Esencialuz S.L. offers Bach Flowers in a New Format - S.O.S. Chewing Gum against Anxiety

Conil de la Frontera, Spain, November 30, 2010 -- Since October 2010, Esencialuz S.L. distributes the new Chicles de Flores de Bach (Bach Flower Gums) in Spain to pharmacies, health food shops and Corte Ingles centers. This product is meant to treat both, emotional and physical imbalances.

The German laboratory Lemonpharma created a new way of taking flower essences of Dr. Edward Bach. Since October 2010, the company Esencialuz S.L. distributes these products in Spain to pharmacies, health food shops and centers of Corte Ingles, with the name of S.O.S Chicles de Flores de Bach. This product is meant to treat both, emotional and physical imbalances.

The traditional way of taking the remedies is by drops or spray. However, the chewing gum is consumed quickly and easily at any place or time of day.

S.O.S. Bach Flower Gums have been developed and produced in collaboration with naturopaths and pharmacists, contain and preserve the properties of the original flower essences from England. In addition to the successful remedy for anxiety (No. 39), there are three others that help provide energy, concentration and self confidence when it is most needed. These four remedies are:

S.O.S. Ansiedad “Tranquilidad y calma” (remedy No. 39)
- Anxiety - Tranquility and Calm
- Stressful situations
- Stress caused by exams, panic of flying, stage fright
- Adjustment problems, moments of crisis
- Impatience, restlessness, and hypersensitivity

S.O.S. Energ√≠a “Fuerza y vigor”
- Energy - Strength and Vigor
- Physical and mental fatigue (burn-out syndrome)
- Loss of courage and despair
- Apathy
- Need to sleep
- Indecision and instability

S.O.S Concentraci√≥n “Claridad y constancia”
- Concentration - Clarity and Consistency
- Retention and Learning Disability
- Attention problems
- Internal Unrest
- Difficulty in making decisions
- Confusion and lack of concentration

S.O.S. Autoconfianza “Valor y seguridad”
- Self Confidence - Value and Security
- Feelings of inferiority and fear of failure
- Fear of loneliness, isolation and neglect
- Restlessness and distrust in the future
- Pessimism

The production takes place through a complex and careful procedure in order to preserve the energy in the essences in the best way possible. With Bach Flower Gum, Lemonpharma achieved a harmonious connection between the effect of Bach flower essences and the need for a quick and easy use in the everyday life.

These bubble gums are a resource for specific situations, a kit of self-therapy floral. So the consumer always has its Bach Flower discreetly hand, even in difficult situations such as while traveling, at work or by plane.


Max Adler
Esencialuz S.L.
+34 956 44 14 73

Document Management Software House launches reseller version of its popular hosted system

Leicester, UK, November 30, 2010 -- Platinum Business Systems, the company behind the popular web based document management system Secure Online Filing has today announced the beta release of a new set of modules within the system aimed at resellers.

Secure Online Filing, the web based document management repository has been in operation for over two years, until now the solution was sold direct on a site by site basis. The integration of the reseller functionality allows scanning bureaus to create and centrally manage their own client’s sites online.

Secure Online Filing allows users to securely store scanned images online, as the system is web based it can be accessed by users with internet access anywhere in the world.

The hosted system is delivered using the SaaS model (Software as a Service) meaning end users and scanning bureaus just pay for what they use, avoiding the substantial capital investment in IT infrastructure and software costs.

Announcing the expansion, Dan Martin, Managing Director of Platinum Business Systems explained: “We're excited to announce the release of the beta version of our reseller modules within our hosted document management system. The introduction of the reseller edition of Secure Online Filing has been on our development roadmap since the beginning.

“Coming from a scanning bureau background we understand the need the bureau’s have for an easy to use, flexible, online hosted system to provide their customers. Our developments mean that the bureau itself can create and manage sites, document types and users, and because Secure Online Filing is based on the SaaS model this means the bureau’s only pay for what they use.

“The system itself has been proven, it has been in live operation for nearly three years and is used by over 250 users on average each day to access more than 3 million images, and the new software developments are the reseller control panels which include site creation automation and management systems.

“At this time we're inviting scanning bureau’s to join the beta program by emailing

The reseller system is expected to be launched in January 2011.

For more information, Contact:
Dan Martin
Platinum Business Systems
+44 116 3800730

Notes to editors:
Platinum Business Systems is a Leicester based document management consultancy, specialising in delivering hosted software solutions.

Secure Online Filing addresses the need for an affordable, professionally hosted, secure web based image repository. The solution is bureau independent; images scanned by any scanning bureau can be imported into the system.

The beta programme will allow scanning bureaus to have an early view of the system and provide valuable feedback. Scanning bureau’s can apply to join the beta program by emailing