Actyl Group Issues Statement on Misquoting and Misrepresentation of Facts in CBC News Story

'Go Public' piece included inaccuracies on the work of the firm in recruiting skilled, hard-working international job candidates.

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada (April 16, 2014) -- On April 14, 2014, as part of its "Go Public" series, CBC News published an article and video on the hiring of temporary foreign workers in Canada, specifically in the western provinces. The article detailed alleged accounts of discrimination against Canadian employees in favor of international workers.

In one portion of the article, CBC News's Kathy Tomlinson reported on Actyl Group's role in recruiting international workers, misquoting President and CEO Linda West and including number of inaccuracies. One of the biggest errors was that Actyl does not work with the Victoria company featured in the article.

Actyl Group has issued the following statement from West regarding the article:

"From its inception, Actyl Group has always been a no-fee charging company, which means that employers who use our services pay our recruiting service fees - and no one else. We take great pride in offering life-changing opportunities to people, including both Canadian and international job candidates, as well as helping Canadian businesses grow and hire more skilled employees. We have a wonderful team of professionals who operate with the highest level of integrity that is at the core of everything they do.

Considering this, we were extremely disappointed that Canada's national public broadcaster, the CBC, would misrepresent facts and misquote me personally, altering the meaning of what I said as I described the work of the Actyl team. The fact remains that we always do our best to recruit Canadian workers first, turning to international candidates when we do not receive an adequate number of applications to fill needed positions. We hope this sets the record straight on our company's role in helping businesses throughout Canada grow and thrive."

About Actyl Group:
Actyl Group is a leader in international workforce solutions, providing customized services based on employers' needs. The company leverages decades of industry experience and expertise, helping businesses and organizations find the Canadian and international workers they need to grow in a sustainable way. To learn more about the company, please visit
Media Contact:
Linda West, MBA, PhD., President
(780) 250-5533

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