Cutting Edge Research on HIV Reservoirs

Toulon, France, January 21, 2011 -- Since the worrisome first years of the AIDS epidemic when the disease stumped the medical community, more than 22 million persons have died from HIV and an additional 33 million are living with it. The disease does not affect only one sector of the world’s community, rather it knows no gender, no race and has no sexual preference. Africa and Asia have the highest incident rate among the world population. Sadly, more than 2.5 million people are still dying from this disease annually. The majority of AIDS deaths occur in developing countries where less than 10% of the population has access to proper medical care. HIV reservoirs research and cure is the answer we need to this problem.

Developed countries are still reporting too many new cases of this disease each year. Risky behaviors like practicing unsafe sex and sharing IV drug needles are contributing factors to the continued spread of this disease. Moreover, government has begun to diminish much needed HIV research funds that are used to seek a cure and to promote prevention education. Now is the time to shift gears and work towards stopping the spread of HIV and developing a cure for it. Cutting edge research on HIV reservoirs is urgency.

HIV reservoirs research is our best defense against the pandemic as it is the only way for finding a cure. The fact that developed countries are still engaging in risky behavior that spreads this disease means that awareness needs to be raised once again. Prevention is the best remedy to stop people from contracting this disease. Both developing and modern societies will benefit greatly from HIV education. But as long as people are still acquiring HIV, then we must never stop searching for a cure. We encourage an international force to come together and work towards this ultimate goal. Let’s rally our forces for all who have died in the name of HIV. 

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