NanoMarkets Latest Report on Transparent Conductor Markets Sees $4.5 Billion Market in 2018

According to a new report from industry analyst firm NanoMarkets, the global market for transparent conductors will generate $4.5 billion (USD) in 2018.

Glen Allen, Virginia (September 9, 2013) -- According to a new report from industry analyst firm NanoMarkets, the global market for transparent conductors will generate $4.5 billion (USD) in 2018. This report, "Transparent Conductor Markets 2013" is the latest from NanoMarkets. It continues NanoMarkets' coverage of the transparent conductor market, which dates back to 2007. Additional details about the report are available at:

From the Report:

In the new report, NanoMarkets' notes that future revenue generation prospects for transparent conductors have declined because large OLED panels (lighting and TVs) have been slow to reach the market and also because of the devastation of the thin-film PV market by ultra-low-cost c-Si PV. NanoMarkets now expects the entire market for transparent conductors to grow at a reduced rate of around eight percent annually.

By contrast, non-ITO transparent conductors will enjoy almost 22 percent annual growth, reaching around $1.3 billion in revenues by 2018. NanoMarkets notes that in the past year there has been a lot of interest paid to silver nanowires and especially to metal meshes. On the other hand, carbon nanotubes seem to have made little commercial progress. And before any of these newer materials have really had a chance to take off, new transparent conductor materials based on graphene, copper and composites are being proposed and NanoMarkets wonders if there are just too many transparent conductor solutions right now and some may quickly drop by the wayside.

NanoMarkets also believes that while Microsoft's enhanced support of touch in Windows 8 will increase the addressable market for transparent conductors used in touch sensors, this will be counteracted by new design directions for touch sensors which use fewer layers of transparent conductors. These trends will lead to the revenues from transparent conductors sold for touch modules reaching around $250 million by the end of the decade, but then decreasing.

About the Report:

This new report provides the necessary strategic insight into how transparent conductor firms can best generate new business revenues in the in the display, solar panel and other sectors. This report also analyzes important developments on the transparent conductor materials front and it takes a peek at what the next generation of transparent conductors will look like and how these materials will extend addressable markets.

This study also contains detailed eight-year forecasts in volume (square meters) and value terms. For each of the applications covered there are breakouts of demand for ITO, other TCOs, ITO/TCO inks, carbon nanotube films, nanowire-based transparent conductors, metal meshes and conducting polymers. There is also a forecast of ITO products by type (sputtering targets, films, coated glass, etc.).

Finally, the strategies of the leading transparent conductor firms are also assessed in the context of the latest market developments. Among the firms discussed in this report are 3M, Agfa, AimCore, Atmel, AvaTec, AVCT, Bluestone, Cambrios, Canatu, Carestream, CIT, Cima NanoTech, Corning, Daicell, Ferro, FujiFilm, Fujimori, GemTech, Geomatec, Graphene Square, Gunze, Heraeus, Indium Corporation, Kodak, LG, Linde, Lintec, Merck, Mitsui, Nagaoka Sangyou, Nippon Soda, Nitto Denko Nippon Mining & Metals, NSG, Oike, PolyIC, Saint-Gobain, SinAn SNP, Samsung, Sanyo, Shenzhen Laibao, Suzhou NanoGrid, South Glass, Sumitomo, Suzutora, SWENT, TECO, Teijin, Toray, Tosoh, Ulvac, Unidym and UniPixel.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging markets in energy, electronics and other area created by developments in advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts of in the transparent conductor industry.

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Immigration Reform Protester Video Pulled After Backfiring Online

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) has released a new copy of the video which is also going viral with 99% of the public reactions being negative as shown below.

Raleigh, NC, USA (September 9, 2013) -- Contact: ALIPAC, (866) 703-0864

Immigration reform amnesty supporters had hoped their video of their protest at Congressional town hall meeting held by Representative Pete Olson (TX-22) would help their cause, but instead they pulled the video down from Youtube by marking it 'private' after the video went viral and 99% of the comments were negative towards both the protesters and immigration reform!

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) has released a new copy of the video which is also going viral with 99% of the public reactions being negative as shown below. Pete Olson has a standing endorsement from ALIPAC for his stances in favor of illegal immigration enforcement instead of amnesty.

"It is clear that these illegal alien amnesty supporters disrupting a civilized town hall meeting using mob rule tactics has backfired on the national push for amnesty," said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. "This mob shows Americans that illegal alien supporters have no respect for our laws, political culture, or citizens and gives people a glimpse of what most future town hall meetings will be like if Congress passes immigration reform amnesty."

ALIPAC has warned that any path to citizenship or legalization for 12-20 million illegal immigrants in America will eventually result in more problems with illegal immigration and a new dominant voting bloc in American politics that will destroy any future hopes for immigration and border law enforcement designed to protect American jobs, communities, and lives.

ALIPAC is encouraging Americans to watch the video that 'immigration reform' supporters do not want them to see, and to circulate the video far and wide to citizens, press, and lawmakers via the new copy released at this link...

Illegal Alien Mob disrupts Townhall meeting demanding Amnesty & citizenship, chant 'we'll be back'