Visalus Sciences/ Body By Vi Announces Operations in Europe

Fastest Growing Direct Sales Company Goes Live in UK.

London, UK (March 25, 2012) -- Visalus Sciences, the fastest growing direct sales company in the US is now commencing sales operations in the UK. Recently approved, the company, known commercially as Body By Vi or Vi, is seeking independent distributors in the UK interested in starting a home based business. Body By Vi has taken the weight loss industry by a storm with it's healthy shakes and nutraceutical line of products. The company has an unrivaled track record of success in this multi billion dollar market niche.

John Montgomery, Independent Distributor and National Director is very excited about the announcement. "The weight loss/healthy products category is exploding in Europe and our move into this market is a testimony to the dedication and commitment of our leadership team. Independent Distributors can take advantage of a proven system for generating income and building health and wealth."

Interested UK entrepreneurs can view the Body By Vi offering at or follow the launch on Facebook page at You may also view the full presentation at then contact John Montgomery to join the team during pre-launch.

Montgomery is also the co-founder of Team M.A.D.E. which is an acronym for Making A Difference Everyday.

"I am working hard to build the number one team in the UK and Europe and leverage the success we have had in the US. I look forward to working with any UK based individual that is unafraid to work hard and reap the benefits of our unique marketing system." Montgomery added.

John Montgomery

About Visalus
Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and Troy, MI, ViSalus™ is the company behind the Body by Vi™ Challenge, a 90-day weight and fitness transformation platform. ViSalus champions personal victories and entrepreneurship through a social marketing model, premium products, and support community. ViSalus™ is majority-owned by Blyth, Inc. (NYSE: BTH).

About John Montgomery

John Montgomery has been a Body By Vi distributor/promoter for 3 years where he has risen to he rank of National Director. He was introduced to the product first as a consumer where he used the Transformation Kit to lose 16 pounds over 90 Days in his first 90 Day Challenge. Montgomery is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified in Sports Nutrition. He has completed multiple 90 Day Challenges since his first challenge including a Jiu Jitsu Challenge, where he trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 90 days and competed in the American Cup where he placed 3rd. He is a respected entrepreneur in the Austin/Georgetown TX community where he is owner of several profitable businesses including Roberts Printing Company, which was one of 5 businesses nominated for the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce's Small Business of the Year for 2012.

New Student Apps for Scholarships Offer Solutions for Soaring Education Costs

New app discussed on Fox News.

WOBURN, MA (March 25, 2013) -- Fox News Boston reported this week that low income students may be avoiding top colleges unnecessarily because they don't know about all the funding options and tools, including new student apps for scholarships like the one available from

The news comes days after a report was released from the Center On Budget and Policy Priorities estimating how much each of the 50 states has slashed per-student funding for its university systems since the start of the recession, adjusted for inflation. In Arizona, where the cuts were the deepest, funding has been hacked in half. Nationwide, legislatures have sliced off 28 percent on average. Only two states -- Wyoming and oil-rich North Dakota -- have increased it, by the think tank's calculations.

To learn more about the Scholarship Advisor student app, visit and click the link to the Scholarship Advisor page. Check out a brief video from Dean Tsouvalas on YouTube that shows how easy to use the app is, as well as some of the key features noted above:

About StudentAdvisor, a Washington Post Company, is the leading "all things learning" resource for students of all ages. The site empowers users to determine which learning experiences and scholarships are the right fit for their personality, academic background, budget, career path, and future. The regularly curated content addresses key areas of higher education including: choosing a college, online learning, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), and finding or restarting a career. Users also have free access to regularly updated college reviews, college and scholarship match tools, digital magazines filled with relevant content and advice, and more. publishes the annual Top 100 Social Media Colleges, a scientifically calculated list that highlights the colleges that are best using social media. The company is a proud member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

Media Contact:
Maite Velez-Couto
rbb Public Relations

Bay Area PR Firms Collaborate to Launch Write On Content Professionals

Kohn Public Relations and Woolf Media & Marketing Join Together to Launch Content Development and Marketing Practice.

SAN FRANCISCO (March 25, 2013) -- Kohn Public Relations and Woolf Media & Marketing today announced the launch of Write On Content Professionals (, a joint venture created to assist marketing departments who need help meeting the demands of social media and online marketing programs. The independent subsidiary will provide writing and marketing consulting services to organizations seeking assistance with online marketing, social media campaigns, blogging, direct marketing, collateral development, and other content creation needs.

"In the last decade marketing programs have evolved with social media and new demands to engage customers online," said Tom Woolf, co-founder of Write On Content Pros. "Today more than ever, companies need content, and overworked marketing departments can't keep up with the volume of content required to drive marketing programs. Through Write On Content Pros, we can offer them experienced writers with the expertise to create content on a variety of subject for a broad range of audiences. Our goal is to provide turnkey expertise that can meet our clients' content needs."

Drawing from experience in developing marketing and PR programs for high-technology, professional services, and consumer services, Write On Content Professionals develops custom content such as customer case studies, white papers, press releases, articles, and sales material. Write On Content Professionals also offers a range of social media support services, including blog development and management, web content, and SEO support.

"Companies need quality content in quantity to feed their marketing programs, and they are looking outside their organizations for qualified freelance resources who are experienced across a broad range of markets and industries," said Barbara Kohn, co-founder of Write On Content Pros. "By pooling our expertise in public relations and marketing, our team can offer clients compelling content that speaks to a target audience."

For more information about Write On Content and its services, visit the company's web site at

About Write On Content Professionals
Write On Content Professionals is a collaboration of Kohn Public Relations and Woolf Media & Marketing and was created to support organizations struggling to keep pace with the demand that today's marketing programs have for fresh content. The company provides a diverse range of marketing support services to companies of all sizes, including sales collateral, web content, blog content, social media support, press releases, white papers, case studies, and more.

For more information, visit

Tom Woolf
Write On Content Professionals
(415) 259-5638

Mystery Novel GEM by Naida Reynolds Released Worldwide

GEM, a twisting muddle of mystery, lies, deceit, Nazis, spies, revenge, lost love, and a skewed romance is now available worldwide in ebook and print versions.

Duluth, MN, USA (March 25, 2013) -- In Naida Reynolds' ( breakout novel, titled Gem -- Gem Forrester is an Agency courier on a secret mission to find out what happened to her twin sister, their parents, and a dear family friend, who disappeared without a trace. As Gem begins to piece together what happened one fateful night, she will have to discover what happened to Nazis who had disappeared over sixty years ago.

Gem Forrester's life consisted of her family and her career with the Agency - until both are cast into tragedy, mystery, chaos, and pain. A chance meeting in Barcelona further complicates her life in a way she could never foresee or even imagine. Readers will be caught up in the mysteries and chaos in Gem's life. But will question if Gem can resolve these issues without losing her sanity.

"We never know during our busy daily lives how our words, choices, or actions might affect other people with whom we come in contact," says Reynolds, ( "Every 'story' has two or more sides, and sometimes the most seemingly insignificant moment in one person's life can cause an unintended domino effect in other people's lives."

Gem has found herself in this new hellish mission where she is thrown an emotional life-line in the appearance of a fascinating, handsome man - Wyatt Grantham. While Gem pursues her private mission to find her family, Wyatt pursues her for his private agenda. Gem's once well-organized life is now a muddle of mystery, lies, deceit, lost love, and a skewed 'romance'.

"Naida Reynolds gives you a combination of Nazi spies, mystery, history, romance and revenge all with a little bit of humor added. This was a great read and highly recommended. This book kept moving and the interaction between the characters was superbly developed. A true page turner," says reviewer James Summer.

The ebook version of Gem ISBN 9781622872619, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available online wherever ebooks are sold. The 768 page print book version, ISBN 9781622872626, was published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

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Phone: 218-213-1691