NanoMarkets Announces Release of Latest Report on Emerging Market for Printed Organic Logic and Memory

NanoMarkets announces the release of its latest report on the emerging organic/printed logic and memory market, titled "Markets for OTFTs, OFETs and Organic Memory - 2012."

Glen Allen, Virginia - August 3, 2012 -- Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets announces the release of its latest report on the emerging organic/printed logic and memory market, titled "Markets for OTFTs, OFETs and Organic Memory - 2012." The report analyzes the opportunities for materials, component, and device makers in the OTFT/OFET and organic nonvolatile memory (ONVM) value chain over the next eight years. NanoMarkets estimates that the total market value of OTFT/OFET and ONVM components will grow to nearly $1B (US) in revenues by 2018. Over the same time period, the value of the market for printed electronics devices enabled by these OTFT/OFET and ONVM components will reach $4.6B.

About the Report:

This latest NanoMarkets report provides an analysis and forecast of the OTFT/OFET and ONVM market over the next eight years. Applications covered include smart packaging, brand protection, security, smartcards, distribution tagging and RFID, interactive media, disposable electronics, and (flexible) display backplanes. The report examines some of the latest market strategies, products and technical developments in materials, and it identifies how performance and manufacturing improvements are finally improving the prospects for printed/organic electronics.

As in all NanoMarkets reports, this report contains granular eight-year forecasts of OTFT/OFET and ONVM shipments in both unit and value terms, with breakouts by material type (small molecule vs. polymer) deposition technology (vapor vs. solution processing), and by panel type (rigid vs. flexible). Material categories discussed include organic and/or polymeric semiconductors, ferroelectric materials, dielectrics, and electrodes.

Key players mentioned in the report include Acreo, BASF, Bemis, Fujifilm Dimatix, Hewlett Packard, Heraeus, Holst Centre, InkTec, JAPERA, LG, Merck/EMD, OE-A, Optomec, PARC, PEA, Polyera, PolyIC, Qolpac, Samsung, Solvay, Sony, Thin Film Electronics, Toppan Printing, and others.

From the Report:

A decade ago, OTFTs/OFETs and ONVMs were once darlings of the advanced materials sector, but the early hype largely dissipated as their huge potential was in stark contrast to their disappointing reality. Materials performance was low and manufacturing proved more difficult, and more costly, than originally expected. But today there are signs that things may be turning around. There is renewed interest and commercialization activity in this sector, and NanoMarkets believes that the industry is poised to take off in the 2014-2015 timeframe, built upon better materials and processes, meaningful collaboration between players, and the launch of new products that will add credibility to the whole sector.

But NanoMarkets cautions that commercial success will only happen if suppliers can help to close the remaining technology - and cost - gaps that could hold back the realization of low-cost/high volume fabrication. Players in this industry can thus carve out competitive advantages in the following areas: improved material performance, especially with respect to mobility, because while improvements have been made, still more are needed; development of reliable and easy-to-use inks and coatings, as well as the optimization of suitable printing or solution patterning methods for them; and establishment of a well-integrated manufacturing and supply chain that brings all of the elements together to provide sellable products to end-users.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in electronics, solid-state lighting, energy, and other markets created by developments in advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts of this kind and has been covering the advanced materials sector for nearly a decade.

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AAA Welcomes New Support for Canadian Impact Investing

AAA, an alternative investment advocacy and research group, has lent its support to the TMX Group in Canada, which has announced a commitment to contributing to the development of the impact investing market in the country.

Boston, MA, USA, August 3, 2012 -- Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA), an alternative investment advocacy and research group, has lent its support to the TMX Group in Canada, which has announced a commitment to contributing to the development of the impact investing market in the country.

TMX Group is officially supporting MaRS Centre for Impact Investing ('the Centre'), which has been created to try to promote and initiate impact investing programs. The programs that will be launched by the Centre are all about mobilizing cash to help fund projects that are beneficial on either a social or environmental level.

The existing impact investment market in Canada is worth an estimated CA$2 billion and is expected to increase to CA$30 billion within the coming ten years as more and more investors look for ways to ensure their money goes towards ethical and responsible causes. The MaRS project will work by finding ways to match investment with projects that could help social or economic causes, but that could also generate returns for the investors.

AAA's analysis partner, Anthony Johnson, said, “Many people may presume that impact investors see little return on their investment. However, more and more ethical investment projects are generating healthy returns due to the fact that there are an enormous number of opportunities to help people in developing countries to make money by starting their own enterprises.”

The TMX Group's Vice president, Ronald Alepia, said, "TMX Group is pleased to support corporate social innovation in partnership with the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing."

"The MaRS Centre for Impact Investing is the right institution with which to develop this transformative new opportunity for Canada. We've been active with the Centre from its inception and look forward to a long and productive partnership," he added.

AAA supports ethical investments of all kinds, including investment in sustainable forestry plantation projects, such as those run in Brazil by firms like Greenwood Management.

About Alternative Asset Analysis:
The remit of Alternative Asset Analysis is to analyse and provide news on the global performance of a wide range of alternative asset classes including, but not restricted to, commodities, real estate, forestry, foreign exchange, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital.

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URALCHEM HOLDING P.L.C. Reports Unaudited IFRS Financial Results for the First Half of 2012

- Revenue increased to US $1,261 million, compared to US $1,035 million in H1 2011
- Operating profit increased to US $410 million, compared with US $288 million in H1 2011
- Adjusted EBITDA grew to US $462 million, compared to US $337 million in H1 2011
- Net profit amounted to US $444 million, compared with US $266 million in H1 2011

Moscow, Russia - August 03, 2012 -- URALCHEM HOLDING P.L.C. (hereinafter URALCHEM Holding or the Company), a Cypriot holding company of the URALCHEM Group (hereinafter the Group), one of the largest producers of nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers in Russia, announced its unaudited IFRS financial results for the six months ended 30 June 2012.

Key Financial Figures for H1 2012 and 2011 (US $ million)

H1 2012
H1 2011
Year-on-Year Change, %
Gross profit
Gross profit margin
Operating profit
Operating profit margin
Net profit
Net profit margin
Adjusted EBITDA
Adjusted EBITDA margin
Net cash generated from operating activities

Dmitry Konyaev, CEO of URALCHEM, OJSC (part of the Group), commented on the results for the first half of 2012, “We achieved good financial results in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2011. EBITDA increased by more than one-third, sales grew by 18% and reached 3 million tons. The good performance was driven by situation on the urea and ammonium nitrate markets, which was favourable for us, as well as acquisition of Minudobrenia OJSC and our own efforts aimed at improving the efficiency of enterprises, the modernization of production and our responsiveness to changing market needs.”

Financial Results

Revenue for the first half of 2012 grew to US $1,261 million, compared to US $1,035 million in the first half of 2011. Operating profit amounted to US $410 million, or 33% of the revenue, compared with the operating profit of US $288 million, or 28% of the revenue in the first half of 2011.

Net profit for the first half of 2012 amounted to US $444 million, compared to US $266 million in the first half of 2011.

During the first half of 2012, adjusted EBITDA reached US $462 million, compared to US $337 during the same period last year, a rise of 37%. Adjusted EBITDA margin for the first half of 2012 comprised 37% of revenue compared with 33% of revenue for the first half of 2011.


During the second quarter of 2012 prices of mineral fertilisers and semi-products showed significantly different dynamics. Ammonia prices began to recover due to high demand and limited supply. During the second quarter the price grew by $150/t and by the end of June it reached $600/t FOB at the Yuzhny port.

Prices for urea increased until mid-May and surpassed the peak figures of 2011. Since mid-May there was a significant decline in prices due to low activity of buyers. In late June - early July, the urea market began to show signs of recovery.

Prices for ammonium nitrate repeated the dynamics of the urea market and grew rapidly until mid-May. However, the second half of the quarter was characterized by falling prices for the product, which was also due to low purchasing activity.

The global market of phosphate fertilisers was in the process of recovery during the second quarter of 2012. Due to strong demand in Latin America, spot prices recovered, despite the launch of Chinese products on the market. Market participants are forecasting a stable outlook for the third quarter of the year.


In the first six months of 2012 the Group’s product sales grew by 18% compared to the same period in 2011 and totalled 3 million tons. Due to the acquisition of OJSC Minudobrenia, Perm, sales of urea and ammonia increased significantly, by 117% and 61% respectively.

Sales of Commercial Products of URALCHEM Group in H1 2012-2011 (thousands of tons)

Name of Product
H1 2012
H1 2011
Year-on-Year Change, %
Ammonium nitrate and its derivatives
Phosphate based fertilisers
Complex fertilisers
Other chemicals, including ammonium nitrate for industrial use

Financial Situation

Cash generated from operating activities in the first half of 2012 amounted to US $342 million compared with US $194 million in the first half of 2011.

On 30 June 2012, the Company’s net debt amounted to US $991 million. Interest expenses in the first half of 2012 decreased by US $23 million or 36% compared to the same period last year.

For more information, please visit the Company web site or use the following contact information:

PR department
Tel: +7 (495) 721 89 89

URALCHEM HOLDING P.L.C. is a holding company of the URALCHEM Group, which includes four fertilizer manufacturing facilities in Russia. URALCHEM Group is one of the largest producers of nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers in Russia and the CIS with production capacities of over 2.5 million tons of ammonium nitrate, 2.8 million tons of ammonia, 0.8 million tons of MAP and DAP, 0.8 million tons of complex fertilisers and 1.2 million tons of urea per year. URALCHEM Group is the second largest ammonium nitrate producer in the world and number one in Russia, the second largest producer of nitrogen fertilisers in Russia. URALCHEM Group’s key production assets include Azot Branch of URALCHEM, OJSC in Berezniki, Perm Region; OJSC Minudobrenia, Perm; MFP Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Works, OJSC, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Kirov region; Voskresensk Mineral Fertilisers, OJSC in Voskresensk, Moscow region.

Some of the information in this press release may contain projections or other forward-looking statements regarding future events or the future financial performance of URALCHEM. We wish to caution you that these statements are only predictions. We do not intend to update these statements and our actual results may differ materially from those contained in our projections or forward-looking statements, including, among others, the achievement of anticipated levels of profitability, growth, cost and synergy of our recent acquisitions, the impact of competitive pricing, the ability to obtain necessary regulatory approvals and licenses, the impact of developments in the Russian economic, political and legal environment, financial risk management and the impact of general business and global economic conditions.

Annex to the press release about the unaudited financial results for the first half of 2012

EBITDA is a profit / loss from financial and economic activities during the reporting period, before deduction of income tax on profits, income and interest costs, depreciation and amortization. "Adjusted EBITDA" is EBITDA for the reporting period before goodwill, profit / loss from associates, profit / loss on foreign exchange differences arising on financial performance and profit / loss on operations with derivative financial instruments. Adjusted EBITDA is operating profit before depreciation and amortization and financial results of operations with derivative financial instruments. In accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS"), depreciation and amortization are included in cost structure, and in the selling, general and administrative expenses. IFRS does not require the disclosure and does not describe the calculation of EBITDA and adjusted EBITDA, among other financial indicators, so they can not substitute for net profit for the period when evaluating the results of operations or the measure of cash provided by operating activities when evaluating liquidity. Approach to the calculation of EBITDA and adjusted EBITDA, as described earlier, may not coincide with the approaches used by other companies, therefore, comparability may be limited. We believe that EBITDA and adjusted EBITDA provide useful information to investors because they are indicators of the stability and efficiency of our business and our ability to fund discretionary spending such as capital expenditures, the acquisition of subsidiaries and other investments, as well as indicators of our ability to incur and service debt. IFRS classifies depreciation and amortization to operating costs, while in fact they are distributed to the current period non-cash expenses for the acquisition or creation of fixed assets, incurred in previous periods, and are not affiliated with the movement of funds.

Calculation of EBITDA for H1 2012 - 2011 (thousands of US$)

H1 2012
H1 2011*
Net profit

Income tax
Interest income
Interest expense
Depreciation and amortisation
Loss/(profit) of associates
Gain from change in fair value of previously held interest
Foreign exchange loss/(gain) from financing activities

*Financial Statements for the first half of the year were restated following the acquisition of OJSC Minudobrenia.

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Vietnam's Golden Central Coast Attracts High-End MICE Travelers

Vietnam is an emerging destination for the MICE sector, as Luxury Travel ( targets MICE groups.

Hanoi, Vietnam, August 3, 2012 -- Vietnam is an emerging destination for the MICE sector, as Luxury Travel targets MICE groups.

Vietnam is recognized as a good destination for MICE. The tourism industry, especially luxury hotels and airlines, have had success in promoting Vietnam’s new MICE venues.

"Vietnam is for everyone and all sizes of MICE events can be held in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Central Vietnam (Hue, Danang, Hoi An). The international standard hotel in Central Vietnam has modern conference facilities, resort and meeting rooms and a variety of attractions suiting all tastes. This can include trips for nature and culture lovers, golfers, health and spa enthusiasts, and aficionados of fine cuisine. Further, the Central Coast of Vietnam has more varied products to offer the MICE market than Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi," said Pham Ha, founder and CEO of Luxury Travel Ltd.

The central coast is growing in stature as one the hottest tourist spots in Southeast Asia with a variety of attractions. With a string of top-class resorts and golf courses opening, the region has been steadily growing in stature as one of the hottest tourist spots in the country and Southeast Asia but the arrival of a new international standard airport with links to multiple cities in China, Singapore and routes to Bangkok and Hong Kong set to open soon will help put Danang on the global map.

We need to promote Vietnam as a preferred destination for both domestic and international MICE travels. We will foster closer and more effective partnerships between the private and government sectors. This will help build Vietnam's ability to compete internationally in the long term,” explained Ha.

Luxury Travel opened its Danang office to tap tourism boom in Central Coast of Vietnam. MICE planners can go to for inspiration and options for successful meeting incentive conference and exhibition trips.

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Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi 84444