Poems and Rhymes Exploring War, Soldiers, Politics, Animals, Insanity, Faith and Love

Written By Perry Ritthaler Published By eBookIt.com.

CRESTON, BC, February 06, 2011 -- Enjoy Poetry and Rhymes - Over 43 Beautiful and Explosive Full Color Illustrations - With expressive language and sweepingly descriptive images, Perry Ritthaler paints a portrait of sincere and devoted love, overwhelming passion, and candid emotion. Poems and Rhymes Exploring War, Soldiers, Politics, Animals, Insanity, Faith and Love is sure to touch the hearts and minds of readers everywhere.

The poetry created in the Digital Mind Coach series will help identify the politics in Iraq and hidden challenges a soldier may face and allows the expression of the thoughts of a devastated family or thoughts that at times flow through the mind of a soldier on the battlefield or when returning home from the war.

The poetry within these e-books provides a sensible balance of love and faith while highlighting some of the disadvantages found within addiction that at times help to create the insanity on the faces of many people.

With his keen observer’s eye, he carefully, lyrically examines subjects from love and heartbreak to death and mistrust, from travel abroad, to vignettes amplifying how the beauty of animals and nature stems from an artist’s touch. With these details, Perry paints a portrait of the multi-faceted richness of everyday life.

“Reading Perry Ritthaler’s poems and rhymes create the presence of an electric consciousness gazing at the temporal rifts and physical folds beneath landscapes and the manifold tensions between bodies. Poetic language here is an instrument of thought or, rather, of a thinking that breathes and is embodied and seeks a new path. By all means, join him along the way.”

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