First Edition Design eBook Publishing Adds Android Market for eBook Submissions

World’s largest eBook distributor continues its expansion to include Android platform.

Sarasota, FL, USA - February 20, 2012 -- First Edition Design Publishing's eBook division (, has added Android Market to their extensive list of eBook distribution points. (

"This is another step forward in developing our massive global distribution network for eBooks and print books," said First Edition Design Publishing’s CEO Deborah E. Gordon. "Our mission is to make our author’s books available on every eReader platform including Android devices. First Edition Design Publishing's releases, including fiction, non-fiction, academic and poetry eBooks, are now available along with millions of other titles on Android Market." (

First Edition Design Publishing based in Sarasota, Florida, USA leads the industry in eBook distribution. They convert, format and submit eBooks to Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Google, Kobo, Diesel, 3M, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Nielsen, scores of additional on-line retailers and libraries, schools, colleges and universities. Their reach is to over 100,000 distribution points in more than 100 countries.

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Tom Gahan
First Edition Design Publishing
PO Box 20217, Sarasota FL 34276

AAA welcomes pro-alternative article by investing expert

A recent article by City Commodities investment manager, Dan Fox, written in, has been welcomed by AAA.

Boston, MA, USA, February 20, 2012 -- A recent article by City Commodities investment manager, Dan Fox, written in, has been welcomed by Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

AAA is an alternative investment advocacy group and its analysis partner, Anthony Johnson claims that Mr Fox’s article highlights some very important benefits of alternative investments. Mr Fox claimed that most investors would enjoy the process of investing in alternative assets more than traditional stocks and shares.

Mr Fox explained that the process of investing in ethical causes is also rewarding in a way that investing in faceless corporations will never be. He talked about how the carbon credits markets will heat up at the end of the year when the Kyoto agreement expires. He said, “The expiration of this agreement will see a large rise in Voluntary Emissions Reductions (VERs) which are a type of credit that fall outside the guidelines and obligations of Kyoto, and thus open up a wider range of initiatives designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Mr Johnson also points out Mr Fox’s assertion that alternative assets are more tangible and exciting that equities. AAA support investment in forestry as an excellent way to bring in strong returns while helping to increase CO2 absorption the protection and increase of forested land. An example is Greenwood Management's plantation scheme in Brazil, which allows investors to buy up sections of plantation land with all investors receiving returns based on the sustainable felling of trees after they have grown.

Mr Fox also talked about the satisfaction involved with spotting a great alternative asset class, which may even reflect one's own interests, such as wine, rare coins or stamps or even designer clothing. Mr Fox explained, “Many people invest in fine wines and enjoy the excitement of building up an eclectic cellar as much as they do making money on it.”

About Alternative Asset Analysis:
The remit of Alternative Asset Analysis is to analyse and provide news on the global performance of a wide range of alternative asset classes including, but not restricted to, commodities, real estate, forestry, foreign exchange, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital.

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Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
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