellers interested in the local culture. The tourism department said that the nation is becoming more and more recognized as a safe and favoured destination for high-end German tourists.

Vietnam has launched a new campaign to attract tourists from all over the world under the slogan of 'Timeless charm.' German tourists wish to experience Vietnam's defining characteristics: thrills, nature, heritage, festivals, pristine beauty, enjoyment, scenery and essence.

"Germany economy is still strongest in euro zone, we expect good German traffic to Vietnam in 2013-2014, especially from small groups, families, couples and special interest travelers. Germany is among the top European markets for us, aided by a direct flight between Vietnam and Germany. Vietnam is better known as a backpacker destination for German travelers, but efforts are being made to promote Vietnam as a luxury destination and to attract upscale German-speaking travelers with niche tourism products. Our German speaking team is very well placed to serve high-end travelers." said Pham Ha, founder and CEO of Luxury Travel Ltd.

The VNA, Vietnam Airlines and 26 leading tourism firms including Luxury Travel Ltd. will attend ITB Berlin 2013 from 6 to 10 March, Hall 26A/122.

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