ALIPAC Calls for Vote on License for Illegal Aliens Bill (HB 328)

Raleigh, NC, USA (September 15, 2015) -- Contact: William Gheen | (866) 703-0864 |

In a surprising response to rumors that HB 328 sponsor Harry Warren is telling NC lawmakers that he has the votes in place to pass his "licenses for illegal aliens" bill and that a plan is in place to conduct a "low profile" vote before the 2015 legislative sessions ends, ALIPAC is changing position to now call for Speaker Tim Moore to allow a vote!

While remaining fervently opposed to HB 328 and any legislation that provides taxpayer benefits to illegals such as licenses, tuition breaks, and welfare, ALIPAC feels that now is the perfect time for the small group of GOP lawmakers to cast votes with the Democrat allies. This means that now both supporters and opponents are calling for a vote on the bill!

"Illegal immigration is the top issue in America right now and there is a negative coattail effect in place for Republicans like Jeb Bush and NC Rep. Harry Warren due to their support for legislation that illegal aliens and their employers like the NC Farm Bureau want," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC.

"We want Speaker Tim Moore to bring HB 328 to the floor immediately so we can get every Republican lawmaker who supports licenses for illegals on the record with an official vote. Since scientific polling data and the recent public referendum defeat for such licenses in Oregon show us public opposition ranges from 64-83%, we feel GOP lawmakers dumb enough to push the Yea button on HB 328 in the run up to the 2016 primaries will be committing political suicide. So our message to Rep. Harry Warren and his GOP lawmakers that plan to use Democrat votes to give licenses to illegals is 'Make our day'!"

ALIPAC and other NC based organizations have been able to identify 11 GOP lawmakers supporting HB 328 by analyzing videos from committee votes on the bill. That list of names was used to file a NC Republican Party resolution to censure Republican Representatives Harry Warren, Brian Brown, Jeff Collins, Jonathan Jordan, Nelson Dollar, Larry Yarborough, Paul Stam, Charles Jeter, Bob Steinberg, Susan Martin, and Jay Adams for violating the NC GOP platform by voting for drivers licenses/permits for immigrants here unlawfully.

Also, NC GOP and ALIPAC activists are searching for Republican primary challengers for these lawmakers who are hoping to have a sneaky vote on HB 328 before they leave session in a few days or weeks.

While ALIPAC is changing our position to ask that Speaker Moore now bring the bill up for a vote, the organization's full opposition to HB 328 and licenses for illegals will intensify in the hopes of either defeating the bill now and shutting it down for years, or by achieving the goal of providing NC voters with the full list of elected Republicans in the NC House that agree with Democrats on supporting the bill.

ALIPAC believes that conducting a vote on HB 328 at this time would maximize chances the bill is defeated and maximize public backlash while simultaneously providing GOP voters with a full list of which Republicans in the NC House are disloyal to the public and the GOP Party platform.

Chances are high such a vote could even make licenses for illegal immigrants a topic of debate in the Presidential Elections of 2015-2016!

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Market Rates Insight Introduces FeeBuilder, an Interactive Fees Database to Help Financial Institutions Optimize Fee Revenue

New National Fee Tracking Database Gives Banks and Credit Unions Live Competitive Information on Retail Deposit Fees.

San Anselmo, CA, USA (September 15, 2015) -- Market Rates Insight, Inc., the leader in financial services pricing intelligence for deposits, personal loans, mortgages, and fees, today announced the launch of FeeBuilder™, the first live retail deposit fees database for financial institutions (FIs). FeeBuilder is a subscription-based, interactive, decision-support fees database that helps financial institutions (FIs) make up-to-the-moment observations about retail FI deposit fees nationwide. The latest FDIC data shows that consumer overdraft charges, periodic maintenance charges, and ATM fees alone make up more than 50 percent of service charges on deposit accounts. FeeBuilder provides a competitive benchmark for FIs to optimize competitive deposit account fees instantly, and to answer off-cycle fee questions.

FeeBuilder was designed to help FI decision-making for competitive deposit fees. It provides instant peer-to-peer analyses at the national, state, and local level with comprehensive competitive fee data on checking, savings, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit. FeeBuilder covers overdraft, non-sufficient funds (NSF), monthly service fees, ATM fees, and wire transfer. Users can segment by product, geographic market, and by FI. FeeBuilder includes access to deposit fees at 95 percent of banks with over $10 billion in assets, 98 percent of credit unions with more than $1 billion, and all significant direct banks. With 1,700 FIs and growing, this database is essential for FIs that depend on deposit fee revenue, and it is the first and only fees tracking service to offer daily updates for immediate decision support.

With interest rates still at record lows, FIs are increasingly dependent on deposit fees for revenue. In fact, overdraft fees have become a primary source of revenue, accounting for nearly $32 billion in 2013. Very soon, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will issue new overdraft guidelines that will affect some fee revenue.

"FI margin squeeze is real. Banks and credit unions are facing mounting market and regulatory pressures at a time when the velocity of change and demands for transparency are overwhelming," said Rick Barham, founder and CEO of Market Rates Insight. "It's more important than ever to be able to have a fast and accurate fees benchmark. Aligning your deposit fees with live market data not only helps you keep pace with the competition, but it also means you aren't leaving potential revenue on the table. FeeBuilder helps our clients stay one step ahead, and it answers their most pressing questions."

FeeBuilder is essential for executives who need to set deposit fees or develop new financial products. FeeBuilder can be applied in a number of ways:

1. FeeBuilder answers off-cycle questions about fees without the usual delay of waiting for a custom fee study.
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5. FeeBuilder shows where the CFPB is exerting influence on OD with live market data.
6. FeeBuilder also is valuable for business development, opening new markets, and M&A strategies.

FeeBuilder is delivered as a quarterly report and on-demand. The data is structured as a comprehensive spreadsheet that provides snapshots that can be manipulated for inclusion in reports, projections, and presentations.

Included with the FeeBuilder subscription is a quarterly bonus look at the data via TrendSpotter, showing fee changes highlighted by product category or institution. TrendSpotter quickly reveals how the industry is responding to consumer and regulatory pressure regarding fees, and it shows accumulated changes by fee at the national level.

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