3DPageFlip Software Company Releases Specific Reader Software to Read Full 3D eBooks

3D PageFlip Reader is freeware for 3DPageFlip users to enjoy better reading experience, to read 3DP flipping books on PC and mobile tablets easily.

Guangzhou, China (June 20, 2013) -- eBooks are becoming more popular and with that comes more creativity in developing eBooks fully. Now 3D flipping book, a fun and interactive way readers engage with electronic books, is becoming more widely used. 3DPageFlip Software Company created software to produce these visually enhanced 3D flipping books and has also developed a free 3D PageFlip Reader software.

After 3D flipping books are created, users are left with a 3DP format saved to their computer. Since 3D flipping books offer different features than a traditional eBook in order to enhance the reader's experience, 3D flipping books require different software to read the eBooks and take advantage of videos or animations in the 3D eBook. With 3D PageFlip Reader users can read published flipping books with free supporting software.

This easy-to-use digital book reader allows those on PC or Android devices to read published 3DP files. 3D PageFlip Reader allows the user to quickly open 3D eBooks and experience the full advantages of a 3D eBook in the palm of their hand. With the 3D flipping book creation software, 3D PageFlip Professional/Standard, users publish their PDFs to a specific 3DP format. After this, users can install the 3D PageFlip Reader on their mobile device for free and read the book they just created.

Using the 3DP format is beneficial for 3D eBooks in a few ways. One is that 3DP format instead of EXE format is easier to share via email. Most email programs do not allow users to send EXE via email since it could be a security risk. By using the 3DP format, users can share their eBook creation more easily via email or social networks.

Most importantly though, users with 3D PageFlip Reader can easily take their 3D flipping book to business meetings on their tablet, to the coffee shop on their phone, or even just to the office on their laptop or PC. Currently Windows and Android versions of 3D PageFlip Reader are available to download on 3DPageFlip's website. Although no Mac iOS versions are currently available, they are coming in the near future.

Now that eBooks are becoming and everyday occurrence, business owners, organization participants and students have the opportunity to add excitement to an eBook by making it with 3-dimensional flair. 3D PageFlip Reader is a free and easy-to-use software that gives users full-feature capabilities of a 3D eBook. By adding animations, video and a more interactive way to read, users will see using the 3D PageFlip Reader is the most stunning way to view 3D eBooks and sharing using the 3DP format is the most effective way to promote a new 3D eBook via email or social media. Download the freeware at http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d-reader/.

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